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Betting on Aaron Rodgers’ Next Team – Where Will the Reigning NFL MVP Play Next?

| May 14, 2021 7:43 am PDT

“We are not idiots, Aaron Rodgers will be back,” said the Packers CEO Mark Murphy when asked about Aaron Rodgers’ next team.

However, the quarterback might not share his boss’ opinion.

The story goes that the incumbent MVP is looking for a new team following his dissatisfaction about how the team is run.

Odds on Aaron Rodgers Team in Week 1 of 2021 NFL Season

Last season, Tom Brady left the Patriots for the Buccaneers and won the Super Bowl. Is the Packers MVP quarterback going to do something similar?

Although odds suggest he will stay with the Green Bay Packers for the 17th straight season, there are many rumors about him leaving.

Here’s what the top football betting sites have as the current odds for who Aaron Rodgers will play for next .

Green Bay Packers-125
Denver Broncos+200
Las Vegas Raiders+500
New Orleans Saints+900
Miami Dolphins+1400
Washington FT+1400
San Francisco 49ers+1600
Seattle Seahawks+1600

In a recent interview, Green Bay’s GM, Brian Gutenkunst, admitted there was trouble in paradise, saying he’s aware that Rodgers would like to move on.

However, Gutenkunst also hinted the Packers have no intention of letting him go.

Following his words, the odds moved slightly in favor of Green Bay. They’re currently somewhere in the range of -125, which suggests there’s more than a 50% probability he’ll stay home.

However, it’s not just about the Packers. The superstar quarterback is the one to make the final decision. Judging by what the bettors have been putting their money on, his next destination could be Denver.

The odds-on Broncos becoming Aaron Rodgers’ next team are +200 right now. What’s also interesting is that the trade talk made tectonic changes with Denver’s Super Bowl odds.

The Broncos, who finished the last season in #12 place in the AFC with 5-11, weren’t thought of as major favorites. In fact, the odds-on Denver winning the next Super Bowl started at +6600.

However, after the trade rumors about Rodgers emerged, the odds were slashed to -1400.

Why Aaron Rodgers and Denver Might be a Perfect Match

Coming off a nightmare season, the Denver Broncos have already made plenty of changes. First, they appointed a new GM, George Paton.

Then, they made some impressive acquisitions in the 2021 NFL Draft, strengthening their defense.

Most notably, they drafted Patrick Surtain II from Alabama who is considered one of the most promising cornerbacks in the nation.

The Broncos, however, didn’t do much for the QB position. At least not yet.

Still, it’s almost certain they will have to do something about it. The quarterback position was their Achilles heel last season, as evident from the fact that in 16 games, they scored a total of only 323 points.

In comparison, Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers collected 509 points in the same number of games.

Obviously, Denver needs a high-profile quarterback, and you can’t go much higher than the last season’s MVP.

Other Options for Aaron Rodgers Next Team

The Las Vegas Raiders come in third place of favorites to sign Aaron Rodgers at +500. The reason is the same once again – this team is looking to strengthen the QB position.

The Raiders are followed by the New Orleans Saints at +900. With Drew Brees deciding to retire after two decades spent in New Orleans, the Saints are on the lookout for his replacement.

The Miami Dolphins are also in the conversation, as well as the Washington Football Club. In fact, there aren’t many teams in the league that would say no to Rodgers.

It’s up to him to decide where to go.

Why Aaron Rodgers Trade is Such a Big Deal in the NFL

After the loss to the Buccaneers in the NFC championship game in January, Rodgers hinted his Green Bay story could come to an end.

Rodgers said the following statement after a defeat against the Bucs.

“The Packers have a lot of guys’ futures that are uncertain — myself included”

Many understood his words as a reaction to the loss. However, in the upcoming months, it became clear that he’s had a beef with Green Bay’s management for a while.

This comes as a surprise mainly for the fact that he’s been the Packers’ key man for years. In fact, Green Bay is the only team he’s played for since being drafted in 2005.

In his 15+ years-long career, he’s passed for over 50,000 yards and 412 touchdowns. That makes him #3 in the NFL’s list of all-time regular season passers.

He was the man who led the Packers to winning the first (and so far, the only) Super Bowl in the 21st century.

It happened in 2011 when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rodgers made three TD passes in that game, which earned him the Super Bowl MVP award.

Some of his other achievements include the following.

  • Three NFL MVP awards (2011, 2014, 2020)
  • The record for the most consecutive seasons with a 100+ passer rating (from 2009 to 2014)
  • Most passes without an interception (402 successful passes)
  • The first player with a 4:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio
  • The NFL’s lowest career interception percentage (1.4%)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Rodgers’ list of achievements is incredibly long, which makes him one of the greatest players ever to play in the NFL.

Now you know why every NFL franchise would love to become Aaron Rodgers next team!

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