Betting on Ellen DeGeneres’ Future – Will She Get Fired and Other Prop Bets

| August 25, 2020 2:03 am PDT

This hasn’t been the summer of Ellen DeGeneres. The famous stand-up comedian and talk show host is best known for her quirky humor, hosting the Oscars, and her affable personality.

The latter, say some, is a bit of a show.

Due to a sea of negativity from former employees and guests of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, one of the most likable TV personalities in recent memory is seemingly on trial.

Some claim that DeGeneres is not who everyone thinks she is, but I’m not really here to add to the public thrashing. Personally, DeGeneres has always come off quite genuine, and anyone expecting any person to always be friendly or at their best simply isn’t being realistic.

These complaints have sparked a conversation about DeGeneres potentially being replaced, however, and the top entertainment betting sites have noticed.

BetOnline and other real money gambling websites are offering Ellen DeGeneres prop bets dealing with her future, as well as other props associated with public figures that may or may not come to her defense.

If you want to make a little coin off of this weird situation, join me as I break down the latest Ellen props and odds, and provide a pick.

Host for 1st Episode of New Ellen Season

Ellen DeGeneres-400
James Corden+500
Tiffany Haddish+600
Dakota Johnson+800
Michelle Obama+1000
Ru Paul+2000

Who will be the next host of Ellen? Ultimately, probably just Ellen DeGeneres, herself.

Warner Brothers does have a bit of a dilemma here, as they have to deal not just with the fallout of Ellen being painted as a bully, but also a different scandal with the show.

It’s possible the showrunners decide to slow-play her return and “suspend” her to a certain degree. If so, bringing in a couple of fun guest hosts to gradually bring things back to normal wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Completely firing Ellen and continuing the show seems incredibly unlikely. It’s her name and her show, so if she goes, it all likely goes with her.

Corden has his own show, and anyone on this list could easily opt to do this as a favor to Ellen, but this is either a non-bet, or you can just hammer Ellen as the clear favorite.

  • Ellen DeGeneres

Will George W. Bush Comment “Ellen is a Nice Person”?


Despite would-be conflicting political stances, DeGeneres and former U.S. President George W. Bush made waves when they were seen yucking it up at a Dallas Cowboys game.

There was a public outcry, to which DeGeneres responded that people with different views can still be friends.

I certainly don’t disagree there, but it’s a bit of a toss-up when thinking about a former President coming out to defend a celebrity. It’s possible but feels unlikely.

  • No

Will Dakota Johnson Comment “Ellen is a Nice Person”?


This one is even more interesting, as discussion around Ellen DeGeneres’ approach with people was first really publicly broached after a slight hiccup with actress Dakota Johnson.

Just have a look at their exchange on the Ellen show.

Part of me honestly feels like this was all a bit for the show. Would Ellen producers really allow this to air if it was actually putting their star host in an awkward spot?

There is comedy to be had here, so it doesn’t really seem like there is truly bad blood.

Of course, these two do have a little history. DeGeneres tried to joke about pregnancy rumors and ironically quipped about not being invited to a prior birthday party of Johnson’s.

Needless to say, it’s pretty unclear how much of this little feud is real, and how much is for show.

Johnson could take the high road and throw Ellen a bone, but I’m not sure I’d bet on it.

  • No

Who Will Replace Ellen DeGeneres if She Leaves?

I’ve already offered my thoughts on what happens to Ellen and her show, but I will admit it’s not completely impossible for the studio to boot her and rebrand her show.

Technically, it’d no longer be Ellen, but I’m sure if Warner Brothers really wanted to, this could reframe everything and continue on with the show the way it is, but just change who hosts it.

I’m not sure how that’d all work from an entertainment betting perspective, but this Ellen DeGeneres prop bet exists, so we need to consider it.

Just because of how implausible this all seems, though, I’d refrain from any of the top favorites. I doubt DeGeneres is fired or replaced anytime soon, so I wouldn’t really view anyone as a “favorite” to take her job, anyways.

That said, the name that stands out the most is Wanda Sykes. She’s quite a personality, she’s hilarious, she’s deserving, and she’d provide a refreshing change.

Not only is Sykes opinionated and funny, but she also has experience hosting a talk show. I doubt she’d want to keep the same show format Ellen has, but that may end up being the point.

This isn’t a wager I’d confidently attack, as I don’t see DeGeneres losing her job. However, Sykes is a capable talk show host who would make plenty of sense, and also returns an elite betting value.

  • Wanda Sykes

Predicting What Happens to Ellen DeGeneres

Ultimately, I don’t see a reason for much to happen.

The real nastiness that has gone down behind the scenes at the show has little to do with Ellen. Firing someone for not always being nice seems like a silly reason to completely unroot a successful show, too.

The studio could always make a change just because of negative perception from the public, but my guess is they at worst suspend DeGeneres. What’s more likely, is they just allow her to clear the air, and either defend herself or apologize and try to be better.

That would keep me off of most of these wagers, although DeGeneres to open the next season of Ellen at -400 stands out as the best (and safest) wager to target.

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