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Betting on the 2020 NBA Finals – Latest Odds and a Case for Each Contender to Win

| May 25, 2020 5:57 am PDT
Updated 2020 NBA Finals Odds

This is officially the weirdest NBA season ever. Starting with Kobe Bryant’s death and running straight into basically a global shutdown, The Association is facing more adversity than a season threatened by a lockout.

Nobody really thought that was possible, yet here we are.

Nothing is official just yet, but the good news is the league is slowly trending toward starting back up. Early whispers suggest a July return could be in the works, while reports have Orlando as a potential host site where all of the teams would congregate for the duration of the season.

What that season looks like, we don’t know. There were rumors about potentially ending the regular season altogether, while there has even been talk about truncating the NBA playoffs to three-game series.

It’s impossible to know what to expect, but sports bettors can still project things and bet on who wins in the end. Join me as I take a look at some updated 2020 NBA Finals odds and offer every team’s case to win this year’s title.

I’ve even outlined the best sportsbook to use for each wager, should you want to know the best place to bet on each team. You can find the list of sites I used here.

2020 NBA Finals – Odds to Win

The best basketball betting websites are only offering 2020 NBA Finals odds for 21 teams. Two things you need to know — that means nine teams basically have zero chance of winning a title this year, and five of the teams above won’t make the cut.

To be frank, we can’t be sure what “making the cut” even means. This situation is brand new, so we could see the regular season dropped completely, just a few games played, or even a weird play-in tournament introduced.

Whatever the case, we can’t rule out the listed teams until the NBA does it for us. Not everyone has a very good shot at making any noise if/when the NBA playoffs start up, but let’s take a look at every NBA team’s chances of winning a title this year, anyway.

Let’s start with the clear title favorites and work our way to the obvious longshots, while also featuring each team’s best prices for bettors and where to wager.

Los Angeles Lakers (+210)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline 

The Lakers are the favorite after going 49-14 and owning the best record in the Western Conference. It’s obviously tough to bet against a determined LeBron James, while Anthony Davis is clearly one of the best players in the league.

I have zero doubts about LA getting to the Western Conference Finals. If they can edge out the Clippers, they’ll have proven they can go the distance.

Milwaukee Bucks (+275)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

The Greek Freak powers the best team in basketball. Milwaukee had the NBA’s best record last year and narrowly missed out on a trip to the Finals, and this season, they’re even better at 53-12.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is so good that he may win a second straight MVP award, while Milwaukee’s defense is the best in the NBA. If Antetokounmpo and that defense are as good as advertised come playoff time, everyone needs to “fear the deer.”

Los Angeles Clippers (+300)

  • Best odds available at Bovada

Kawhi Leonard just got done winning a championship in Toronto, and with the Clippers sitting pretty at 44-20, he could be on the verge of doing it again.

Paul George gives Leonard the running mate he deserves, while the Clippers have one of the better benches in the league. They just might have the coaching, defense, and depth to go all the way.

Boston Celtics (+1200)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

The Celtics haven’t skipped a beat since losing Kyrie Irving and Al Horford in free agency. In fact, in a lot of ways, they’re better.

A healthy Gordon Hayward has given the Celtics a lift, while the emergence of Jayson Tatum as a legit star makes Boston a fun sleeper bet.

The road to a title isn’t clear, but the Celtics could be that rare sleeper that pays off due to coaching and elite defense.

Houston Rockets (+2000)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

James Harden and Russell Westbrook formed a better duo than many expected, working to produce the league’s second-best offense.

Houston’s defensive limitations could be a problem, but the acquisition of Robert Covington put them over the top. In theory, Houston can run offense the way they wish and match up with anyone’s small ball lineup.

Denver Nuggets (+2500)

  • Best odds available at MyBookie

The Nuggets will only go as far as Nikola Jokic will take them. Judging by Denver’s NBA Finals odds, that may not be very far. That said, Denver made strides last year and could again be looking at a division title.

One of the most balanced teams in the NBA, Denver would have to overcome two juggernauts to make it to the Finals, but there’s no denying they have the defensive aptitude to give it a go.

Toronto Raptors (+2500)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

Kawhi Leonard, who? Despite losing the two-way superstar and also being hit by a litany of injuries, Toronto has held firm as the reigning champs at a startling 46-18.

Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet have been as good as ever, while Nick Nurse is doing work that demands serious NBA Coach of the Year consideration.

Toronto’s “not going away” mentality, as well as their amazing depth, make them a fun flier bet.

Utah Jazz (+3300)

  • Best odds available at MyBookie

Utah is a lot like the Raptors, but maybe not with quite as much heart. Throw in a weird beef between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, and it’s tough to peg Utah’s title chances.

Losing star scorer Bojan Bogdanovic hurts, too, but the Jazz can defend as well as anyone and surprisingly sport the 6th-best offense in the NBA. If the clamps go down and they’re hitting shots, Utah could be a very tough out.

Philadelphia 76ers (+3300)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

It seems most NBA sportsbooks aren’t accounting for injuries derailing the Sixers. By the time the NBA playoffs start up, they’ll be completely healthy and ready to crack skulls.

