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Betting on the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Fight – Odds, Undercard, and More

| March 16, 2021 10:57 am PDT

When the odds for the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren boxing match were released, they raised a few eyebrows.

Askren, a former ONE FC and Bellator welterweight champion, was posted as the betting underdog against Paul (a YouTuber). Peak 2021.

Regardless of the absurdity surrounding this fight, there is an opportunity to win money betting on Paul vs. Askren. And I’ll be talking you through how you can do just that.

Alongside my take on betting on Askren vs. Paul fight odds, I’ll be profiling both men ahead of arguably the weirdest boxing match for quite some time.

I’ll also be providing you with info on how to bet on the fight, and the details of the location and date for Paul vs. Askren. I will also be providing information about the Paul vs. Askren undercard, which includes a scrap between former boxing light heavyweight world champ Antonio Tarver against ex UFC heavyweight titlist, Frank Mir.

Let’s start with the odds for Paul vs. Askren and go from there.

Paul vs. Askren Odds

Jake Paul to Win-250
Ben Askren to Win+195

YouTube star Jake Paul is the favorite to beat dual-promotion MMA world champion and Olympic wrestler, Ben Askren.

If you’re rubbing your eyes right now and shaking your head, fear not. I will explain why Askren’s odds to beat Paul are so attractive a little further down. For now, it’s best to just put it down to Paul being the larger man with more power in his fists.

If you’re gambling real money on Askren to win the fight, a successful bet pays out $195 profit from a $100 stake. Meanwhile, a successful $250 wager on Paul to beat Askren returns $100 profit. 

Whether you like Askren’s odds to beat Paul or fancy a wager on Paul’s odds to beat Askren online, you can get your bets down with Bovada.

With Paul vs. Askren odds set to be extremely popular, expect movement closer to fight night.

If you have yet to make up your mind regarding who to bet on, keep reading.

How to Bet on Paul vs. Askren

Do you think you know who wins the Askren vs. Paul fight?

Or are just looking for a casual betting experience on one of America’s newest freakshow-like sports events? 

Whatever your pleasure is, the good news is that gambling on Paul vs. Askren odds online is easy. I’ve already provided you with the line for the fight, but you can shop around for other prices on the top online betting sites for boxing

Once you have chosen your site, you can choose from the best bets for Paul vs. Askren that are available at the time. You will find numerous markets closer to the fight but can opt to keep things simple and gamble on the moneyline if you prefer.

If you are excited about betting on Paul vs. Askren, but are a gambling novice, our beginner’s guide to betting online will fill you in on all there is to know.

If you are confident that you know how to wager on the Paul vs. Askren fight for real money — but are looking for a little more betting tips for Paul vs. Askren and the other fights on the card — the following is an essential read. 

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Where and When is Paul vs. Askren?

Here are the latest details for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren.

This information is subject to change, but the date for Paul vs. Askren is pretty much set in stone. Providing one of the fighters doesn’t get injured, of course.

  • Paul vs. Askren Date: April 17, 2021
  • Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Weight: 190 Pounds 
  • Rules: Boxing
  • Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren (Main Event)
  • Antonio Tarver vs. Frank Mir
  • Regis Prograis vs. Ivan Redkach
  • Joe Fournier vs. Reykon 

This fight card is subject to change and more fights could be added at some point.

Why is Jake Paul Favorite to Beat Ben Askren?

If you are betting on Paul vs. Askren, it’s worth noting that Askren has more accolades in combat sports than most. 

Not only is he one of the most respected wrestlers in MMA history, but he won two titles in two of the three major promotions, and was one win away from fighting for a UFC title.

So, if you’re thinking that it is pathetic for a loudmouth YouTuber to have any chance of beating Askren, you’re not alone.

But hold your horses. Before you decide to bet on Askren to beat Paul with everything you own, I’d recommend taking a deep breath and reading what I have to say. 

There is a reason why Paul is the favorite in this fight. Well, to be truthful, there are several reasons why the bookmakers have made the “celebrity boxer” the favorite. 

First, this is a boxing match. That means that grappling, which is Askren’s specialty, is excluded. Instead, “Funky” will be relying exclusively on his boxing, which is, well, not exactly up there with the striking luminaries in MMA history.

Paul is 2-0 in pro boxing with 2 KOs, while Askren has never fought a pro boxing match before. If you are gambling on Paul vs. Askren, you might be encouraged by this.

Oh, and there is a moderate size difference, too, which you can see in the Paul vs. Askren tale of the tape, below.

