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Best Super Bowl 56 Cross-Sport Prop Bets

| February 10, 2022 11:50 am PDT

One of the best things about the Super Bowl is its many betting options. We have our usual options with the spread and player prop bets, but people love to hit the unusual prop bets. That’s where cross-sports props come in.

The bets combine an asset of the Super Bowl with another sport taking place on Super Bowl Sunday. Hell, some look ahead to an event that is months away.

BetOnline gives us plenty of options, but I’ll show you my 10 favorites.


The NBA gives us a few options for cross-sport props. Here are three I’m betting on for Super Bowl Sunday.

Trae Young vs. First Score

Completed Minutes by 1st score in SB LVI-130
Trae Young Made Free Throws at BOS Celtics+100

Our first cross-sport prop features Trae Young’s made free throws and how long until we’ll see the first score of Super Bowl 56.

Most NBA fans know Trae Young is among the best players in drawing contact and getting to the free-throw line.

Young wasn’t attempting many free throws at the beginning of the season, but he averaged over seven makes in December and January. He had this stretch in the middle of January.

  • Milwaukee Bucks: 14 free throws made
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: 11 free throws made
  • Miami Heat: 12 free throws made

The Atlanta Hawks will face the Boston Celtics. This will be their third meeting, as Young made 10 free throws in the first game, and three in the second. He has made at least four in four straight games, so let’s say he makes five free throws.

In the postseason, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams have combined to score once in the first five minutes. That came in the Bengals Divisional Round, when Ryan Tannehill threw an interception on the first play.

It might not be the value play, but the minutes pick seems like the way to go.

Jayson Tatum vs. Rams Touchdowns

Rams Total Touchdowns in Super Bowl LVI-140
Jayson Tatum Total 3-point FG Made against Hawks+110

We shift gears from the Atlanta Hawks to Boston Celtics. This time, we’ll check out their star player in Jayson Tatum. Tatum’s three-point percentage has been down this season, but he’s making 2-3 per game.

Tatum had a few boom games recently, knocking down nine threes against the Washington Wizards and seven against the Sacramento Kings.

However, we haven’t seen him replicate those performances. He has made three or fewer three-pointers four times in his last six games. That’s an important mark because the Los Angeles Rams should be around three touchdowns.

Going back to the regular season, the Rams have scored over three touchdowns once in the last seven games. On the other side, the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t allowed more than three touchdowns in four straight games.

At this point, it makes sense to lock in the Rams for three total touchdowns. Tatum has made five and two three-pointers against the Atlanta Hawks this season.

This one is tough, but I feel the Rams touchdowns are the safer choice. Saying that, I wouldn’t blame you for taking the value with Tatum’s three-pointers.

Trae Young vs. First Downs

Trae Young Total Combined PTS/AST/REB/STL/BLK at BOS-110
Total First Downs in Super Bowl LVI-110

The Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics game will be in the spotlight for the NBA on Super Bowl Sunday. The sportsbooks recognize that, giving us another chance to bet on Trae Young.

Young averages 42.1 PTS/AST/REB/STL/BLK this season. It’s not a stat you’ll typically see, but that’s what we have for the Super Bowl. Speaking of unusual prop bets, make sure you check out the craziest bets for Super Bowl 56.

Young’s numbers against the Boston Celtics have been down compared to his season average. He has 30 and 37 between all the stats in his two games against them this season. That gives us a baseline for first downs in Super Bowl LVI.

Let’s see the total first downs in the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams playoff games.

Game Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Rams
Wild Card Round 41 30
Divisional Round 33 44
Conference Championship 45 41

We’ve seen a low total from each team, but overall, we’re likely looking at first downs in the upper 30’s to low 40’s. Therefore, I’m taking first downs for this bet.

Boston has done an excellent job against Young this season. I expect them to hold him under 40 for this prop.


The NHL gives us a pair of cross-sport bets for Super Bowl Sunday. Let’s check them out.

