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Best Wrestlemania Matches in WWE History

By Dan Vasta in WWE
| November 29, 2021 1:02 pm PDT

One of the better sporting events of the calendar year is Wrestlemania.  WWE fans look forward to March, an annual event that now occurs in April.

Often compared to the Super Bowl, the top superstars entertain the nation on a two-day event. Several matches live up the hype and put the fans in a frenzy.

Here are your best matches in WWE history at Wrestlemania.

20. The Rock vs. John Cena (Wrestlemania 28)

This match was years in the making and would be the first of two consecutive years of the main event in Wrestlemania. John Cena had plenty of hype and is one of the more accomplished wrestlers.

Peak Cena against peak Rock is a debate for the ages. The Rock has aged like fine wine and wanted to shut up all the naysayers and fans of Cena that thought he could never lose.

Cena was mocking The Rock in their promos, but it showed up throughout the match. In his hometown of Miami, the People’s Champion did not disappoint. While Cena got revenge the following year, The Rock was the first to get on the scoreboard in this Mania classic.

19. CM Punk vs. The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 29)

The hype leading towards this matchup was a fun storyline. Punk was the best in the world, but he had never run into the Deadman.

After a Summerslam victory in 2009, the two would begin a feud. They would not have a match at Wrestlemania until 2013.

Taker would pull off some of his old-school maneuvers from the top rope. Several kick-outs from finishers on both sides led to one final tombstone piledriver by The Undertaker.

The Undertaker would lose his streak against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, who was +4000 in many sportsbooks. If you would like to wager on future matches, check out the top wrestling betting sites.

18. Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero (Wrestlemania 20)

Angle and Guerrero were two of the better wrestlers in an entertaining era of wrestling. One of the better nights in Wrestlemania history was in 2004. The Madison Square Garden arena had two matches that night that went 20-plus minutes.

  • Chris Benoit wins the main event over Triple H (c.) and Shawn Michaels (24:07 length)
  • Eddie Guerrero wins WWE Championship over Kurt Angle (21:30 length)

The night ended with Benoit and Guerrero both holding their coveted titles. Eddie would pass away eight months later due to acute heart failure.

The night belonged to both superstars who would end up passing away soon down the road.

17. Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Wrestlemania 21)

The entertainment value that Wrestlemania brought was one of a kind. We have often seen professional athletes and several high-profile names with the opportunity to bring in new fans of all ages.

The ladder match added an element putting a briefcase high above the ring. This match featured six exceptional wrestlers, many that had main event experience.

  • Kane
  • Chris Jericho
  • Chris Benoit
  • Christian
  • Edge
  • Shelton Benjamin

The athleticism by Benjamin was sensational in this match, but ultimately Edge walked with the briefcase and was on the verge of a title run shortly after.

16. Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart: 60-Minute Iron Man Match (Wrestlemania 12)

These two disliked each other inside and out of the squared circle. Kayfabe or not, these two put on shows during the 1990s.

We saw the aftermath of this Iron Man match with the Montreal Screwjob. That moment led to their 60-minute slugfest.

Many fans wanted more action that resulted in scoring. Gorilla Monsoon then came down to the ring when the match nearly ruled a draw.

The 60-minutes expired, and neither future Hall of Famer registered a pinfall or submission in regulation. We had a sudden death overtime match where the winner would occur on the following pinfall or submission.

HBK ended it with his finisher, and the boyhood dream was complete.

  • Bret Hart is one of four wrestlers with a winning Wrestlemania record (8-6) plus eight or more wins (entering Mania 2022)

15. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho (Wrestlemania 19)

Jericho became the first-ever undisputed winner by defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in one night. Y2J and HBK were perfect at playing up the crowd.

We saw the mimicking of the Heartbreak Kid by Jericho leading up to the match and during it. We had seen Michaels outside the squared circle with injuries after his peak in the 1990s derailed an even longer run at dominance.

These two in-ring performers were great, but the antics delivery from these two was on point. It ended with a rollup pin victory for HBK.

14. The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania 18)

This match was one everybody had wanted since forever. Two of the biggest stars in the history of WWE squared off at the SkyDome.

While it may not have been the main event on March 17, 2002, it brought the hype. The singles match was before the main event between Triple H and Chris Jericho.

The highlight of the match between Hogan and Rock was before either moved a muscle. The crowd was electric, and the ability to stare at each other for a few moments was an incredible sight to see. Leading up to the match was one of the best parts of Wrestlemania.

