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Best Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas in 2020

| February 10, 2020 2:10 am PDT
Best Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas

Just about every town large or small in the US is host to at least one shooting range. These are places where gun owners congregate to create really loud noises while simultaneously making little holes in pieces of paper half a football field away.

Las Vegas shooting ranges start out with that basic small-town range concept and then add generous dollops of “Wow!” and “Blammo!” to the recipe. The result is, of course, creamy gunsmoke goodness.

What Las Vegas gun ranges have to offer are the unique privileges of firing weapons like miniguns, machine guns, and submachine guns, as well as handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

Sure, at most of the shooting ranges in Las Vegas, you can bring your own weapons and ammunition, and for a rental fee, you can use the range to safely practice your skills.

But Las Vegas shooting ranges go above and beyond by offering things like M2s. Most of us can’t afford an M2 Browning .50 caliber machine gun. They’re expensive as hell (around $45,000) to buy and even more expensive to feed (.50-caliber ammo runs in excess of three dollars per round).

Bearing in mind that Ma Deuce can chew through 450-600 rounds in a single minute, at $3.35 per round, you’re going to spend at least $1,500 for that minute-long trigger pull — one of the more expensive minutes you’ll ever spend in your life.

And how about firing a mini-gun? You know, those multi-barrel monstrosities mounted in the open passenger bay of every Huey helicopter ever depicted in the movies? In Vegas, you can run a hundred rounds through an M134 GAU-17 Gatling Gun (mini-gun, to its friends) for about $200.

No, you can’t strafe the Strip from the open passenger bay of a Huey while Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries thunders in your headphones. Or can you? (See below.)

Here are best shooting ranges Las Vegas has to offer in 2020.

American Shooters

More than 30 shooting lanes keep American Shooters at the top end of Las Vegas’ indoor shooting ranges. They have seven 50-yard lanes and fourteen 25-yard lanes, as well as a VIP suite that can handle groups of up to 40 people and has its own VIP lanes.

Their rental packages range from the “Machine Guns Only” (where you can run a hundred rounds each through two very different machine guns) to “Pick Your Poison,” where you choose three of your favorite ways to make holes in paper, from pistols and shotguns to submachine guns and semi-auto rifles.

American Shooters is located on Arville Street just north of W. Spring Mountain Road about a mile west of I-15 (the Mirage is the closest resort-casino). For more details, visit American Shooters’ website.

Battlefield Vegas

If one of your dreams is to fire a mini-gun during your bachelorette party, I have great news for you: The Battlefield Vegas shooting range has an M-134 all warmed up for you. But what if your dream was to drive an APC across desert sands or to fire a round from the 105-mm cannon atop a moving M60 “Patton” tank? Even if it wasn’t, I bet it is now.

You can do these things and more at Battlefield Vegas.

They’ll even pick you and your squad up in a Humvee and drive you through the war-torn streets of Vegas to their FOB on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive just west of Circus Circus. For more info, check out their website.

Clark County Shooting Complex

I’m including Clark County’s parks and recreation department in my list of Las Vegas shooting ranges because not all of us fly into Vegas. Some of us arrive in an RV, in which we already have a weapon or two we’d like to test on a range.

If that describes your situation, then the Clark County Shooting Complex is your answer. The county’s shooting complex has RV parking available (call to reserve a spot).

Sure, they have a limited rental line of weapons (shotguns, handguns, and rifles), but this range is much more like the gun range you grew up with — short on flash, long on bang for your buck. The line fees are in the tens (rather than the hundreds) of dollars.

Located w-a-ay north of Las Vegas on Decatur Avenue, the Shooting Complex is not within walking range of anywhere. Okay, that’s not entirely fair — it is within walking range of the parking lot. For more info and pricing on the various options available at the Clark County Shooting Complex, check out their website.

Gunship Helicopters

As the name strongly suggests, this is not your average Vegas shooting range.

Remember my little joke earlier about not being able to strafe Vegas from a helicopter (with or without the Ride of the Valkyries)? Well, turns out, you actually can. Sort of. For I-don’t-care-how-many dollars, you can fire an M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) into the barren desert below (okay, you and I both knew the Strip-strafe was going to be a bridge too far).

As a consolation, though, they do play ‘70s rock and roll music while you’re shooting. This is bucket-list level stuff.

Incidentally, you don’t just get to hop on a helicopter and start blasting away at the scorpions and lizards trying to skitter out of range on the desert floor below; each flyer is required to go through an orientation, mission briefing, and even a simulation of the experience prior to the actual flight.

While Gunship Helicopters has an office in Las Vegas, the range where you’ll be teaching cacti, scorpions, and lizards a very valuable lesson indeed is located southwest of Las Vegas in Sandy Valley. For more info, check out Gunship Helicopters’ website.

The Gun Store

The Gun Store was the first shooting range in Las Vegas and has been in operation since the late ‘80s. With some recent expansion and renovations completed, they now have 40 air-conditioned firing lanes to choose from, as well as two VIP ranges with four lanes each for group events.

