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Betting on the 2020 Puppy Bowl – Odds and Tips

By Jennifer Hassan in Entertainment and Novelty
| January 23, 2020 4:04 am PDT
Puppy Bowl 2020 Betting

Yes, it’s adorable…dozens of photogenic puppies from shelters all over the country compete on their very own gridiron.

Yes, it’s for an awesome cause: 100% of the shelter puppies who participate have been adopted into eager families.

Yes, it’s a sport. Puppies of all breeds from teams Ruff and Fluff have to carry toys into endzones to score. There have even been double-touchdowns where dogs entered opposite endzones simultaneously (so, potentially more action than the NFL’s Super Bowl).

But can you bet on the Puppy Bowl, you ask? Yes!

Online sports betting sites have all kinds of wagers and prop bets for the Super Bowl, naturally, but they also have a fair number of prop bets available to Puppy Bowl enthusiasts and sports bettors alike.

Can you bet on the Puppy Bowl intelligently? Yes. We provide you with stats for many of the starting lineup, including age and breed. Here’s what you need to know for your Puppy Bowl 2020 betting.

Where Can I Bet on the Puppy Bowl?

Bovada is my favorite online gambling site that offers Puppy Bowl betting. I chose this site because I know it’s one that is safe and secure, and the Puppy Bowl betting lines are pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

Also, it’s simple to register and create an account, and there are a number of ways you can make easy deposits to start your wagering.

Because the Puppy Bowl is considered to be a tie-in to the actual Super Bowl, you’ll find the Puppy Bowl info by first searching for Super Bowl odds

Bovada has two tabs under “Sports” and then “Football” that refer to the Super Bowl. The first is just titled “Super Bowl” and has all of the bets related to the big game.

The second tab is called “Super Bowl Specials,” and this is where you’ll find the Puppy Bowl wagering action.

How to Bet on the 2020 Puppy Bowl

In the Puppy Bowl, the dogs are divided into teams, Team Ruff and Team Fluff.

Over the past five years, Team Ruff has won three times, and Team Fluff has won twice.

This year, the Puppy Bowl betting odds favor Team Fluff.

There is also an MVP chosen each year (Most Valuable Puppy, naturally). This trophy opens up a number of Puppy Bowl betting options, as you’ll see below.

Each team is composed of dogs of different breeds, and a few breeds have shown stand-out traits during the game.

For instance, terriers are able to avoid fumbling by using their impressive bite on a toy, while dachshunds have been able to hip-check much larger dogs away from the “ball.”

Puppy Bowl Odds for 2020

  • Point Spread: Team Fluff at -7.5 points is offered at odds of -140. Team Ruff at +7.5 points rewards wagers with even money
  • Age of MVP: +135 for older than 17 ½ weeks, and -175 for younger than 17 ½ weeks
  • First Letter of Name of MVP: A-J and K-Z are offered at the same odds of -120
  • Gender of MVP: Male -130, Female -110
  • Will the MVP Be a Pure Bred or a Mixed Breed? Pure +550, Mixed -1000
  • Will a Puppy Attempt to Mate During the Puppy Bowl? Yes at +350, No at -600

This is how the 2020 Puppy Bowl betting odds stand right now at Bovada. They may change as the event gets closer.

Who Will Win the 2020 Puppy Bowl?

You can bet on a game without knowing anything about the teams, but why not brush up on the individual players who make up Team Ruff and Team Fluff, just to give yourself an added advantage?

Top Tip
When considering your wager, pay attention to the breed makeup of each team, which could make the difference between you simply enjoying the Puppy Bowl and winning money on it.

Here are a few of the players who will take the field on February 2nd, 2020 (see the entire lineup here).

Team Ruff

  • Aspen, 22 weeks, Cattle Dog & Spaniel (at more than four months old, one of the more mature players in the bowl game)
  • Betty, 17 weeks, pure Bulldog (linebacker material. Team Ruff has invested in a solid defense with this one)
  • Brody, 16 weeks, Chihuahua and Mini Dachshund (two breeds that don’t know they’re small. And don’t care. I forecast a lot of activity from this one)
  • Cafecito, 15 weeks, Yorkshire Terrier (hunters and rat catchers. Special teams material. If you’ve ever met anyone from Yorkshire, you’ll know that it’s dangerous to underestimate this guy)
  • Candy, 16 weeks, Old English Sheepdog & Boxer (outweighs the competition…significantly!)
  • Crumpet, 14 weeks, American Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull rookie is bound to bring the heat, but can he stay focused on the endzone?)
  • Daphne, 16 weeks, German Shepherd (smart dogs that straight-up tend to their business and revile the lack of focus of less hard-working breeds. One to watch)
  • Goldie, 15 weeks, Rottweiler & American Staffordshire Terrier (a recently potty-trained Rottie and Pit Bull mix? Are you kidding me? We’ve all heard of the “underdogs” in a match, but this one may introduce the word “overdog” to professional sports!)

