Betting on the NFL Draft – 6 Tips to Help You Win Money

| April 23, 2019 12:00 am PDT
Betting on the NFL Draft 6 Tips to Help You Win Money

The New England Patriots spent quite a bit of time dominating the NFL.

Be that as it may, the other 31 teams have actually done a fantastic job of creating parity in a league that often feels top-heavy.

The constant evolution, turnover, and production from these other franchises keeps the elite teams like New England on their heels and forces everyone to constantly look in the mirror. Whether they can actually act on the concept of change and adaptation and turn it into wins, of course, is another topic entirely.

In the end, all 32 NFL teams are striving for betterment, and a huge part of that is the yearly NFL Draft. In this NFL Draft betting guide, I’m going to teach you how to take full advantage of the opportunities that the draft presents each year.

Outside of the Super Bowl, the draft without a doubt the league’s biggest event of the season, and when it comes to non-competitive events in sports, I’m not sure anything comes close to topping it.

Pro football is just so engrossing, so rich with drama, and at its core so emotional that fan bases from 32 different teams care so deeply what happens next.

The teams that are already at the top of the league want to fatten up their roster so that they can prolong their stay. The franchises directly below them are looking to close the gap. And the bottom-feeders are hoping to, well, be anything but the gum on the bottom of the other teams’ shoes.

Some old adages still apply in football. If you don’t have a franchise quarterback, go get one. If you have two quarterbacks, you have none. Defense wins championships. And if you’re going to win, it starts with the draft.

Every team has a different journey, and every fan will react to that journey in a variety of ways. But it’s one that can be greeted both with anticipation and jubilance, not just based on fan approval but also based on potential profit.

Many bettors are not aware you can bet on the NFL Draft every single year, but there’s been a burgeoning need and desire to do so. Many of the leading online football betting sites have responded to this, so much so that their list of NFL Draft prop bets is ever growing.

It’s a bit of a marvel and one bettors everywhere should get excited about. More importantly, it’s one to take advantage of. Here are some tips and strategy advice to help you do just that.

1. Find the Best NFL Draft Betting Websites

The number-one NFL Draft betting tip is to find a great site to place wagers on. No matter what year it is and what props become available, it’s all moot if you don’t have a site you can trust that is actually going to pay out your cash.

If you need a list of criteria, consider the following.

  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Speedy and guaranteed payouts
  • Competitive odds
  • Engaging wagers
  • Good customer service
  • Alluring bonuses and promotions

This list is arguably going to be the same regardless of which betting genre or website you peruse, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Of this list, though, finding sites that are reliable and pay out your winnings has to take the cake.

Close behind that will be wager options and odds offered, but the hope is you can find several NFL Draft betting sites that you feel you can trust.

The list of NFL Draft sportsbooks you can trust is surprisingly quite long, but if you want sites that offer the total package as seen above, it may be wise to stick with the following NFL Draft betting websites.

You don’t need to bet on the NFL Draft at these websites necessarily. They’re just terrific options that we trust and think would be ideal fits for bettors looking for safety, fast payouts, solid wagers, and competitive odds. They’re all US-friendly, too. If you live outside the US, or would like to view some alternative options, check out our localized recommendations of the best NFL betting sites.

The point here is that you shouldn’t take where you bet on the draft lightly.

If it’s the wrong site, it could be like throwing your cash away. Placing wagers on the many NFL Draft prop bets that are out there is fun and potentially profitable, but if you can’t actually get your money (or lose value in the process), then what’s the point?

2. Shop Lines and Wagers

The latter point brings me to another very crucial detail when placing bets on the NFL Draft: shopping for wagers and NFL Draft odds is very key in maximizing your earnings.

This honestly applies to all walks of betting, of course. When it comes to looking for wagers, you either need to have an idea of what you want to bet on or just do enough research so that you don’t gloss over bets you could potentially profit off of.

Your specific research and knowledge should set you up for success in various NFL Draft betting niches. Perhaps you know one team or division extremely well, or you feel you have good information on a specific portion of the draft.

