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Best Super Bowl 2021 Prop Bets You Can Target Early

| January 21, 2021 11:00 am PDT
Super Bowl 55 Props You Can Bet on Now

Super Bowl 55 is going to be a lot of fun. Fans and sports bettors say that every year because it’s true. No matter who actually plays (or wins), the Super Bowl is an exciting event, and it’s also rather thrilling to bet on.

Why is it different from anything else? Because you don’t need to actually care about what happens in the game itself to bet and win money.

The Super Bowl is known for handing the Lombardi Trophy to the eventual winner, but it’s also known for all the fodder that comes along with it. Except would-be “accessories” like the halftime show and Super Bowl commercials – to some, at least – are kind of the biggest draw.

Super Bowls are unpredictable, and they can get out of control. When the game isn’t competitive, or your team isn’t winning, where do you turn?

You turn to Super Bowl prop bets.

For 2021, I’ve got some Super Bowl 55 props you can bet on now. I’m writing this before the Conference Championship games, so when I say you can bet on Super Bowl 55 props now, I mean right now.

There are some Super Bowl 2021 prop bets that are best left for once the final matchup is known. Of course, you can always look ahead after breaking down the possible Super Bowl 55 matchups.

If you simply came here for the top Super Bowl 55 props to bet on early, read on.

First Song at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

One of the best Super Bowl 55 prop bets you can target immediately is which song will be sung by The Weeknd first.

The famous singer is headlining the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show, and this is probably the best halftime show prop to bet on. Of course, there are several Super Bowl 55 halftime show prop bets  that could be worth your time.

This takes the cake for me, and it’s possible viewers are already being teased with the opening song. Just take a look at this Super Bowl LV halftime show teaser from Pepsi.

That tells us everything and nothing, all at once. To be fair, “Blinding Lights” does lead the way in terms of odds at BetOnline, so bettors need to consider the correlation.

It also happens to be his biggest hit.

That said, I tend to think The Weeknd opens things up with a song that gets the blood flowing first. I’m not sure any track does that better than “The Hills.” It could be tough to work around the explicit nature of that song (heck, most of his songs), but it’d set the tone for a fun show.

Given the commercial, “Blinding Lights” stands out as a safe bet, but I think aiming high with “The Hills” at +1000 makes sense.

  • The Hills

Will There Be a Kick Returned for a TD?


This Super Bowl prop is a bit more straightforward. It’s not as exciting, but it should be pretty easy to figure out.

Just take a look back at the 2020 NFL season, which featured just seven kick return scores. They all came from seven different players, too, which probably suggests lightning won’t strike twice.

In fact, only one of those kick returners is even still in the mix to play in Super Bowl 55.

Another came off of a freakish onside kick return.

The league as a whole has had difficulty returning kickoffs for scores, as rule changes over the past decade have worked hard to discourage returning kicks in the first place.

The goal was to decrease concussions, and so far, teams have responded by returning kickoffs less and less.

There wasn’t a kickoff return for a score in last year’s Super Bowl, and the big game has seen a kickoff return touchdown just once since 2014.

So far in the 2021 NFL playoffs, there have been – you guessed it – zero kickoff returns for touchdowns.

The odds are gross, but this feels like a Super Bowl prop you can attack at will.

  • No

Who is Flat Matthew?

Matt Damon+150
Matthew McConaughey+150
Matthew Broderick+350
Matthew Stafford+350
Matt Dillon+500
Matt LeBlanc+800
Matthew Perry+1000

This one is a bit out there, but it’s for anyone who is a fan of Super Bowl commercials.

Jimmy Kimmel and Mindy Kaling already teased a Doritos ad that will apparently unveil a “new look” for whoever #FlatMatthew is.

Doritos is notorious for some pretty awesome Super Bowl commercials. They don’t necessarily rank among the best Super Bowl commercials ever, but it’s arguable they should.

Is this destined to be another winner for the audience? It’s impossible to know, but the beauty here is you can potentially cash in if you can correctly predict who Flat Matthew is.

All we know is that Doritos has a big reveal planned for their Doritos 3D Crunch. Here’s a quick quote from their SVP and Chief Marketing Officer.

“With the launch of our biggest innovation in a decade…we wanted to share in a big way”.

There are obvious ties between Jimmy Kimmel and actor Matt Damon, as the two have an ongoing (fake) feud. He’s the favorite at +150, and that’s a pretty good price for the most logical answer.

  • Matt Damon

What Will the Coin Toss Be?


It’s tried and true, so why quit it now? Betting on the Super Bowl wouldn’t be the same without first betting on the coin toss, especially since it tends to be the first Super Bowl prop bet available for each successive season.