NHL Goals vs. First Half Points

Total Goals in NHL February 13th-140
1st Half Total Points in Super Bowl LVI-115

We only talked about one game with the NBA, but this cross-sport bet will look at the entire NHL slate on Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl Sunday is a small slate, only featuring four games. However, we will see one of the top offenses in the Colorado Avalanche.

If we take the average of each teams’ scoring this season, we’re looking at somewhere around 24 goals across the four games. I didn’t account for goals allowed, so factor in a margin of error.

Like we did for the last section, I want to look back at the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams’ total first-half points in their playoff games.

Game Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Rams
Wild Card Round 33 21
Divisional Round 15 23
Conference Championship 31 17

It’s interesting to see the Rams have consistently stayed around 20 points while the Bengals have been on both ends. It’s risky to predict how many NHL goals we’ll see on Super Bowl Sunday.

I will take the value and bet on the total first-half points in the Super Bowl. I don’t think it’ll be abnormally high scoring, but I’m expecting a 14-10 game.

Alex Ovechkin vs. SB Winning Margin

Winning Margin in Super Bowl LVI-180
Total shots by Alex Ovechkin vs. Ottawa+150

Alex Ovechkin has been among the best players in the NHL this season. In December, he was among the top contenders to win the Hart Trophy given to the league MVP. On Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll watch out for his shots.

Ovechkin leads the league in shots, and it’s not that close. His 213 shots are 23 ahead of Kyle Connor, who ranks second with 190. Ovechkin averages 4.63 shots, but we’ve seen him clear the six and seven shot mark many times this season.

Check out his shots in two games against the Ottawa Senators.

  • October 25: 6
  • January 22: 5

Now one thing to note is Ovechkin recently tested positive for COVID-19. He should be good to go for this game, but will he have any lingering effects?

The NFL playoffs have been competitive in the Divisional Round and Conference Championship. Both the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals won by three points in each game. That’s why I’m taking the value bet with Ovechkin’s shots.

We know the early Super Bowl 56 betting lines have the Rams as a (-4.0) point favorite. Ovechkin will likely have 5+ shots, but I see the Super Bowl as a three or four point game.


It looks like future events have the most options for cross-sport specials. Let’s check out the best betting options for events beyond Super Bowl Sunday.

Daytona 500 Speed vs. Matthew Stafford

Daytona 500 Avg. Speed in Miles per Hour-125
Matthew Stafford 1st Half Passing Yards SB LVI-105

The Super Bowl is by far the biggest event of the month, but the Daytona 500 has to be second.

The NASCAR Cup Series will kick off its season with the 64th Daytona 500 on February 20. Before then, make sure you check out the Daytona 500 betting guide.

Let’s check out the average speed in the last five Daytona 500s.

  • 2017: 143.187
  • 2018: 150.545
  • 2019: 137.44
  • 2020: 141.11
  • 2021: 144.416

Therefore, the 2022 Daytona 500 should see an average speed in the 140s. That gives us a good baseline for reference.

Matthew Stafford led the Los Angeles Rams to big wins throughout the postseason. It was a pair of big first half performances in the Rams’ first two playoff games, but even in the NFC Championship Game, he passed for 130 yards in the first half.

The Cincinnati Bengals let Patrick Mahomes carve them up in the first half of the AFC Championship Game. That’s part of the reason I’m taking Stafford for this prop.

We have a whole blog dedicated to Stafford’s prop bets for the Super Bowl. Stafford going over his passing yards was one of the top bets, and I think he’ll clear 145 in the first half of Super Bowl 56.

Masters Score vs. Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow Total Passing Yards in SB LVI-115
Winning Score in 2022 Masters at Augusta-115

There might not be many golf fans out there, but the Masters is the biggest golfing event of the season. Augusta National hosts the event in early April, and every golfer wants to wear the Green Jacket.

We don’t have a big range of the winning score at the Masters. In 2020, Dustin Johnson set the record with a winning score of 268. Zach Johnson won in 2008 with a winning score of 289, but it’s rare to see anything above 280.

Now, we shift our focus to Joe Burrow. Burrow has been cooking this postseason, leading the Cincinnati Bengals to their first Super Bowl since the late 1980s.

