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Best Prop Bets for Season 11 of The Walking Dead

| July 8, 2021 10:25 am PDT

August brings a bittersweet time for fans of The Walking Dead. The series is coming to an end after 11 intense seasons, but it also gives us an epic run to close things out and complete numerous ongoing storylines.

The completion of season 11 probably only means more TWD to come, too, as there have been rumored movies, as well as spinoff series projects.

This is all great, but the “mothership” is still being laid to rest, and it won’t be easy once we get to the last few episodes. Of course, in addition to the fresh content, fans of The Walking Dead can also fatten their wallets by betting on what happens in the final season.

Some of the best entertainment betting sites are pushing out a slew of The Walking Dead prop bets for season 11, and some of them offer crazy upside.

Let’s take a look at The Walking Dead season 11 props and come away with some (hopefully profitable) predictions.

Will a Fear the Walking Dead Character Appear in Season 11?


FTWD is still running, so some type of crossover would make sense to snag fans and bring them over to that series. You can bet on it happening at Bovada, and the upside is pretty shocking.

The +550 odds mean you get back $550 for every $100 you risk, and the logic actually favors this happening.

Here are three reasons why this is a great bet.

  • There has been crossover before
  • TWD is ending
  • FTWD has loads of characters

AMC producers have a major incentive to do this, as it can boost characters that are also featured on Fear the Walking Dead, which could assist that show with its ratings.

The fact that we’ve seen TWD characters crossover to FTWD also promotes this line of thinking. Besides, nobody is betting on it not happening at -1000. You either are betting that it will at +550, or you’re avoiding this prop.

My Pick: Yes (+550)

Will Carol Survive the Final Season of TWD?


Anyone looking to bet on The Walking Dead season 11 needs to consider the fact that some characters may live on past this show – and for a good reason.

Remember all of that chatter surrounding the Rick Grimes movies?

Those flicks are just now being teased, and the rumor mill is circling, but Grimes lives outside of the original TWD platform because there is more story to be told.

Whether it be a brand new series or appearing in other shows or movies, big characters like Carol may be too valuable to the franchise to kill off for good just yet.

That, and there have been whispers that Carol and Daryl are teaming up for a The Walking Dead spinoff series. This doesn’t make for fun betting, but I’d say Carol is rather safe going into season 11.

My Pick: Yes (-1000)

Will Daryl Dixon Die in the Final Season?


The same goes for Daryl Dixon. Much like Lincoln’s Grimes, Daryl and Carol were among the few originals who lasted all the way from season one until now.

They all have endured some close calls – and nobody is off limits in The Walking Dead – but these characters still have some juice left.

Daryl has even been rumored to be getting his own spin-off series, and he’s not the only TWD character that could (or should) get their own series.

Until that idea is debunked, anyone doing any The Walking Dead betting has to consider the producers interested in keeping him alive.

My Pick: No (-1000)

Will Eugene Die in Season 11?


This is where things could get interesting, as there haven’t been any The Walking Dead spinoff rumors involving Eugene.

He’s a pretty big character at this point, but nobody really knows what to expect out of him. Once a harmless and borderline useless genius, Eugene has morphed into a pretty key character that can even hold his own in battle.

Eugene has darted back and forth between hated and likable by TWD fans, so his potential death would undeniably be a mixed bag.

The fact that his odds are so tight makes predicting his fate difficult, but I am going to bank on him sticking around.

While not the total badass that Negan or Daryl are, Eugene is cerebral and actually quite funny. He wouldn’t get his own show, but I can see him being comedic relief in another TWD series in the future.

My Pick: No (-120)

Will Maggie Survive the Final Season?


I like the odds here, as it’s been rumored for some time that Maggie won’t just survive through the end of season 11, but she’s another character that could get her own show.

Maggie has had quite the roller coaster ride. She survived the zombie blitz at her country farm, watched everyone she loved die, and then made it through a deadly pregnancy.

Now a mother and fearless leader, Maggie just feels like a warrior that can’t be stopped.

AMC producers are getting their buddy cop series with Daryl and Carol (supposedly), but featuring a strong, independent woman like Maggie in her own show would also be wise.

Actress Lauren Cohan (Maggie) did admit to conversations about Maggie’s story continuing.

