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Betting on the Next James Bond – Latest Odds and Prediction

| November 5, 2020 9:30 am PDT
Next James Bond Odds

The search for the next James Bond has been going on for some time now. There have been all kinds of rumors surrounding who will play the next James Bond, ever since it was announced that Daniel Craig would be moving on from the franchise.

That actually hasn’t happened just yet, while the latest installment of the Bond franchise hasn’t even hit theaters.

Thanks, COVID.

Craig won’t play the character forever, of course, so whether his latest film is it, or it’s the next one where he rides off into the sunset, the studio needs to plan for the future.

I’ve personally been all over the map as far as who will be the next James Bond, but with the recent passing of Bond legend Sean Connery, most of the top sites for betting on entertainment refreshed their James Bond odds.

The question still exists without an answer, so let’s revisit the search for the next James Bond. First, let’s take a pitstop at the latest odds for who the next James Bond will be, before coming to an updated prediction.

Odds to Be the Next James Bond

The odds for who will be the next James Bond can change greatly from now up until we actually find out, so feel free to bookmark BetOnline (specifically their entertainment betting section) and check for updates if you plan on betting.

That’s probably the best site for betting on the next James Bond, while MyBookie is also pretty good about pushing out James Bond odds regularly.

With that said, we have some clear contenders here in terms of pricing, we have some very interesting sleeper picks to play James Bond, and we obviously have some absurd longshots.

David Beckham? Please. Gosling? I love the kid, but he isn’t even British. Hugh Grant was honestly excellent in The Gentlemen, but sorry, he’s a bit too old.

That brings me to the first obstacle before we can even take these James Bond betting odds too seriously; what are the studios looking for?

If they want a fresh face that basically nobody knows at a high level, but could pull this off, then yeah, James Norton makes sense. If they want an established superstar to take the Bond franchise to heights it’s never fathomed, there isn’t a better option than Tom Hardy.

Beyond that, we do still want to consider the odds, and for any writer, there is a subjective lens to peer at everything through. Here’s my spin on the top favorites, some sleepers, and my ultimate James Bond prediction.

Top Favorites to Be the Next Bond

When talking favorites, these are the most likely picks to become the next James Bond. The odds suggest it, but so does logic.

I have no clue what the studio really wants at the moment, but these guys look the part, they have the ability to crush this role, and the top entertainment betting sites don’t disagree when you look at the odds.

Here’s a quick look at the frontrunners to play James Bond next.

James Norton (+300)

Norton has been in the mix to play Bond for quite some time now. Unfortunately, he’s debunked the rumors that he’s a lock to don the suit and tie.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be the guy, however, and Norton has in the past expressed interest in taking on the legendary role. Thanks to his role in McMafia, we’ve seen quite clearly that he’s got the swagger and toughness to play Bond if he gets the gig.

Tom Hardy (+300)

There’s no role Tom Hardy can’t handle. If anything his only downfall is that he’s taken on anything that will be given to him.

The guy has played legendary mobsters, he’s been Al Capone, and he’s embraced an alien symbiote, for goodness sake.

Hardy can do it all, and if you’re looking for a star that can clean up nice, but play dirty, he’s about as good of an option as you’ll find. The problem? There’s a laundry list of reasons why Hardy won’t get the job.

Sam Heughan (+400)

This one is very interesting, as Heughan is heating up thanks to a starring role in Outlander. That’s been his safe zone since 2014, but it may be time for a big change for the 30-year old.

Not the massive superstar Hardy is, but perfectly qualified to carry a franchise of this magnitude, he’s starting to look like a viable threat. The odds obviously indicate as much, and the case is building for him to get a strong look for the role.

Idris Elba (+500)

It’s always a bummer when a guy so perfect for a role comes out and says it won’t happen. Elba’s age probably plays into him being a less than stellar choice, too, but he’s otherwise a hit waiting to happen.

There has never been a back or non-white actor to play this role, and it’s quite arguable it’s time for a change. Of course, that’s a daunting task if you ask Elba, and it may play into him not even accepting the challenge.

Richard Madden (+500)

Lastly, you also have Madden, who got his first splash with Game of Thrones, and later was honored for his grueling work in Bodyguard.

He hasn’t done a whole lot since, which could open him up for such a massive assignment with one of the most successful movie franchises in history.

Madden mostly got put on the map due to a 2019 Golden Globe win.

His coolness under pressure, youth, and presently contained star power makes him a very appealing option for the studios. The odds don’t look so bad for bettors, either.

Sleeper Picks to Play Bond Next

Okay, so it certainly does feel like I just copied and pasted the actors with the best odds to be the next James Bond, doesn’t it? In a sense, that’d be true, but they really are the best options being made available to us, I swear!

That doesn’t mean they’re the only options, though. It may be high time for the James Bond producers to think outside the box, bring things back a bit more old school, or just shake things up a bit.

Hence, my favorite James Bond sleepers that could land the role next.

Aidan Turner (+1400)

Let’s start with Aidan Turner, who has those dark features and classiness to bring Bond back a few decades.

Daniel Craig offered a more modern and edgy version of Bond, but Turner makes you think more of Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan.

It’s up to you if that’s the type of Bond you’d even want, but there’s still no debating over whether Turner is qualified.

Turner has proven his ability to carry a series in Poldark, and he’s small enough of a name to pop up and surprise people as a very deserving candidate.

Any Female (+2000)

James Bond producers have said an emphatic “no” when discussing the possibility of James Bond ever being turned into a female character.

I get why, as the entire franchise is about a dude.

That said, it’s an iconic character, and it sure would be fun to see what a woman could do with it. I doubt it happens, but the price is nice, and I already broke down a list of actresses that could play James Bond.

Dan Stevens (+2800)

Here’s one nobody is talking about enough. Stevens is an insanely underrated actor, as he’s mastered a psychologically challenged superhero in Legion, he’s played a bad guy, and we’ve seen him clean up nicely in Downton Abbey.

Stevens isn’t quite as serious as the other candidates, but he’s a fantastic actor, he sports a younger look akin to Daniel Craig, and he has the acting chops to deliver.

Predicting Who Will Be the Next James Bond

It’s awfully fun to think about who will play the next James Bond because it’s entertainment in a nutshell. I mean, please, tell me a Bond movie you didn’t enjoy.

Obviously any action flick dealing with backstabbing, action, and espionage is going to give you a jolt, but this franchise works so well for two key reasons; the character is about as cool and collected as it gets, and they’ve never messed up with the casting.

I swear, every single era of James Bond fans can truly say that their Bond is the best ever. They’re all right, is the thing.

The new era of James Bond will have to be just that – new.

That could give us a shot at the first ever female Bond, or maybe it’s a Bond that isn’t white. The latter may be something this franchise is long overdue for, and if that’s the case, then Idris Elba really stands out.

However, it might make sense to go a bit younger, and just reboot this franchise with a star capable of getting the character right, and being around for the long haul.

In the spirit of also snatching up someone that isn’t already a proven star, I think the best play for bettors is James Norton.

He checks all of the boxes. You’re still getting nice value at the +300 price, he’s proven he’s capable of handling this type of role, and he’s not too big of a star yet.

I’m all for a curveball with a female lead or someone that isn’t white, but the top pick really does appear to be Norton right now. Even if he doesn’t believe he’s in the mix just yet.

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