You’ll find just about every kind of weapon to try out at the Gun Store, including machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns. The Gun Store even has an online version where you can review the various firearms they have on offer, make a purchase online, and then pick up your new best friend at the store.

Additionally, the Gun Store offers Concealed Firearm Permit courses for those who want to qualify (or re-qualify) for concealed carry.

The Gun Store is located about five miles east of the Strip on Tropicana Avenue. For more info, visit their website.

Las Vegas Gun Range and Firearm Center

One of the smaller shooting ranges in Las Vegas (six lanes), Las Vegas Gun Range stands out both in its affordability and the surprising breadth of their selection of rental firearms. This is a place where you can fire a .44 magnum (sadly, no longer “the most powerful handgun in the world”) or a .50 caliber Desert Eagle (you know you want to), as well as a selection of rifles, shotguns, and machine guns.

First-time shooters and veterans alike uniformly rave about the range’s personal touch as well as the professionalism and knowledge of their instructors.

Las Vegas Gun Range and Firearm Center is located south of Las Vegas on Blue Diamond Road (about a mile north of the South Point Hotel-Casino). To learn more about what Las Vegas Gun Range and Firearm Center has to offer, you can visit their website by clicking here.

Las Vegas Shooting Center

There’s something for every shooter at the Las Vegas Shooting Center. Not only do they have a firearms store, but they offer a wide variety of shooting packages, from gun and rifle combos right up to the opportunity to fire not one, not three, but six machine guns (P90, AK47, MP5, M4, and the awesome M249 SAW). Come on. You’ve been packing them around in Call of Duty for years now. See what they feel like in real life.

The Las Vegas Shooting Center also offers packages designed specifically for locals who own their own weapons, including Ladies Free Range Time on Wednesdays and half-price range fees on Sundays.

This shooting range is located on Dean Martin Drive on the west side of I-15, opposite the Luxor Hotel-Casino to the east. Incidentally, they also offer free transportation to and from the range. For more details, check out the Las Vegas Shooting Center’s website (caution: site features auto-play rock music).

Machine Guns Vegas

Machine Guns Vegas might just be the one-stop-shop of Vegas gun ranges. The range offers both indoor and outdoor lanes, with a very large list of options. Some of their packages include the “Seal Team 6 Experience” and the “Bonnie and Clyde” (their only couples package).

In addition, working in conjunction with Gunship Helicopters, Machine Guns Vegas is the only other shooting range in Las Vegas that offers you the opportunity to be the door gunner of a moving helicopter. Yes, you and up to eleven of your buddies can have the opportunity to strafe the afternoon away over the deserts near Sandy Valley.

Machine Gun Vegas is located on Aldebaran Street just north of W. Spring Mountain Road on the western side of I-15. For reference, the closest resort-casino — Treasure Island — is on the east side of I-15. If you’re looking for more details, visit Machine Gun Vegas’ site.

The Range 702

Serving visitors and locals alike, The Range 702 offers one of the largest ranges in Las Vegas, with 16 lanes and a VIP range with its own four lanes (as well as a hostess, bar, and LCD televisions). While visitors and the gun-curious will find a surfeit of firearms to sample — from a 1911 or a tactical shotgun all the way to the Barrett M82 50-caliber rifle — locals can take advantage of the $15 range fees as well a variety of other locals-only deals.

They also offer free shuttle service from all the major hotels in Las Vegas. The Range 702 is located southwest of Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino on Dean Martin Drive. The Range 702 has additional information available online.

Strip Gun Club

Before you get your hopes up, it’s not what you probably think it is (or maybe just not what I thought it was). This Las Vegas shooting range takes its name from the fact that it is located smack dab on the Strip (within walking distance of the Stratosphere Casino Hotel, in fact).

What the Strip Gun Club offers its patrons is choice. Rather than give you set groupings of weapons to try, the club invites you to select a “Build Your Own” array of two, three, or even six guns. The four-gun BYO package, for instance, includes your choice of one handgun and three other weapons from their selection of rifles, shotguns, and machine guns.

The Strip Gun Club is located on Las Vegas Boulevard South, between the Stratosphere and the Sahara.

The Vegas Machine Gun Experience

Imagine a shopping mall comprised entirely of gun-related products and services.

Well, that’s where you’ll find the Vegas Machine Gun Experience — right there wedged in between gun store Discount Firearms and Top Shot Las Vegas (where you can kill zombies with real weapons that shoot modified ammo (you don’t expect to really kill zombies, do you? First of all, reality check: There’d soon be no zombies left for the rest of us).

The Vegas Machine Gun Experience is located on S. Highland Drive between Circus Circus and I-15. Their website has additional details.

Say Hello to My Little Fren’

As you can see, Las Vegas has more to offer you than slot machines, big-name shows, and fine dining. It also has plenty of opportunities to practice your aim, your fast-draw, your tommy-gun techniques, and even your m4d minigun skilz.

If you’re looking for shooting ranges in Las Vegas, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities. Leave it to Sin City to bring out the Scarface in all of us.

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