Betting on the Indiana Pacers in 2019 – One of the Dark Horses in the East?

| October 14, 2019 8:25 am PDT
Indiana Pacers Season Preview – Odds and Predictions for 2019

If I have to pick one team that will be better than most fans and specialists expect in 2019-20, it will be the Indiana Pacers. The franchise had a decent core, a true leader in Victor Oladipo, and added some great pieces in the summer of 2019.

If their main players can stay healthy, the ceiling is quite high for the Pacers this year.

I will focus on the new signings soon, and the other sections of this Indiana Pacers season preview will include a deep look at the offense and defense of the team.

I will wrap it all up by sharing my predictions for the 2019-20 NBA campaign and checking the latest Indiana Pacers betting odds provided by the NBA sportsbooks.

Indiana Pacers 2019 Offseason Summary

  • Notable Players Out: Bojan Bogdanovic, Thaddeus Young, Darren Collison
  • Notable Players In: Malcolm Brogdon, T.J. Warren, Jeremy Lamb, T.J. McConnell

The Indiana Pacers had a dynamic offseason and will have a changed roster for the upcoming campaign. The biggest player loss is certainly Bojan Bogdanovic, who was a solid scorer on efficient shooting splits.

He will be playing for the Jazz next season, but the Pacers attracted more than enough shooters to replace him. Malcolm Brogdon scored 15 points per game on insane numbers for the Bucks last season, so it’s not unreasonable to suggest he could make up for the 18 points per game Bogdanovic contributed.

The other two players that won’t be part of the roster are Thaddeus Young and Darren Collison. The center had to make room for the younger Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner, while Darren Collison retired from the NBA.

I don’t think the point guard will be missed, as the Pacers acquired the services of T.J. McConnell, who’s an exceptional back-up in this position. He is a solid playmaker and shooter who can dictate the tempo when the starters are resting.

T.J. Warren and Jeremy Lamb are the two other signings that deserve some attention, as they provide a lot of offense from the bench. They can both shoot and space the floor, so the Pacers’ second unit will be among the deadliest in the NBA.

One of the biggest concerns with this roster is related to the injury record. The team’s biggest star, Victor Oladipo, will be out until at least January and has had several physical problems in the past. Some of the other guys that joined in the summer have a similar history of health issues.

The Pacers’ head coach Nate McMillan will have to be careful with the load, and that could hurt the team’s record in the NBA regular season.

Indiana Pacers 2019-20 Offense Analysis

Shooting from the outside is the keyword when it comes to the Pacers offense. Even without the main man Victor Oladipo, four of the five potential starters are above average shooters from downtown or better.

Malcolm Brogdon hit more than 40% last season, while the likes of Jeremy Lamb, T.J. Warren, and Myles Turner can all score from behind the arc. This is a nightmare to defend and will stretch the floor really well.

The only guy who is not a solid sharpshooter is the power forward Domantas Sabonis, but he is decent in the paint and has shown glimpses of potential from the three-point line. I don’t expect wonders from him, but I think that the big man can develop a jumper that demands some respect from the opposition.

The Pacers’ bench is another reason to believe that this team will have a strong offense in the upcoming NBA season. T.J. McConnell, Justin Holiday, Doug McDermott, and some of the other reserves can contribute a lot on this end of the floor.

The situation will get even better once Victor Oladipo gets back to the starting lineup. The undisputed star of the Indiana Pacers is an efficient scorer that can run the offense expertly.

I think that the team will be strong in the regular season, but I’m not so sure about the NBA playoffs. We all know that the stars and the superstars are what matters the most in the deciding encounters, and that’s where the Pacers are behind the best in the league.

Oladipo is a great player, but he’s not a top-10 player, and he has no other stars to help him carry the burden. There are a couple of players that have the potential to become leaders, but they’re still not there yet. That’s why I expect trouble for the Pacers in the postseason.

Indiana Pacers 2019-20 Defense Analysis

Let’s take a look at the Pacers’ defense, as the team might struggle on this end of the court initially. In the absence of Oladipo, Jeremy Lamb and Malcolm Brogdon will most likely form the starting backcourt duo. This could lead to a lot of trouble.

The former Buck is a good defender, but Lamb is a liability on this end of the floor. The same can be said about Sabonis, while T.J. Warren is average at best. The team will have issues guarding strong offensive teams, especially when it comes to the perimeter.

On the bright side, Myles Turner is a more than decent rim protector, and Victor Oladipo is among the best defensive guards in the NBA. Once he’s back, the Pacers should improve significantly.

Indiana Pacers 2019-20 Expectations

It’s time to share my Indiana Pacers expectations for the upcoming season. Despite Victor Oladipo’s injury, this is a strong group of players that has the potential to finish top 3-4 in the East. The team had 48 wins in the previous regular season, so 50+ is a realistic target for 2019-20.

I have two major concerns, though. The lack of star power will most likely limit the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs, and they will lose against some of the favorites in the Eastern Conference.

The other issue is that many of the players on this roster are injury-prone. If the Pacers are unlucky in the health department, the team might struggle. Still, Indiana has enough depth to cope with most situations.

  • Expected Wins During the Regular Season: 52
  • Playoffs Prediction: Second Round
  • X-Factor: Injuries

Indiana Pacers 2019-20 Betting Odds and Predictions

It’s time to take a look at some 2019-20 betting odds and share my final Indiana Pacers predictions. The prices below are offered by some of our top NBA betting sites.

Indiana Pacers Regular Season Total Wins

Under 47.5 Wins -115
Over 47.5 Wins -105

I’m a bit surprised by the low line the sportsbooks are offering for the Indiana Pacers total wins during the 2018-19 regular season. The bookmakers obviously expect the team to be on the same level, but I disagree. The Pacers are better, and the Eastern Conference is worse.

That’s why I expect to see 50 wins or even more from the franchise during the regular season. The price of -105 for over 47.5 victories looks like great value to me.

  • Indiana Pacers Over 47.5 Wins

Other Indiana Pacers Futures for 2019-20

Indiana Pacers to Win the Central Division +400
Indiana Pacers to Win the Eastern Conference +1000
Indiana Pacers to Win the NBA Championship +3300

The odds for the Pacers to win the Central Division might be tempting, but let’s not forget that the Milwaukee Bucks are there. I simply see no reason to expect less than 55 wins from last year’s top regular-season team in the NBA — unless Giannis is injured or something like that.

As for the Eastern Conference title and the NBA Championship, I don’t think that the Pacers have enough top talent to succeed. They are close, and they will probably cause trouble for some of the best teams in the East, but they don’t have enough to truly challenge, at least this season.

If the young players develop, though, it might be another story in 2020-21.

Final Words

I believe that the Indiana Pacers are very close to the favorites in the NBA Eastern Conference, but they still need some time to develop into a true contender. The likes of Brogdon, Sabonis, and Turner should improve dramatically in 2019-20.

I will surely follow the organization closely, as it has the potential to entertain throughout the season. Naturally, I will also try and pick good spots from a betting perspective. You can find my latest predictions and updates about the franchise in our Indiana Pacers team guide.

This is the place where my fellow writers and I will add fresh content on a regular basis. The page also features general information, history, and trivia about the Pacers.

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