The Super Bowl projections have Burrow sitting at 276.5 passing yards. In our special prop bets for Burrow, we have him going over 276.5 yards. If he clears that mark, there’s a great chance he wins this bet.

Cincinnati should have trouble running against a stout Los Angeles Rams defense. I expect them to be aggressive early, employing a pass-heavy approach.

The Masters score should be somewhere in the 270s. It wouldn’t surprise me if Burrow cleared 300 passing yards.

Kentucky Derby vs. Rushing Yards

Akers & Mixon Combined Total Rushing Yards-140
Winning Time (seconds) at the 2022 Kentucky Derby+110

The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest horse races of the year. The race pits 20 three-year-olds against each other as they look to start their run for the Triple Crown.

Track conditions can change the winning time, but it’s almost always in the 120 to 125 second bracket. When it comes to Cam Akers and Joe Mixon, they would need to clear 125 rushing yards to win this prop.

Let’s check out their rushing yards in each postseason game.

Game Cam Akers Joe Mixon
Wild Card Round 55 48
Divisional Round 48 54
Conference Championship 48 88

Mixon had a nice performance in the AFC Championship Game, but we haven’t seen either running back put up big numbers. That’s why I’m taking the value play and going with the Kentucky Derby-winning time.

I think we’re going to see a pass-heavy approach from both teams. The Los Angeles Rams run defense has been outstanding this postseason, so I don’t see Mixon going over 50 yards. The Cincinnati Bengals haven’t been as strong, but Akers hasn’t done much.

It’ll probably be close, but I’m giving the edge to the Kentucky Derby.

Calgary Flames Points vs. National Anthem

Total Regular Season Points for Calgary Flames-115
Total seconds for the National Anthem-115

This is our lone Super Bowl cross-sport special that doesn’t feature anything in the game. Instead, it focuses on the length of the National Anthem. The National Anthem is consistently among the craziest Super Bowl prop bets.

The singer of the National Anthem changes from year to year, so we don’t have an exact comparison. Still, we can look back and predict a range of time.

Going back to Super Bowl 41, we’ve seen the National Anthem as short as 90 seconds and as long as 156 seconds. Those are two extremes, but we typically see it somewhere in the 110 to 130 second range.

The Calgary Flames are on pace to finish with 100 points. They just finished the first half of their season, so we still have 40 games to go. Anything can change, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll hit 110 points.

Therefore, the National Anthem length seems like the wise play. Last year was the first time since Super Bowl 56 it wasn’t over 105 seconds. I think we’ll see it closer to 110 to 120 seconds this year.

Joe Biden vs. Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd receiving yards in SB LVI-120
Biden’s approval rating on March 1st, 2022-110

The final cross-sport special features the Cincinnati Bengals third wide receiver and the President of the United States. We know the Super Bowl brings a variety of bets, but did anyone see this coming?

Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped in his first year as the President. It was as high as 57 percent in April 2021, but the most recent update has it at 40 percent. That’s the lowest mark during his term, and fifth straight month it’s below 45 percent.

Therefore, Tyler Boyd should win this prop with 45 yards. That doesn’t seem like a high mark, but Boyd has been quiet in the postseason.

  • Wild Card Round: 26 yards
  • Divisional Round: 17 yards
  • AFC Championship Game: 19 yards

Biden might not have the best approval rating, but there’s no way it drops below 25. Boyd will have to increase his yards to win this prop.

Ultimately, I think Boyd will come out on top. I’ve mentioned numerous times that I expect the Bengals to go pass-heavy. Ja’Marr Chase will see a lot of Jalen Ramsey, so Joe Burrow will need another option. That’s where Boyd comes in.

Betting on Props in Super Bowl 56

Betting on props is one of the best things about the Super Bowl. They have so many exciting options you wouldn’t see in a typical game. These cross-sport specials make you think about sports outside of football. That last bet shows us that sometimes, we go beyond sports.

The best way to keep up with prop bets is to check out our free printable betting sheets.

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