Betting on What Drake Will Do at the 2019 NBA Finals

| May 30, 2019 12:00 am PDT

Most sports bettors are gearing up for betting on the 2019 NBA Finals, trying to figure out which team to bet on.

Heck, you can bet on the series winner, individual game winners, or even who will win NBA Finals MVP.

You can also bet on what Drake will do at the 2019 NBA Finals. What a time to be alive, am I right?

It sounds silly, but Drake ended up being quite the distraction during the Eastern Conference Finals.

Following Toronto’s game six series-clinching win last week, he was quite loud about his fandom and how confident he was in the Raptors’ ability going into the final NBA series of the season.

Suffice it to say, we’re not done hearing from the Canadian-born rapper just yet.

Just how loud his presence is, however, remains to be seen.

Whether you like it or not, you can at least potentially profit off of Drake’s antics, as top NBA betting sites like Bovada and BetOnline are both offering wagers on how Drake may look and act during the biggest playoff series of the year.

Here are all the Drake prop bets and how I’d wager on them.

Will Drake Be Removed From Any Finals Game by Security?

Drake has always been known for being a passionate fan and has an undying love for his Toronto Raptors.

His fame on the sidelines rose to new heights during the 2019 NBA playoffs, though, when he massaged Raptors head coach Nick Nurse’s shoulders.

Awkward, right?

Nurse even kind of looks up and away as if he definitely realizes what is happening and is careful not to make a big deal out of it. Other people did, though, as the Bucks pointed out that no other fan has the freedom at courtside that Drake has been allowed.

Needless to say, it’s worth wondering if his seemingly harmless antics ever cross the line to the point where he gets tossed from a game. Vegas doesn’t think so.


I tend to agree with the top basketball betting sites on this one, but it’s still worth targeting for two reasons: I would love to see Drake tossed from a game, and it pays out some nice +1000 odds.

It probably isn’t happening, however.


Will Drake Attend Game 3 in Oakland?

You get a lot more value with a more realistic bet, as there is some speculation over whether or not Drake will show up in game three at the Oracle Arena.

I understand why Drake might not trek to California, but this is the NBA Finals. This is also a pretty sweet price considering how big of a fan he is.


There is logic going against this. Travel is a big part of it, while Drake wouldn’t get the warm reception he gets at Scotiabank Arena.

True, but this is the most important series of his life as it pertains to being a fan. Toronto needs his support, and I’d be a little shocked if he didn’t show. The price is also just too nice to pass up.


Will Drake Have an On-Court Altercation With a Warriors Player?

Obviously, this isn’t completely impossible. Players and fans have gotten into heated arguments in the past, and Drake is easily the most involved courtside fan I’ve ever seen.

Drake constantly talking, dropping all of the non-verbals, and flat-out roaming the sidelines is just begging for some sort of serious interaction.

As close as he is to the action, though, Vegas doesn’t see some type of physical confrontation as being very likely.


I’m with the top betting sites here. Drake would have to be rather stupid to actually get physical with anyone — let alone a player on the court.

That could call for a lifetime ban, and he isn’t going to risk his fandom for one moment of rage.


Will Drake Remove His Curry or Durant Tattoo Prior to the Series?

It’s true — Drake has tattoos on his arm referencing Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

Time is running out on this one, as tattoo removals are painful and take quite a bit of time. Vegas knows this, so they’re pricing this at +1400 to actually happen.

The odds obviously don’t favor it happening before game one, if ever.


I won’t waste much time here. Drake can still be a fan of individual Warriors players or even the team itself and also prefer his #1 team to prevail in the NBA Finals.

He also doesn’t need to take such a drastic step like removing a tattoo from his skin to prove how devoted he is to the Raptors. This one just isn’t worth pursuing.


Will Drake Respond to Smash Mouth on Twitter?

Smash Mouth reached out to Drake on social media not too long ago, and it quickly unraveled into something bigger than it was meant to be.

The band was pretty vocal about Drake’s sideline antics not flying in Oakland, and went ahead and made a prop bet about it. That potential celebrity boxing match is included in the best entertainment betting markets this summer.


While that fight is probably never going to happen, there is still time for Drake to respond. He’s active on Twitter just like anyone else that’s famous and may just be biding his time.

Perhaps he’s waiting for Toronto to steal a win to start this series or he’s waiting to say something right before the series shifts to Oakland.

Either way, Drake isn’t quiet, and he’s prideful. I like the value with this one.


Will Drake Wear Warriors Clothes During the NBA Finals?

The fact that Drake has some Warriors players tattooed on his arm means he likes the players, but that doesn’t mean he likes the team itself.

It also doesn’t mean he’d be foolish enough to go to any of these NBA Finals games with anything other than proper support behind the team he wants to win.

Vegas seems to be looking to pull a fast one on bettors here, but the value is tough to ignore.


