Ranking the Top 4 Poker Hoodie Styles for Players

By Adam Haynes in Poker
| August 1, 2022 9:04 am PDT
Poker Hoodies with imagery of cards and chips

Controversial opinion incoming — poker hoodies are an excellent asset for any player.

Obviously, I am not alone in thinking that. However, I would wager to guess that there are more that would disagree with me. We’re all entitled to our opinions, of course. The same applies to what we decide to wear to the table. Well, within reason.

Looking good can make you feel good. Feeling good can help you play better. Beyond these points, there are other practical cosmetic reasons why you should hood up before hitting the tables. Not with any old hoodie, of course.

What you wear is not usually something you must concern yourself with while playing on the best online casinos. But in person? What you wear can influence how others see you. And no game on earth requires the type of psychological nous that poker demands from its players.

I’ll rank the four top poker hoodie types you should consider for playing in person. First, let’s look at the best styles to wear when hitting the online poker rooms.

Top Poker Hoodies for Playing Online

poker hoodie

If you’re looking for the best hoodies for poker players but only intend to play online, I’ve got some excellent news.

You have multiple options. You can wear a big, fluffy onesie with a pink wolf on the front, and no one will bat an eyelid. Well, none of your opponents, of course. After all, it’s not like they can see you, is it?

The two main reasons why poker players wear hoodies these days can be broken down into two categories — practical and vanity. Where practicality is involved, we wear hoodies at the tables to limit the number of tells an opponent can potentially pick up on. But the main reason? To keep us warm!

Casinos can be cold. You don’t want to end up like Frankie Carbone in the back of the meat truck in Goodfellas.

If you think freezing to death will almost certainly prevent any keen observer from reading your next move, you’re pretty right and kinda wrong. But what good are those chips to you if you can’t cash ’em in with Saint Peter?

As for playing online? Sure, utility prices have gone through the roof. If you’re playing in winter, you don’t exactly need a fashionable poker hoodie when you’re playing in the top poker rooms on the net. You can wear anything that will do a similar job in keeping your temperature in line with other mammals.

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The sites above are a great place to try your luck against other poker players.

If you’re killing it, you can wear whatever you want. Before you launch an assault on the world, just make sure to play at sites that are congruous to playing comfortably and safely. The ones above, which our poker experts recommend, are all 100% legal, trustworthy, and above board.

In addition to top bonuses for players, you can play various games and variants. Depending on your stake, you’ll find plenty of cash games and even some freerolls to get involved in. There is no dress code, either. So feel free to rock up in one of the top hoodies for poker players or that same Metallica/y-fronts combination that you’ve been rocking for the past week.

Well, I’d suggest a shower and a change of clothing if it is the latter.

As someone who enjoys wearing the best poker hoodies for vanity reasons and the practical kind, looking good can help you feel good. Positivity can be a key factor in playing right. You might not have any designs on hitting the tables in a brick-and-mortar casino. But if you’re crushing it, that might change.

And you’re going to need an outfit to match your new ambitions. 

4. The Unabomber Hoodie

Phil Laak
  • Positive: Easy to Recreate
  • Negative: You’re not Phil Laak
  • Price Range: $30 to $75

Perhaps the most famous of all poker hoodies is Phil Laak’s “Unabomber.”

Now. While the World Series of Poker bracelet winner has become synonymous with wearing hooded sweatshirts since breaking onto the scene, he has worn multiple versions over the years. I mean, who would have thunk it?

Dublin-born Laak first became prominent in February 2004 with a Celebrity Invitational win. This was around the time of the first global poker boom, which saw him and his peers gain world stardom. It’s easy to understand why a guy named after one of the most infamous domestic terrorists of the 20th century would turn heads. Especially when dressed in the famous hoodie-shades combination.

I can’t be sure if Laak’s moniker was donned before or after his success at the tables. Yes, that’s a halfhearted attempt at a joke…

I am sure that Laak’s style influenced many tryhards and upstarts. I’m talking, of course, about his style of clothing. While I wouldn’t rate Laaks’ the best poker sweatshirt of all time, others see the cultural significance of his hoodie as something to imitate. The good news is that you can get the look without shelling out big bucks.

While Laak has changed the style of the hoodie he has worn over the years, the original —  which some still see as the best — is the Unabomber. And according to some sources, it’s just a gray Champion hoodie with the tags and markers taken off. 

Of course, the style of hoodies back in the day are harder to come by. Even harder than a guy born in Dublin and raised in Massachusetts that wears a Union Jack cast. My brain cannot figure that one out. I guess he just took the entire “unpredictable” very seriously?

Anyway, I’ve had a look and come across some new and older poker hoodies online, which could do the trick. Your call!

3. The Cheapo Poker Hoodie that Won’t Break the Bank

  • Positive: Cost Efficient
  • Negative: Could Fall Apart at Any Moment
  • Price Range: $5 to $25
Cheapo Hoodie

The best poker hoodies don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

They can come in all shapes and sizes. Providing they keep you warm in the arctic temperatures of the casino floor and don’t hinder how the rest of the table sees you, you could pick a solid one up for less than $25. And yes, I’m serious.

Cheap doesn’t always mean good, of course. But if you’re a struggling young player looking to rock the enigmatic, mysterious look, they can be very cost-efficient. With more wins, you could raise enough funds to target the best poker player hoodies over a few hundred dollars. But who knows? You might think, “Nah, I’m good,” and wear that sweatshop-made piece of crap as a self-identifying marker.

As your rise to the top begins to gather steam, you could even find your choice of clothing leads to other players creating nicknames on your behalf. In a matter of days, you might find yourself heading to your state courthouse with a change of name application for “Cheapo Charlie,” “Thriftshop Tim,” or, erm, “Kenny.”

