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Best Overwatch YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to in 2020

By Chris Majot in Esports
| May 4, 2020 3:48 am PDT
Best Overwatch YouTube Channels to Subscribe to in 2020

With Overwatch being one of the world’s biggest esports, it should be no surprise that there’s a lot of YouTube channels out there trying to make their claim to fame off of it. Some of these YouTube channels are fantastic, while others seem to fall short, and it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out what Overwatch YouTube channels are worth your time.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Overwatch YouTube channels you should subscribe to in 2020 to help you on your search, and hopefully a few of them will suit your needs!

1. PlayOverwatch

What better place to start than the official Overwatch YouTube channel, PlayOverwatch. On this YouTube channel, you can watch everything from the latest Overwatch trailers to developer updates. Usually, there are only 3 or 4 videos posted a week on the channel since they’re always in line with major changes to the game, but if you’re ever curious if some of the changes you heard might be coming to the game are true, check out what the latest developer update video says.

The Overwatch team is great about communicating upcoming changes to the community and won’t hesitate to broadcast them as soon as they’re sure of what they want to do.

2. TheRealKenzo

TheRealKenzo, popularly known as just Kenzo, is a master at playing Widowmaker and other sniper-like characters in Overwatch. What Shroud is to CSGO is what Kenzo might as well be to Overwatch. The way he professionally lines up every headshot is something to marvel at, often resulting in him getting accused of hacking in his competitive matches, but anybody who knows of Kenzo knows he’s just that good.

You can expect Kenzo’s videos to usually be edited portions of his frequent streams where he details some of the biggest things that happened to him while he played, dealing with everything from trolling his own stream to playing against some of the best individual players you can find in Overwatch. He’s a real prodigy at what he does and has a humble personality despite knowing all too well exactly where his skill level lies.

3. Ohnickel

Ohnickel is a popular Overwatch content creator with a pretty infrequent posting schedule, but when he does post a video, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

He is also one of the select people who have been able to get their hands on an early version of Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon and was allowed to stream it to his YouTube channel, so Blizzard has certainly taken notice of him as well. His videos can feel a bit random at times, but that’s what makes him unique and worth watching.

If you’ve been looking for someone who breaks the mold of just rinse-repeat gameplay videos, then Ohnickel is the Overwatch YouTube channel for you!

4. Stylosa

Stylosa covers Overwatch in every and any way possible. Have you been looking for someone to give you their opinions on the latest Overwatch changes? Maybe instead you want to find someone who creates videos with the purpose of pure entertainment? Perhaps you just want to find an Overwatch YouTube channel that has frequent video uploads that you can count on for consistent content? If you said yes to any of these three things, then you’re in luck with Stylosa!

On Stylosa’s channel, you can expect to see videos where he addresses the biggest changes in the game, talks about community reactions to new things coming to Overwatch, or videos with more of an appeal to raw entertainment like his “Guess the Rank” series. He’s a wholesome guy with great content and definitely deserves his subscriptions from Overwatch players.

5. Jayne

Jayne is the coach for Envy Gaming’s Overwatch team who spends his spare time creating Overwatch videos on his YouTube channel. Being a coach for one of the most skilled teams in Overwatch, you can expect his videos to possess a wealth of knowledge and a rather unique viewpoint that not many other content creators can have.

Jayne knows the inner workings of Overwatch as an esport and what it takes to become a pro, so if you’ve been trying to improve your gameplay, then Jayne is the one Overwatch content creator you should subscribe to. His posting schedule can be infrequent, undoubtedly due to other obligations, but his YouTube channel has many informative videos like “How to Time Your Flanks for Maximum Impact” and “Why You Shouldn’t Play Lucio on the Ground” that can help you get that next bit of SR in competitive play.

6. mL7

Amidst the plethora of dps Overwatch content creators is mL7, a Romanian Overwatch YouTuber who plays none other than the support hero Ana. He is a great resource for any Support players who need someone with a high skill level to watch and learn from, which can sometimes be the hardest thing to find in the Overwatch scene.

A typical mL7 video consists of the best Ana gameplay you can find with a heavy focus on strategy. ML7 and his teammates are constantly calling out everything they’re doing, and sometimes they even have enough time to explain why they’re choosing to do certain things right in the middle of the match.

He even makes a dedicated tip video now and then to help his viewers get better at playing Ana, so if you’ve been trying to figure out exactly where your Ana gameplay has been going wrong, you should check out one of mL7’s videos and see if his tips help.

7. Hammeh

Finishing out my list is Hammeh, a great YouTube news source on Blizzard games, and in particular Overwatch and Hearthstone. He likes to make sure the community is as informed as possible when it comes to new gameplay features and patches and has most notably had a recent developer interview with Jeff Kaplan and Geoff Goodman in conjunction with the release of Overwatch’s latest hero, Echo.

Videos from Hammeh more often than not get tied into Overwatch lore, which he uses to speculate new heroes and other storylines coming to Overwatch. Every video is presented in a very professional manner, and he’s well-respected in the Overwatch community. If you haven’t heard of Hammeh, or if you have and still haven’t given him a chance, you should check out one of his videos and see if he is the Overwatch news source for you.


Those are some of the best Overwatch YouTube channels you should subscribe to in 2020. The creators above encompass strategy, entertainment value, and more, so you can find a channel that fits whatever Overwatch aspect you’re most interested in.

For further esports content that covers a variety of games, check out the esports category of our blog.



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