The only reason I pause for this one is due to today’s culture routinely buying into irony. That, or they’re very receptive to the idea that you can show loyalty to a team and fashion, and the two don’t have to be isolated.

I doubt Drake goes with that logic during the Finals, though.


Will Drake Massage Nick Nurse During the NBA Finals?

Drake has obviously overstepped his bounds this year, but in his defense, this is the best run his Raptors have ever been on. In getting to the Eastern Conference Finals, Toronto finally looked truly ready to take that next big step.

They did, securing Toronto’s first-ever trip to the NBA Finals.

Drake got a bit too excited when he gave Raptors head coach Nick Nurse a massage, but it was quick and truly felt spontaneous. But will he do it again?


A massage? No.

At this point, doing that again wouldn’t be genuine. It’d be forced, and Drake would be called out even more for it. It also would go away from its original attention, and instead of aiding Nurse and the Raptors, it’d draw more negative attention.

Maybe a handshake, high five, or back pat can still pop up, but we can probably close the door on #massagegate.


Will Drake Get a Public Warning From the NBA for His Behavior?

Drake probably learned his lesson, and if he was going to get a proper warning for his courtside behavior, it likely would have happened already.

That being said, the league isn’t afraid to put their foot down when push comes to shove.

If Drake does something else that creates a distraction on the sidelines, it’s not crazy to think the Warriors twist the NBA’s arm to get something done about it.


The odds look pretty great here. I don’t really think Drake is going to do anything to get himself into serious trouble, but he sure does move as he pleases at courtside.

He won’t be doing that at the Oracle Arena, but if he keeps doing it at home games in Toronto, the NBA could take notice of it. If so, this isn’t the worst bet at +650.


Will Drake Not Attend Any Finals Games in Toronto?

This is the biggest series ever for Toronto, which means it’s the biggest sports moment for Drake and all Raptors fans. Drake not appearing at any of these 2019 NBA Finals games in Toronto would be pretty shocking, and the odds reflect that sentiment.


This is just such a huge series that I can’t see this happening.

We can’t predict something health or suspension related, so barring anything crazy, I’d be really shocked to see Drake skipping out on any of the four possible home games in the 2019 NBA Finals.


Will Drake Wear a Hooded Shirt During Game 1?

Game one is in Toronto, and considering it’s Canada, nobody should be too shocked it’ll be a bit cold. With a low of 48 degrees on the docket, the weather could call for some type of long sleeves, whether it be via jacket, sweater, or hoodie.

Here are the odds for whether or not Drake will don a hood to start the 2019 NBA Finals.


This one is a toss-up, but it’s going to be cold enough for Drake to wear a hoodie in some fashion, so it feels like a logical bet. He can have a hood on a jacket or a sweatshirt, so you have two outs here.

He’s worn hoodies in the past, so I’ll go with the “yes” side of this wager.


Will Drake Attend Any Finals Games in Oakland?

A lot has been made about Drake’s reluctance to go to some road games, and more specifically, this new beef with Smash Mouth could deter a road trip.

But how huge is this series? For Drake and Raptors fans everywhere, it’s truly as good as it gets. Here are the odds for whether or not he’ll show up in Oakland during this series.


I can see Drake skipping out on these road games initially, but what if Toronto can close in six games on the road? What if they’re facing an elimination game in Oakland with a chance to get home to a game seven?

What are the odds he skips those games? Not great, in my opinion.


How Many Times Will ABC Team Say Drake’s Name in Game 1?

Lastly, this Drake wager asks how many times the ABC analysts will talk about the famed rapper. He is a hot topic, not only because of what he’s done in the playoffs already but also because he’s going to be at the game.

Vegas has the odds dead even.

Over 3.5 Times-120
Under 3.5 Times-120

This one could go either way, as the top NBA betting sites don’t seem to be leaning in one direction or the other.

Due to Drake being a celebrity and having a certain impact on the playoffs and general conversation surrounding the Raptors — and the fact that he’ll be at the game — the odds are solid he’ll be brought up at least once.

When the analysts mention or discuss him, it’s possible they say his name more than once, and then we’d have the rest of the game to have Drake’s name pop up again. I’m all for the over here.

PICKOver 3.5 Times-120


You know it’s going to be a weird NBA Finals when we’re betting on what Drake will do and taking attention away from the actual series.

In a sense, I hate that. In another, I want to make some money.

This is novelty betting at its finest, as you can exploit a market that really has no prep work behind it. Drake himself can control a lot of these wagers, but for the most part, this is all fairly random.

I think some of the bets with tighter odds (-200 to -350) are fine to target, while there should be a few spots where you can attack some decent betting value. Visit Bovada or head to BetOnline if you want to get some money down on these.

For a more traditional betting option, check out my colleague’s 2019 NBA Finals betting preview for a look at wagering on the series winner. You can also see our NBA Finals betting guide for the latest odds, updates, and our predictions and best bets.

Whatever you do, hopefully the 2019 NBA Finals treat you well. Good luck and happy betting!

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