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Betting on the NBA Atlantic Division in 2021 – January Update With Latest Odds and Insight

| January 17, 2021 6:33 am PDT
NBA Atlantic Division Betting Update

The Rockets have let James Harden off the hook for his immature actions and have granted “The Beard” his ultimate wish. Wednesday’s blockbuster deal sent Harden packing to Brooklyn, and credit for the Rockets for getting a nice haul in return.

As for the Nets, Steve Nash and company have no more excuses.

Regardless of if Kyrie decides to buy-in, they still have Kevin Durant and were able to hang onto sharpshooter Joe Harris. Assuming James can shed a few pounds, Brooklyn should have no problems snagging the top seed in the East, right?

Not so fast.

This is actually the perfect time to take a stab on Philly or Boston in NBA Atlantic Division betting.

I’ll elaborate further after introducing the odds.

NBA Atlantic Division Odds

Brooklyn Nets+110
Philadelphia 76ers+220
Boston Celtics+300
Toronto Raptors+1200
New York Knicks+5000

The initial reactions from Wednesday’s blockbuster trade had the top NBA bookies in a panic. The Net’s odds to win the Atlantic Division were dropped to -150 immediately upon hearing the news, but then reality set in.

By Thursday afternoon, the realization that Kyrie Irving may not even suit up for Brooklyn has shifted the Nets price back to +110.

Keep in mind, the 76ers and Celtics are pretty loaded in their own rights and won’t be going away quietly.

Philly’s Got Two Legit DPOY Candidates

We know about Joel Embiid’s ability to dominate in the post. Ben Simmons has long been lauded as an exceptional distributor. Now it’s time to take notice that both of Philly’s superstars are firmly entrenched as NBA Defensive Player of the Year candidates.

Steals/Game Blocks/Game
Joel Embiid 1.6 1.4
Ben Simmons 1.5 1.1

Doc Rivers must continue to preach defense if Philadelphia is going to contend with all the firepower Brooklyn has to offer. Knowing his top-two dogs are buying into consistent effort on that end of the floor, 76ers fans have every right to think their team can win this division.

For good measure, Philly has three guys averaging at least one steal and one block per game (Tobias Harris). Nobody else even has two.

Kemba Walker On the Verge of Returning

Boston has held their own this year thanks to terrific play from Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown. Marcus Smart is playing terrific defense, and Payton Pritchard has been a pleasant surprise. However, the Celtics have become a much more captivating option in Atlantic Division betting now that Kemba Walker is set to return.

Kemba has poured in 20+ points/game in five consecutive seasons, including the past season, his first in Beantown.

The hoopla surrounding the Nets is commanding all sorts of attention, but don’t stray too far away from the C’s. At full strength, one could argue they’re the best “team” in this division.

Julius Randle Has Been a Fantasy Monster

I can confirm this first-hand as I was one of the lucky ones who drafted Julius Randle in my fantasy draft. Along with many touts, I fully expected Julius to be double machine and average around 20/10. What I didn’t expect was for him to score 25 or more 7 times in the first 12 games and be among the league leaders in assists per game.

  • 8ppg
  • 8 rbg
  • 8 apg

It’s hard to believe, but Randle is dishing out more dimes than Kyle Lowry and Steph Curry. No matter what he does from here on out, he’s been in the same conversation as Oscar Robertson.

That tells you all you need to know about what he means to the Knicks franchise.

Brooklyn or the Field?

Forget about the Raptors and the Knicks for the moment.

Those betting on the Atlantic Division, I say back the 76ers and the Celtics. Given their price tags to win the division, either one winning means you’re guaranteed a profit. A lot can be said about how good the Nets could be, but I’m not in the business of getting worked up over hypotheticals.

Sure, the tandem of KD and Harden will be a force to be reckoned with, but I’m not expecting much out of their third wheel.

Plus, the lack of an interior presence could come back to haunt Steve Nash and his crew.

To grasp the significance of trading away Jarrett Allen and reverting to DeAndre Jordan, here’s an analogy.

It’s like getting rid of a brand-new Mercedes packed with warranties to now driving a Honda Insight with 180,000 miles on the odometer. Allen is a genuine asset on the rise; Jordan is essentially washed.

Here are the other NBA Division betting updates. Surely a couple will pique your interest.

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