At 100%, the 76ers have an elite inside/outside game with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, as well as one of the better defenses. If they can realize their potential, they just might be the best NBA Finals sleeper bet out there.

Miami Heat (+4000)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

There’s also Miami, which was turned back into a juggernaut with the signing of Jimmy Butler. Butler’s intense mentality revitalized a dying franchise, helping Miami morph into a strong defensive squad that feels borderline unbeatable at home.

Butler can fuel a deep playoff run, and rapid development from rookies Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro could make Miami as deep as anyone. They’d just need to figure out a way to win road games.

Dallas Mavericks (+5000)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

Luka Doncic gives Dallas a chance to do whatever they want, and Kristaps Porzingis is a fine second scorer. Doncic makes the Mavs elite offensively, which helps mask their issues down low thanks to injury.

Dallas can literally compete with anyone, so a truncated playoff tree could favor them if Doncic comes in hot.

Brooklyn Nets (+7500)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

The Nets are a gritty team that will fight to the end, but they won’t sniff the NBA Finals unless Kevin Durant returns.

Even KD hasn’t officially said that’s impossible, and with each passing day, he only gets healthier. If he returns, they have a fighting chance.

Indiana Pacers (+7500)

  • Best odds available at Bovada

I’m not entirely sure why the Pacers have worse title odds than a few teams ahead of them, seeing as they’re a top-five team in their own conference right now.

Indiana’s defensive ability and spread-out offense gives them a chance to compete. It’s their lack of a true go-to superstar that could prevent a title run.

Oklahoma City Thunder (+10000)

  • Best odds available at MyBookie

Chris Paul has done well to keep the Thunder in the playoff discussion, and depending how a shortened regular season shakes out, this could be a three-seed squad.

OKC probably can’t actually win a title, but they do have better-than-advertised star power and the league’s 9th-best defense. That and a vengeful CP3 would be something to monitor.

New Orleans Pelicans (+15000)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

As things stand, Zion Williamson’s rookie campaign will end without a playoff run.

The Pels could still potentially crack the top-8 squads, and if they do, the NBA’s second-fastest team could try to run other teams into the ground.

Memphis Grizzlies (+25000)

  • Best odds available at Bovada

Ja Morant could beat Williamson out for NBA Rookie of the Year, and part of the reason why is his Grizzlies are slated to lock up the last seed in the Western Conference.

Memphis has a very talented core and pushes the pace (7th) as much as anyone. Out-scoring opponents after a long layoff could give them the edge they need.

Portland Trail Blazers (+25000)

  • Best odds available at Bovada

Never write off Damian Lillard, assuming his Blazers can find a way to snag the last playoff spot in the Western Conference.

If no more regular season games are played, however, it wouldn’t happen. However, Lillard carried Portland to the Western Conference Finals last year. If Portland somehow got it, that reality could be their driving force.

Orlando Magic (+50000)

  • Best odds available at Bovada

Orlando won’t win the 2020 NBA Finals, but they’re priced as if they won’t even make the playoffs. The Magic are currently locked into the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference, so they deserve a little more respect than this.

For what it’s worth, Nikola Vucevic is a bit of a beast, and Markelle Fultz has yet to realize his potential. Orlando’s 9th-ranked defense chips in to make this a really fun flier bet, even though it’s an unlikely winner.

San Antonio Spurs (+50000)

  • Best odds available at MyBookie

The Spurs took a huge step back this year and will hope they can start drafting well moving forward. DeMar DeRozan will likely leave, and a trade of LaMarcus Aldridge should follow.

If the NBA has a play-in tourney, the Spurs would at least be involved in the playoffs, and given the experience on their bench and roster, you never know.

Phoenix Suns (+100000)

  • Best odds available at BetOnline

The Suns are on the outside looking in right now, but a play-in tourney would give this talented squad a shot at shocking the world.

Phoenix definitely got better this year, and their 9th-ranked pace could be a problem come playoff time.

Sacramento Kings (+100000)

  • Best odds available at Bovada

There’s also the Kings, who are the last team you can actively bet on to win the 2020 NBA Finals. I’d take them over the Spurs and Suns, however, as they currently are in a better position.

Sacramento has a lot of talent and would be healthy at the right time, so perhaps their potential would be realized at the best possible time.

Who Will Win the 2020 NBA Finals?

The 2020 NBA Finals are going to come down to three teams, and it should shock no one that they happen to have the best odds out of anyone.

The Lakers have the talent and the narrative working in their favor. The Bucks have the reigning MVP and are probably fundamentally the best team. The Clippers have perhaps the best duo in the league and have their own compelling narrative.

I don’t think any of these three teams are bad bets, but I tend to side with the Clippers due to the presence of Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard bested the Bucks last year, and he probably has a better team around him now. He is also up 2-1 in the season series with LeBron James and the Lakers.

Ultimately, the Clippers offer the best value of the three.

They’re just as good as either team offensively, and they rival the Lake Show defensively. They have the Lakers beat in star power and bench support, so while it’s a close call, I like the Clippers.

Besides, who can pass up on Kawhi Leonard playing the mercenary role and handing an NBA franchise its first-ever title for the second year in a row?

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