Having the ability to electrify the crowd was a gift. Rocky did it with the best of them. Mocking NWO is one of the better interviews leading towards a Wrestlemania match.

  • The Rock’s record at Wrestlemania: 5-4
  • Hulk Hogan’s record at Wrestlemania: 8-3-1

The Rock was remarkable in spotlight matches due to his charisma and ability to pull off reversals at any moment. We saw the match end with a Rock Bottom and “The People’s Elbow.”

While The Rock was victorious, the entertainment level was off the charts. It was a memorable moment in wrestling history and one that ranks high on the list.

13. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Batista (Wrestlemania 30)

Daniel Bryan was more than a B+ player in Wrestlemania 30. After dethroning Triple H earlier in the night, we ended up getting a triple threat main event.

Batista tapped out on the Yes Lock from Bryan, but a year of momentum added towards a night of success. Being a better babyface loved by fans more than Daniel Bryan was a challenge.

The celebration before, during, and after the matchup lived up to the hype.

  • Batista: 3-4 record at Wrestlemania
  • Daniel Bryan: 5-4 record at Wrestlemania

12. Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 20)

This match may not rank as high on the list for some that are blocking out Chris Benoit. Coming off the Royal Rumble victory, the rabid wolverine lasted over an hour. He deserved his shot at winning the title belt.

Going against The Game and HBK was iconic. The night was all about Benoit earning his first title reign.

  • Chris Benoit: 3-5 record at Wrestlemania (included WWE Championship, Intercontinental & U.S. Title)

11. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 26)

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker were astonishing to follow as they progressed during their illustrious careers.

HBK-Taker was the first of consecutive matches at Wrestlemania. We would later see HBK be a special guest referee between Triple H and Taker. Some preferred Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H, and The Rock. Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker put together some of the greatest matches.

Wrestlemania XXVI featured a no disqualification match with HBK’s career on the line against Taker. Shawn Michaels had the mockery on Taker’s face with the throat-slashing sign.

That only lifted the Deadman over the top, and HBK rested in peace after the tombstone piledriver gave The Undertaker a perfect 18-0 record at Wrestlemania.

  • Undertaker career record at Wrestlemania: 25-2

10. The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz – Tables, Ladders & Chairs (Wrestlemania 16)

One of the best tag team matches ever involved these three teams in 2000. There were too many bone-jarring hits that were surreal in the match.

Edge speared Jeff Hardy while he was attempting to win the gold. Climbing up to the ladder is such a high-risk maneuver. We saw so many different wrestlers going through tables at an alarming rate. It was all for the entertainment of the fans.

When Spike Dudley, Lita, and Rhyno were around for years in matches like these. The props and options outside the ring were well-known in 2000.

Outside the ring, we saw the Hardy Boyz use the tables to their advantage. Jeff was able to pull off the Swanton Bomb, sending Bubba Ray Dudley through a table.

The match was electric and would have a few more similar moments on par, such as Summerslam.

9. Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (Wrestlemania 24)

The final PPV match for Flair was against HBK at Wrestlemania XXIV. Michaels was the immortal showstopper, but The Nature Boy was in his fifth and final Wrestlemania.

Apologizing to Ric Flair before giving him Sweetchin Music is one of the better finishes and moments in Wrestlemania history.

8. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart (Wrestlemania 10)

Bret Hart had a few tremendous matches in his Wrestlemania career. Many believe this was his second-best match ahead of his Iron Man match over Shawn Michaels.

The sibling rivalry between these two was a classic. Owen had a heel turn at the Royal Rumble and was able to move up the ranks. Owen pulled the upset off, and it was quite the moment.

However, the night ended with Bret getting carried inside the ring after winning the title over Yokozuna.

7. Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat: (Wrestlemania 3)

Wrestlemania III is known as Hogan slamming Andre the Giant down to the mat, but the top match of the night was Savage and Steamboat.

The Intercontinental Championship changed hands as Savage was rolled up by Steamboat after he received help from George Steele. The two icons are worthy of being ranked near the top, but cracking the Top 10 speaks volumes on how entertaining they were in their careers.

6. Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle (Wrestlemania 21)

Two of the better wrestlers in Wrestlemania history stole the show in 2005. The match was over 27 minutes and was even better than the main event between Triple H and Batista.