Jake Paul Tale of the Tape Ben Askren
24 Age 36
6’1” Height 5’10”
76” Reach 72”
190 Pounds Weight 190 Pounds
“The Problem Child” Alias “Funky”
USA Nationality USA
2-0 Pro Boxing Record 0-0

Essentially, the bookies believe Paul to be too big and too powerful for Askren.

Paul clearly feels the same way, given that he went after an MMA fighter not known for his punching power who has no longer hip surgery. 

But are the oddsmakers underestimating Askren’s chances here? Or should I say, are Jake Paul’s online odds to beat Askren a little overblown by the fact that he is a celebrity?

How Ben Askren Beats Jake Paul

This is a weird fight. Period.

But if you’re looking to win money gambling on Askren to beat Paul, you need to ask yourself how the former wrestling whizz gets it done. Before you put any of your hard-earned money on Askren’s odds, you should feel confident that he has the tools to emerge from this contest with a win.

So, what does he have in his favor? How can he use those tools to beat Paul and win you your bets?

Let’s start first by pointing out the fact that Askren will be the most difficult opponent that Paul has faced. And probably will ever face.

Sure, he looks goofy. He has a “dad bod.” He is not a champagne striker in the vain of Israel Adesanya or Valentina Shevchenko. But Askren is a double-promotion MMA world champion that has been competing at a high level from a young age. 

Paul has flattened two opponents to get his 2-0 record. One is AnEsonGib, a guy that plays FIFA for a living. The other is Nate Robinson, a 5’9 former NBA point guard. Meh.

Will Ben Askren, who is now under the tutelage of legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach, worried about facing Paul?

Remember, this is a former world-class mixed martial artist that has wins over savages like Douglas Lima, Andrey Koreshkov, and Robbie Lawler that we are talking about here.

Askren’s Attributes and Advantages

  • Elite MMA Experience
  • Defense
  • Cardio
  • Composure
  • Chin
  • Intelligence
  • Distance Management

There is no doubt that Ben Askren holds the keys in this fight. 

People are sleeping on Funky because his striking is admittedly poor when compared with other world champions.

Yet, this is a guy that compiled a 19-0 record in MMA before losing his first round. Yes, a major part of that was his wrestling. But in order to get into the position to land takedowns and survive on the feet when being put under pressure by world-class strikers, Askren had to eat shots from time to time.

His distance management, understanding of range, experience, and dirty boxing tactics could be the main reasons why Askren beats Paul.

How Jake Paul Beats Ben Askren

I’m not making my predictions for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren today. This means Paul vs. Askren betting pick won’t be disclosed just yet.

Still, I’m sure there are a few things that you have already taken in that hint at where the smart money for this fight is. 

Now, like his opponent, I want to look at how Paul beats Askren. To be bluntly honest, there is only one way that he wins this fight. And that, my friend, is by knocking the Olympian out.

So, with that in mind, ask yourself this — will Jake Paul knock out Ben Askren? 

Can a YouTuber —  that beats up sentient punching bags in gyms for social media likes — become just the second man, after Jorge Masvidal, to flatline Ben Askren? Will Paul KO Askren, and be the very first man to do it with punches?

A guy like Robbie Lawler would take Paul’s head with one well-timed shot. Even with 12-ounce gloves. Now, “Ruthless” couldn’t knock Askren out with four-ounce gloves on, so

Paul’s task is beginning to sound a little tougher than some think.

Paul’s Attributes and Advantages

  • Age
  • Size advantage
  • Power

Yup, that’s about it. 

Paul is younger, larger, and has power. These are the only things he holds over Askren.

Of course, you would not think this to be the case if you were relying solely on the Askren vs. Paul betting line to do the talking. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that these two things won’t be enough.

If he lands the right shot, Ben could end up sleeping.

Will Jake Paul or Ben Askren Win?

If you’re betting on Paul vs. Askren online, that’s the question you want to be answered. 

We have to wait for The Problem Child to meet Funky inside the ropes before we find out who takes the spoils.

However, I will be providing my predictions and betting pick for Paul vs. Askren a little closer to fight night. I will also be including updated odds for the fight, as well as the best bets for Paul vs. Askren to target. You will find my betting preview for this fight on our boxing picks section on April 5. Don’t miss it.

So, boxing and mixed martial arts come together once more. But this unholy union is even odder now we have a fight between a social media star and a former MMA world champion.

At the very least, the trash talk in the run-up should be hilarious. Even if these two aren’t quite on the level of the men in the following piece, it should make for good viewing!

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