Team Fluff

  • Anise, 19 weeks, Australian Cattle Dog & Lab Retriever (organized, leadership skills, AND affectionate? Sounds like a solid choice for quarterback)
  • Bert, 12 weeks (rookie!), Great Pyrenees & Weimaraner (primadonna breeds could mean either superstardom or lack of team skills. Time will tell)
  • Bobby, 17 weeks, Lhasa Apso & Miniature Poodle (Lhasas were bred to be guard dogs for Himalayan monasteries, and Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds out there. Toughness and brains? Could be the reason Team Fluff is favored to win)
  • Coach, 18 weeks, Coonhound & Boxer (tireless hunting dog + breed bred for bull-baiting. I sense a fight! MVP material?)
  • Darcy, 17 weeks, Chihuahua & Maltese (small dog who, according to handlers, has a fondness for British literature. Because she was chosen out of thousands for the Puppy Bowl, I have to wonder if she’s a “ringer” and there’s more than meets the eye)
  • Dolly, 16 weeks, Lab Retriever & German Shepherd (brains and a good attitude likely make this player a solid team-building element for Team Fluff. They can’t all be superstars; you’ve got to play like a cohesive unit)
  • Duncan, 20 weeks, Collie (at 5 months old, clearly a team leader who can help keep the younger players from making all those mistakes that rookies new to the spotlight make…and never live down. Furthermore, Collies are known for beauty and poise, so no shenanigans anticipated from this player)

When there are mixed breed dogs on the field, surprise is the name of the game.

Consider Sally, from Puppy Bowl IX. This lethal mix of basset hound and dachshund had all of the stubborn focus of the basset hound combined with the agility and aggression of a dachshund (a breed designed to hunt and kill badgers…no mean feat).

Not surprisingly, Sally was the first to score.

With so many breeds on the field who are designed to be experts in either hunting, killing, retrieving, or corralling, how will your choices for Puppy Bowl MVP and for the winning team be protected?

Not to fear. Just like in an NFL game, fights are broken up, refs are on the field, and medics are at the sidelines waiting to patch up the soldiers and return them to the battle.

Dogs and professional athletes alike are generally able to shake off the normal wear and tear of riotous living.

Who Will Win the 2020 Puppy Bowl MVP Award?

Puppy Bowl 2020 will be the 15th time this event has been created and hosted by the Animal Planet channel.

The first five Puppy Bowls had purebreds winning the MVP award. Two were large dogs, one medium-sized, and two were smaller dogs.

Interestingly, the two small MVPs were both Jack Russell Terriers.

Out of the next ten Puppy Bowls, eight were mixes. Something to consider when making your Puppy Bowl MVP prop bet.

My money is on Anise because of the relative maturity of this player and the prime combination of breeds which imply a). Anise will naturally take charge of the other dogs (cattle dog); b). Anise will get along with others (lab); and c). Anise’s forebears were designed to search quickly through muck, fog, water, and brush to obtain birds and other felled animals during the excitement of a hunt and bring them “home” to master or mistress (retrievers).

If I am right, I will gloat online. Stay tuned.

More Popular Than Lingerie

If you wonder how there can be enough people wanting to bet on the Puppy Bowl that big names in online betting are taking the time to calculate odds and offer wagers on the event, consider this.

Puppy Bowl III had 7.5 million viewers. Puppy Bowl VIII had more than 10 million viewers. Puppy Bowl IX had, according to Wikipedia, “An aggregate of 12.4 million viewers [who] watched part of all six airings.” Advertisers have been very happy with the Puppy Bowl’s numbers.

The Puppy Bowl stadium now even has corporate branding.

Sadly, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has not enjoyed the ever-increasing appeal of the Puppy Bowl. The viewership numbers of this once-popular annual lingerie-and-lighting event dropped so precipitously that it will no longer be televised.

Puppies 1, Underwear 0.

In Summary

Sports wagering is great fun and even includes events that involve chance and competition that are not actual sports, such as the US presidential election and the Nobel Prize.

You can even bet on how many tweets President Trump will post during the Super Bowl and how long it will take Demi Lovato to sing the National Anthem.

The Puppy Bowl is just one entrée into a world of excitement that anyone can access.

You don’t need a boatload of money to begin wagering. Many sites allow you to start with around $20, depending on the method you use to make your first deposit.

Feel free to shop around among our recommended entertainment betting sites. Plus, it’s fun to check out what else they offer in the way of live betting and even wagering on sports and events you’ve never heard of.

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