“I know there are murmurings of an extended story with Maggie when the official mothership is done.”

I love the value in Maggie surviving, whether to be further utilized in future programs or simply because she’s that strong of a character.

My Pick: Yes (-150)

Will Negan Die in Season 11?


For the moment, chatter around a possible Negan spinoff series has quieted down. There have been reports that those rumors were debunked, but it’s also fair to say that AMC is trying its best to play things close to the chest.

Why? Because revealing future TWD series makes no sense if you want to keep the current fan base engaged.

Negan’s character arc is arguably complete at this point, so if The Walking Dead wanted to kill him off, they could. The problem? He’s also one of their all-time best sellers.

There is no more Rick Grimes, so Negan is the arguable face of this franchise, and a Negan-centered show would undeniably be a hit.

I think Negan can go at any time, but it doesn’t make sense if Jeffrey Dean Morgan isn’t done with the character just yet. With money to be made in extending Negan’s TV existence, the smart money is on the character making it to the end.

My Pick: No (-120)

Will Rick Grimes Return for Season 11?


This is a big question that every fan wants the answer to, so they can emotionally prepare for it. That, and constantly crossing your fingers for it to happen – only to later find out it won’t – is mentally taxing.

Coming from a huge Rick Grimes fan, I know the feeling.

Andrew Lincoln is busy putting together a Rick Grimes movie at the moment, and that’s already been teased.

That tells us that Rick Grimes is still very much part of AMC’s bigger plan, and we probably can’t completely rule out a return to the original series.

Timing is the hiccup here. How would AMC bring Grimes back without messing up the timeline with the movie(s) he’s making?

I can’t answer that. However, Lincoln himself has expressed interest in returning to The Walking Dead, suggesting that he couldn’t rule it out.

“The easy answer is I have no idea. I don’t think it’s written yet, but I would never say never to that because everybody that’s still doing the TV show are dear friends.”

Clearly, Lincoln is open to the idea.

It all comes down to the timeline, how shooting on the show could conflict with his ongoing projects, time away from Lincoln’s family, and perhaps money.

That said, the intrigue and excitement surrounding a potential Rick Grimes return to The Walking Dead is just too great to ignore. At +300, that’s a bet I am willing to aim high at.

My Pick: Yes (+300)

Will a World Beyond Character Show Up?


The last The Walking Dead season 11 prop to target is whether or not someone from The Walking Dead: World Beyond will show up in the finale.

Since this show is set 10 years after the zombie apocalypse first started, it obviously follows the original series’s happenings.

That means characters from The Walking Dead could eventually pop up there, and it’s very possible over the final season that we see future characters that also end up appearing in this spinoff.

There isn’t a whole lot of logic to it beyond that, but the timeline would make sense, and it’d also be beneficial for producers to introduce some of the cast to prop up the spinoff.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond hasn’t garnered as much feedback as other TWD projects, so it would make sense for the studio to beef it up a bit with some free character promotion.

Pick: Yes (-200)

Betting on The Walking Dead Season 11

This is just the first run of The Walking Dead season 11 prop bets. As the season 11 premiere draws closer, more will be featured at the top entertainment betting sites.

As we get into the heart of season 11, I would imagine new props will be pushed out, as well.

Usually, there is a lot of interest in betting on The Walking Dead, but it will be more intense than usual, with this being the final season.

Hopefully, this string of The Walking Dead props sets you up for success, while you can also bet on who will die first in The Walking Dead season 11.

If you’re seeking advice for how to bet on The Walking Dead season 11, I’d mostly do these things.

  • Watch every episode
  • Track online chatter
  • Check out Reddit
  • Pay attention to odds
  • Bookmark our entertainment betting blog

You’re not going to get very far with your The Walking Dead betting if you don’t actually watch the show.

Whether you’re a fan or just trying to make some cash, actually knowing the characters and the numerous storylines are going to be extremely helpful.

On top of that, make sure you’re considering outside sources and theories. Reddit and Twitter generate all kinds of different ideas that could potentially help you make a successful bet.

I’d also keep an eye on pricing, as odds can show you which way to lean or help point out an amazing value bet.

Lastly, be sure to bookmark our entertainment betting blog, as I’ll be pushing out more breakdowns featuring odds and predictions for season 11 of The Walking Dead.

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Noah Davis

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