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Betting Advice for 2022 The Bachelor – Where to Bet and More

| December 29, 2021 12:12 pm PDT

Your favorite love show is back for another season in 2022. The Bachelor Season 26 begins on January 3rd, which is days away. Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette has come to an end as she chose Nayte as her new fiancé.

Now it is Clayton’s turn to try and find love between the 31 women in his season. A lot of people don’t care for watching a show like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, but here’s how you make it interesting.

Betting on the Bachelor is very possible in the world of gambling. Find out more by reading our Guide to Betting on the Bachelor for Season 26.

Where to Bet on The Bachelor

There are multiple sites you can use to bet on the Bachelor. We have a list of them on our Bachelor betting guide, so head over there to find your preferred site. You can also follow these steps to sign up and place your bets.

  • Choose Your Site – Picking your site is totally up to you. You can pick the site that best fits your style or has the sign-up bonus you like most. We have several betting sites that offer bets for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
  • Create Your Account – Signing up will be the next step in placing your bets. You will have to make your account that you will be using for this bet and potentially other bets as well. You will have to have some personal information handy, so be ready to answer the sign-up questions required to make your account.
  • Make a Deposit – Depositing money is the next thing to do after making your account. Gambling requires you to enter your own money with a chance of winning more in return. You are required to have money in your account in order to place wagers.
  • Claim Your Bonus – Bonuses are a very nice thing to have once you make a deposit. You are offered a lot of things as a new bettor, but a deposit bonus is one of the best offers. You typically get some sort of deal that either matches your deposit or gives you a percentage boost. Be sure to check out which bonus you will receive when signing up for a specific site.
  • Start Playing – Now the fun begins! Head over to the area you want to bet on and choose your contestant(s). Choose your winner of The Bachelor for a potential huge payout once this season is over!

Who Is The Bachelor This Season?

The Bachelor for season 26 is none other than Clayton Echard from the last season of The Bachelorette.

Clayton and Michelle were unable to find love, but Clayton was lucky enough to be named this season’s Bachelor. He will get a shot at finding love on his very own season starting in early January.

If you watched Michelle’s season of the Bachelorette, you know what kind of person Clayton is. He’s a kind person who is just ready to find his soulmate.

Meet the Women Competing for the Bachelor’s Heart

There are so many women that are trying to marry Clayton this season and only one of them is going to be able to. You can view pictures and fun facts of the 31 women in this season here.

Here is a list of the women and their age and occupancies.

Name Age Occupancy Hometown
Cassidy 26 Executive Recruiter Los Angeles, California
Claire 28 Spray Tanner Virginia Beach, Virginia
Daria 24 Law Student New Haven, Connecticut
Eliza 25 Marketing Manager Berlin, Germany
Elizabeth 32 Real Estate Advisor Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Ency 28 Sales Manager Burbank, California
Gabby 30 ICU Nurse Denver, Colorado
Genevieve 26 Bartender Los Angeles, California
Hailey 26 Pediatric Nurse Orlando, Florida
Hunter 28 Human Resources Specialist Charlotte, North Carolina
Ivana 31 Bar Mitzvah Dancer Queens, New York
Jane 22 Social Media Director Los Angeles, California
Jill 26 Architectural Historian Scituate, Rhode Island
Kate 32 Real Estate Agent Lake Hollywood, California
Kira 32 Physician Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lindsay D 27 Neonatal Nurse Jacksonville, Florida
Lindsey W 28 Industrial Sale Representative Houston, Texas
Mara 32 Entrepreneur Collingswood, New Jersey
Marlena 30 Former Olympian Gainesville, Florida
Melina 27 Personal Trainer West Hollywood, California
Rachel 25 Flight Instructor Clermont, Florida
Rianna 26 Registered Nurse Dallas, Texas
Salley 26 Previously Engaged Spine Surgery Robot Operator Charlottesville, Virginia
Samantha 26 Occupational Therapist San Diego, California
Sarah 23 Wealth Management Advisor New York City, New York
Serene 26 Elementary School Teacher Oklahoma City, Ohio
Shanae 29 Recruiter Sycamore, Ohio
Susie 28 Wedding Videographer Virginia Beach, Virginia
Sierra 26 Yoga Instructor Dallas, Texas
Teddi 24 Surgical Unit Nurse Highland, California
Tessa 26 Human Resource Specialist Brooklyn, New York


The Bachelor Season 26 Betting Advice

Watching a show like this can be very entertaining, but you can get even more into it. Once you bet on a certain person to win, you almost become part of the show. You become that person’s number one fan and you hope they can be the one to earn Clayton’s love.

In the preview, we see that Clayton finds himself in big trouble late in this season. He says he was intimate and in love with all 3 of the final women. The women are clearly all devastated by this and the trailer ends on a huge cliffhanger.

It is tough to see exactly who the three women are or if those aren’t even the final 3 women in the trailer. It will be interesting to see how this season plays out in that way. If you want a betting tip, try to find out who exactly was in the final three and pick one of those women to win.

The trailer drops a lot of hints between who is causing the trouble and who makes it deep in this season. Make sure you really get a good feeling about a certain person and see them in a positive light in the trailer.

It is also very hard to determine a winner just based on pictures, age, jobs, and where they are from. You can certainly wait an episode or two to place your bets, but the odds might not be as good at that time.

We can only find out by watching through this entire season of The Bachelor.

Betting on The Bachelor Season 26

The new season of The Bachelor is finally here. Betting on this show makes it even more fun and entertaining to watch. You will find yourself dying for the person you bet on and Clayton to fall in love and make it all the way to the end. If your person wins, then so do you!

Betting on The Bachelor is a great way to have even more fun watching the show. If you are not super interested in the show, then betting on someone will give you a reason to watch. If you are already a huge fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, then why not try to win too?

Head over to the best entertainment betting sites for more.

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