Angle had that angle lock that he made everybody tap out to, but Michaels with the showstopper. He was Mr. Wrestlemania and has been known for having the best matches under the brightest of lights.

When the stage and stipulations rose, Michael dug deep and found ways to put on a spectacle.

  • Kurt Angle record at Wrestlemania: 3-5
  • Top matches: vs. Chris Benoit at X-7, vs. Brock Lesnar at XIX, and vs. Shawn Michaels at 21

The crazy part about some of the better wrestlers was their inability to win at Wrestlemania. Yes, HBK won several matches. However, many forget the win-loss column was not friendly to Michaels over the years.

  • Record at Wrestlemania for Angle: 6-11

This match should be more about Angle. The Olympic Hero was great on the mic, and he ranked among the best technical wrestlers.

5. Triple H vs. The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 28)

Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee. It was the perfect scenario for the Hell in Cell between Triple H and The Undertaker.

The game attempted to use his sledgehammer, and Taker had a chair in hand throughout the night with longtime best friend HBK. Looking to call the match down the middle certainly spiced things up. Taker has participated in all the best Hell in the Cell matches.

This one was no different, but after the match concluded was when it made headlines.

HBK was able to lift the injured bodies of The Undertaker and Triple H, and all three stood together at the top of the titantron before heading to the exits. It was the end of an era. It was surreal to see the trio put one last moment together.

4. Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (Wrestlemania 10)

Looking back at these two best buds, we witnessed two top-tier ladder matches between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels. After their epic Summerslam match in 1995, they ran it back for Wrestlemania.

After Michaels won at Summerslam as the babyface, he was the heel that ended up getting his feet caught and hooked on the ropes. That prevented him from knocking off Razor again, but the two dazzled the nation.

Ladder matches were an unknown commodity, but these two made it one of the best matches out there.

3. Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart (Wrestlemania 13)

Many enjoyed the rivalry between Austin and Hart compared to any two Hall of Famers. Wrestlemania 13 at the Rosemont Arena. The match was a no disqualification submission match that turned into a bloodbath. Yes, literally.

Many rank this the top match in the history of Wrestlemania. It is easily the best non-main event in the history of the pay-per-view.

These two tore the house down and are one of the top matches to watch on the WWE Network. The history between these two had many impressive battles.

  • Wrestlemania 13 (1997)
  • Survivor Series 1996
  • In Your House: Final Four (1997)
  • In Your House: Canadian Stampede (1997)

2. The Rock vs. Steve Austin (Wrestlemania 17)

We saw these two superstars go at each other three times during their days with the WWE. All three were headliners, and two of them main evented.

The actual lead-up to this match was magical. The best promo in wrestling history was for this Wrestlemania 17 main event in Houston.

  • March 2003 (Wrestlemania XIX)
  • April 2001 (Wrestlemania X-7)
  • March 1999 (Wrestlemania XV)

The Texas Rattlesnake and the Brahma Bull were perfect in March and April of 2003. The historic battles were great, and all three of their Mania matches were highly entertaining.

1. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 26)

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are two of the top in-ring performers. We were coming off a year when these two battled in the prior Wrestlemania in a singles match.

We saw them in many matches over the years. There are a few must-watch between these two icons to feel their careers growing over the years.

  • May 1997 (In Your House 18: Badd Blood): #1 Contendership Hell in a Cell
  • January 1998 (Royal Rumble): Casket Match for WWF World Heavyweight
  • April 2009 (Wrestlemania 25): The 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania
  • March 2010 (Wrestlemania 26): WrestleMania Streak vs. Career No Disqualification

This match was the final one, and it built the streak at 20-0. We saw reversals at a crazy clip. HBK countered a chokeslam and turned into Sweet Chin Music.

Taker eventually kicked like both did throughout the match and finished it off with Tombstone Piledriver. The finisher landed after we saw a failed moonsault. Two of the best put on a show.

It was the final time in their careers against one another in a singles match.


Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, and Hulk Hogan could have made the list as well. There were so many matches from the 37 Wrestlemania events entering 2022.

Wrestlemania is must-see television as new moments get made. The past, present, and future in one house for one weekend of the year is a treat.

For all of your WWE needs, be sure to check out our latest WWE blog. There will be odds for you to look at the latest pivotal matches in the sport.

The upcoming pay-per-views will be exciting. Check back for continued WWE coverage.



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