If so, you may want to center your NFL Draft betting strategy around wagers dealing with that niche. This can change depending on the person, but the idea is simple: cast a wide net to enhance your profit potential or stick to what you know.

The beauty is you can honestly combine the two, and that may end up being the most ideal option.

More important, though, is shopping NFL Draft betting odds.

This is where having multiple NFL Draft sportsbooks to place wagers on becomes very helpful. Having a rolodex of betting sites to work with can allow you to find as many betting options as you covet while also always locking in the very best price.

In turn, that’s going to give you massive upside across the board, and you’ll always know you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

3. Know the NFL Draft Betting Markets

It’s funny to dive into NFL Draft betting markets when it is itself a betting market of the NFL.

It really does take on many shapes when you look at the different NFL Draft wagers out there, though. Looking around to see the different ways you can bet on the draft can detail precisely how you can make money and what the best options are for you.

The options for exactly how you end up betting on the NFL Draft can be endless. Depending on the NFL Draft betting websites, the wagers offered, and the odds provided, you can go back and forth.

No matter how you end up betting, you’re going to want to know the betting markets and how to exploit them. There are a variety of ways to bet on the draft, and some are much more profitable than others.

Some are also trappier than others.

Here are a few different types of NFL Draft props you’ll stumble upon.

  • Who will be drafted first overall?
  • When will player X be drafted?
  • How many players at a position will be drafted?
  • How many players from X school will be selected?
  • Will player A be taken before player B?
  • Which team will draft player X?
  • How many players from a position will go in round 1?

In a sense, there are all different NFL Draft betting markets. Some deal with player specifics, and even those wagers can take on a life of their own. Others deal with schools, NFL teams, positions, rounds, and the draft itself.

As I mentioned, NFL Draft props really know no bounds, so the options are pretty much endless. It makes for really fun (and profitable) betting and only adds to the entertainment of the draft.

Consider Condensing Your Betting

One more thing to keep in mind when researching and betting on the various NFL Draft markets is the idea that less can be more.

I definitely want to point out that betting on every wager possible can be fun and surely could win you money, but it also won’t always be feasible. Instead, opting to condense your betting may make good sense.

If you’re going to try to limit yourself (and you should certainly always abide by your bankroll), then be picky with which wagers you choose and how much money you bet on each prop.

Combining your knowledge with finding the value and being more selective can make your NFL Draft betting experience that much more enjoyable.

4. Keep Tabs on Mock Drafts and Player Rankings

To best prepare you to successfully bet on the NFL Draft, you should probably consider stretching beyond your basic knowledge of the league.

Most sports bettors pay close attention to all 32 NFL teams and track the best players, but a deeper dive into every roster may unveil information that could lead you to a more advantageous position when placing bets.

There tends to be a pretty wide gap between what the experts tell everyone and what the actual NFL decision-makers end up doing. Some of this is because the so-called experts are guessing along with the rest of us, while a lot of teams emit smokescreens to throw off the competition.

I doubt NFL teams really care if you can correctly predict their moves and profit off of it. What would bother them, however, is missing out on an elite prospect they love because the media caught wind of their intentions.

Still, ignoring the information we’re handed by NFL Draft experts, NFL reporters, and even NFL executives just isn’t an option. It surely is on the bettor to digest it all and decide for themselves what is to be believed.

When undergoing this process, be sure to consider the following.

  • NFL team needs
  • Updated (and respectable) NFL mock drafts
  • Player rankings and BPA
  • Team draft history
  • Who is calling the shots?
  • Media spin and PR
  • Major team changes

Gulp. Yeah, there’s a lot to look at before you can truly feel comfortable about betting on the draft. However, how extensive your research is could be the difference between cashing in on a handful of props and absolutely crushing the draft.

Right down the line, every piece of this list is pretty crucial to your success. You could look at one mock draft and loosely follow the league and come away with some winning bets, but it could be difficult to really rake in the cash without conducting due diligence.

Assessing team needs is a good place to start, and that can bleed into reviewing some of the best mock drafts seen online. Just keep in mind that everyone does NFL mocks these days, and teams do not draft solely based off of roster needs.