So, how should you bet on the Super Bowl 55 coin toss? Well, it’s literally a 50/50 proposition, but it doesn’t hurt to look back at past results.

Here’s a quick rundown of how the coin toss turned out over the last 10 Super Bowls.

Game Heads or Tails Toss Winner Game Winner
Super Bowl 54 Tails 49ers Chiefs
Super Bowl 53 Tails Rams Patriots
Super Bowl 52 Heads Patriots Eagles
Super Bowl 51 Tails Falcons Patriots
Super Bowl 50 Tails Panthers Broncos
Super Bowl 49 Tails Seahawks Patriots
Super Bowl 48 Tails Seahawks Seahawks
Super Bowl 47 Heads Ravens Ravens
Super Bowl 46 Heads Patriots Giants
Super Bowl 45 Heads Packers Packers

That’s a 10-game glimpse into what can happen when the referee launches a quarter into the air, while the final numbers have tails pulling ahead of heads with a 29-25 lead.

It’s used quite the rally to get in front, of course, with tails going 6-1 over the last seven Super Bowls. It’s also worth noting that the Super Bowl coin toss winner has lost in each of the last six title games, too.

Betting on the Super Bowl coin toss is low-risk and low-reward, but it’s a timeless classic when considering which prop bets to bet on for Super Bowl 2021.

Tails has been on a hot run, and there’s always the old adage of “tails never fails,” but eventually, things will start to even out again. The math says so. I’d go with heads this year.

  • Heads

Will Any Player Kneel During the National Anthem?


This is another great prop bet for Super Bowl 55 that has very little to do with the game itself.

The public stance on players kneeling before games and during the National Anthem has changed drastically over the past year or so, and it’s worth wondering what could transpire ahead of the big game.

It’s important to recall that no players were seen kneeling during last year’s Super Bowl. However, the call for social justice has gotten louder than ever, and it’s quite possible players use this massive stage to send a message.

After all, commissioner Roger Goodell has even softened his stance on kneeling and has backed players that want to get their message heard.

“I will support them.”

Whether the teams organize something or a player decides to act on his own, I find it hard to believe another Super Bowl will go by without someone letting their voice be heard.

There’s a lot of value in this bet, too, especially seeing as kneeling during the National Anthem has happened so frequently in the past.

  • Yes

Color of  Liquid Poured on Winning Coach


One last option to consider if you’re looking for good Super Bowl 55 props to bet on now is the color of the liquid poured on the winning coach.

The act originated with Bill Parcells back in 1984, and it’s been a tradition ever since – particularly in the Super Bowl.

It’s typically a total toss-up, but orange pulls in the lead with a +125 price at most NFL sportsbooks. Why? Because it’s been the color of the liquid poured on the winning Super Bowl coach in five of the last 11 big games.

That doesn’t guarantee a thing, of course. The color has been yellow twice during that same span, and it’s had no color (clear) four times since Super Bowl 35.

Here’s a quick round-up of the colors and how many times they’ve been poured out since Super Bowl 35.

Color of Liquid Number of Times
Orange 5
None 4
Clear 4
Yellow 3
Purple 2
Blue 2

There isn’t anything scientific here, as the color of the liquid often has nothing to do with the teams competing in the games.

Looking for a rhyme or reason to the color of the liquid poured onto the Super Bowl-winning head coach? You won’t find one, as sometimes there’s no liquid poured at all.

Other times, it simply doesn’t have a color.

To this point, the color is usually orange, clear, or the pouring doesn’t happen. I’d imagine it will happen in Super Bowl 55, which probably puts the onus on a light-colored liquid or a liquid that is clear.

The liquid hasn’t been clear since Super Bowl 42, though, so it may make sense to just stick with the tried and true orange. The nice thing is you’re still getting a good price for it.

Before you place your final bets, just consider the teams involved, and perhaps do a deep dive into each team’s liquid color on the sidelines during the year (if that information is even available).

  • Orange


There are plenty of other Super Bowl props to target before the big game. Some probably require a bit more information for you to have a great feel for the right pick, however.

As things stand, you can bet on the Super Bowl 55 props above, and you can do so regardless of who ends up playing on Super Bowl Sunday.

These Super Bowl 2021 prop bets are worth betting on right now, or you can target them at your favorite Super Bowl betting websites just before the game.

Whatever you do, and whenever you bet on the Super Bowl, I wish you luck. For more Super Bowl betting insight, odds, and picks, hit up our Super Bowl betting blog.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

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When it comes to the NFL, Noah's favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. He enjoys cheering them on with his wife and daughter.

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