Still, would you care? As long as you are winning, does it even matter what you are wearing?

Well, no. Not necessarily. But you might see how some people ask, “Why do poker players wear hoodies?” More to the point, why many will provide an answer that points toward it being down to vanity.

Sometimes that is the case, of course. Yet, one of the good poker habits to always keep in mind is to pay attention to other players. Part of that is analyzing what they are wearing. So, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of playing poker in a cheapo hoodie, it might be time to consider the alternatives.

Moving on…

2. The Midrange Priced Hoodie for Poker Players

Sugar Ray Leonard Hoodie
  • Positive: Stylish and Affordable
  • Negative: Quicker to Become Unfashionable 
  • Price Range: $75 to $150

There is a misconception that the top poker hoodies must be branded by a leading poker apparel company.

Nope. I have never found that to be the case. I haven’t found one dedicated hoodie for poker players that could transform my game. By that, I mean play better. After all, a hoody is just another piece of clothing. So, why shell out $200 when you get something to keep you comfortable and warm while giving you a sense of anonymity?

That’s not a knock on the top poker player hoodies, of course. But remember that many legends and high-level pros are gifted these items and even paid to wear them. You are not.

At least, I don’t think you are. I mean, you could be Phil Hellmuth or Espen Jorstad. But I doubt it.

Anyway, what will a midrange-priced poker hoodie get you? Aside from a well-crafted fashion accessory, you will also benefit from feeling rather sharp while not dishing out silly amounts of cash for the privilege. 

Best Hoodies in This Category

Multiple hoodies by the likes of North Face, Adidas, Nike, and more will serve the key purpose of wearing one in the first place.

You want to stay comfortable with a fit-for-purpose hood and drawstring. However, you don’t want to overheat when things get a little testy.

Ever heard of Roots of Fight? They do some awesome clothing based on boxers and martial arts from the early 20th century. The quality of their stuff is excellent and doesn’t break the bank.

My favorite piece of clothing I have from these guys is a red Sugar Ray Leonard hooded sweatshirt. I got it as a gift a few years ago, and it has been my top poker hoodie to wear when I am playing in-person games. It also goes well with my Ray-Ban glasses, so I don’t look like a try-hard. 

Not only does it feature my favorite boxer of all time on the front, but it’s mega comfortable. It has a great hood, drawstring, and large, deep pockets. It will keep you warm, but not to a level where you start overheating. 

If you can find it, all the best to you. If not, you can see what other gems the company has out. If you’re not the biggest fight fan or don’t want to be associated with the company’s gear, I’d suggest looking at brands like North Face or Nike. Just make sure to choose from the best poker hoodies that are also fit for purpose.

Just don’t forget to have a hood with deep pockets for all those chips you’ve collected!

1. The High-Priced Designer Hoodie

  • Positive: You’ll Look Great
  • Negative: It Could Cost More than Your Car
  • Price Range: $1200+
Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani logos

My list of the best poker hoodies you can buy will always include top-of-the-range designer brands.

But are you putting the likes of Gucci, Armani, and Louis Vuitton at number one? Isn’t that about as braindead as it is predictable? Do I have any self-respect, you ask?

Well. Why bother with the crap when you can float onto the casino floor looking like 1.2 million dollars (adjusted for inflation)? As we have seen with every ostentatious rich person ever, wearing designer brands turns you into a philanthropist, shoots your IQ up about thirty points, and makes you better than everyone at pretty much everything.

Ah, but do hoodies make you better at poker? Potentially. Would a designer hoodie raise your poker game to unimaginable levels? Maybe. I mean, have you tried yet?

Let’s reel things in a minute. I don’t want anyone getting confused here. I am, of course, joking. Wearing an Armani hoodie to the poker table is unlikely to see you change from an average player to the next WSOP champion. Psychologically, though?

Yes, it could help. You’d feel as fresh as a spring daisy and look so awesome in the bargain.

Providing your carry yourself right and make sure to also have some crisp pants and shoes to match, you’ll be sending off the right vibes. Everyone will be too invested in your magnetism to pay attention to what they are doing. Before long, the entire casino will be glued to you and your table as chants of “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!” ring out even though your name is Brian. 

But you don’t care. You’re dressed like a rock star and crushing it in the looks department. And that’s all that matters, especially when you awake from your fantasy to find that you’ve been eliminated and have nothing left. 

Money might not buy you happiness. That is true. But it’s much cooler to cry your eyes out in the bathroom of a casino when you are wearing a Louis Vuitton hoodie.

Much better than welling up in a cheapo hoodie that decided to divorce its zip over a dispute with your bulging waistline…

What Makes the Best Poker Hoodies?

Like my treasured Ray Leonard piece, the best poker hoodies are ones that are practical and provide warmth.

At the same time, you want one that doesn’t make you sweat faster than Prince Andrew’s body double in a sauna. While most casinos can be chilly places to sit around for hours on end, I’ve also been to more than one that feels stuffy and overbearing.


Remember, some casinos might not let you wear hoodies. Even if hoods are allowed, wearing those with political or “offensive” language might see you crap out before you can get in.

This is something that is often learned the hard way, so prepare to be challenged.

Finally, if you can’t stand the thought of wearing a hoody, do not fret. You can always wear a shirt, a blouse, a suit, or a ballerina costume. Providing the casino has no rules against it, which you can check before you go, feel free to wear whatever you please.

If the idea of hoodies and the people inside bother you, there is another way of playing poker. That is, to get in on the action from the comfort of your own home. Or your partner’s. Or wherever, once you have a means to do so and an internet connection.

Hit up our real poker apps and get down to business!



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