NFL teams often feel like they can address needs in-house, or they think the second or third wave of free agency will suffice. That, or they’ll ignore an obvious need early in the draft and attack a needed position in the late rounds.

NFL mock drafts also tend to be sexy and grabby. They include a bunch of draft-day trades that may never come to fruition, and it’s — at its core — a bunch of guessing.

There is a consensus for who the best players in the draft are, though. Every team could potentially view the order of that list differently, but establishing who most people see as the top talents are is a good baseline for betting.

In addition, it’s always going to be important to know who is making the final calls on who teams draft and how they’ve operated in the past. Some GMs are influenced more by their owners or assistants. Others are very aggressive and value elite prospects, while others prefer to trade down and stockpile draft picks.

Everyone has a different perspective, but history should detail some type of map to work off of. In that same breath, bettors will want to consider any major changes in NFL franchises.

New coaching and GM hires, key personnel departures, or huge schematic changes could produce a ripple effect throughout an entire organization. If you can start to wrap your mind around how a team may draft, you can quickly begin to figure out who they will draft.

5. Track NFL Draft News, Rumors, and Trades

Lastly, keep tabs on player draft stock and consider all teams’ perception in the media. Some teams will badly want to appease their fan base or swing a bold move that — at least in theory — could light a fire under their franchise.

Regardless, players are rising and falling daily at the water coolers, and they’re certainly changing direction in the rumor mill. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt, but depending on the source and timing of certain news and rumors, it could be worth incorporating into your NFL Draft betting strategy.

Usually, there isn’t a crazy amount of drama at the top of the draft. The team selecting first overall generally needs a quarterback, and if they don’t, they could trade down. Even from that point on, the top of the draft is fairly self-explanatory because there’s really no getting around who the very best prospects are.

There are always going to be prospects who slide for a variety of reasons. There are also going to be 1-2 teams that at least think about a bold trade up. Both of these things can completely mess up mock drafts and in turn can ruin your NFL Draft betting experience.

Keeping up with the latest NFL Draft buzz is imperative to your success. It doesn’t always guarantee you’ll make the right bet, but it does give you all of the information you’ll need to give yourself the best chance possible.

Those whispers surrounding the draft can also lead to big draft-day trades and those aforementioned free falls. If you can pinpoint them ahead of time, that could allow you to gain profit off of easy bets or attack would-be “unlikely” outcomes and nab serious return on your investment.

6. Take Some Chances

A lot of this NFL Draft betting advice is fairly logical, but one thing I encourage bettors to do with this specific betting market is to take some chances.

That doesn’t mean to bet all of your money on one wager, make misinformed bets, or bet solely on underdog options. But the safer plays are going to be priced at -110 at best and -500 in some spots (if not way worse), so it would be wise to take a shot at a bigger payout.

You’ll just need to pick your spots.

There will be plenty of options out there, starting with the most popular: who will be taken number one overall?

Usually, everyone knows who is going first by the time the first team is on the clock. But even when we think we know, nothing is truly official until that first name is revealed. The pick can be traded, or the player being taken at the top spot can always change.

This applies to any other bet that offers upside. Provided you conduct enough research to the point where you like the mixture of logic and value associated with a bet, you can aim high in a few spots.

It wouldn’t be right not to lay down a bunch of money on the NFL Draft and attack zero bets that could turn a fun night into an amazing one. Be smart and selective, but don’t pass up on captivating betting value, either.


Ultimately, the actual act of betting on the NFL Draft isn’t very difficult. This feels like a lot of planning, but that’s only the case if you want to maximize the upside involved.

Most bettors will want to, so following these NFL Draft betting tips could be a good idea if you want to win money. Even if you’re just trying to tack on a little extra fun to your NFL Draft viewing experience, mashing all of this information into one condensed NFL Draft betting strategy isn’t a bad idea.

There is just so much that goes into the entire draft process, and failing to turn over stones could keep you from winning big. Whatever your stance is, hopefully the draft treats you well and is at the very least entertaining.

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