Best NFL Draft Betting Sites for 2020 – Where to Wager and Why

By Noah Davis in NFL
| March 31, 2020 6:00 am PDT
NFL Draft Betting Sites

Thanks to uncertain times, various sports betting markets that would often otherwise go overlooked are now at the forefront when looking to make money betting online.

File the 2020 NFL Draft under that category, even though betting on the NFL Draft was already growing exponentially in terms of popularity and profitability already.

Chances are you’re a fan of at least one NFL franchise, so you can parlay your excitement in pro football team building into cold, hard cash.

Of course, there are some ways to do it that are better than others.

Merely betting on the NFL Draft at the first online sportsbook you see is a dangerous game. Instead, you should do a little research and find the very best NFL Draft betting sites for 2020.

Fortunately for you, I’m doing some of the leg work for you.

There is a nice list of NFL Draft sportsbooks that stand head and shoulders above the rest, for a variety of reasons. Here are the best sites for betting on the 2020 NFL Draft, along with why betting on the draft there makes good sense.

BetOnline – Best NFL Draft Betting Site for Props

One of the best sites for betting on the NFL Draft online is without a doubt BetOnline, which is as tried as true as they come in the online betting world.

BetOnline has always been known as a reputable sportsbook that offers great promotions and issues speedy payouts, but they’re also revered for their eclectic prop bets.

That doesn’t stop when the NFL Draft rolls around each year, while BetOnline has only pushed the envelope going into the 2020 event.

BetOnline rivals the top NFL Draft sportsbooks in every regard, but it’s pretty arguable it takes the cake in total prop bets offered, general creativity, and competitive odds.

MyBookie – Top Option for NFL Draft Betting Promotions

Another site that is fantastic when it comes to NFL Draft wagers in general is MyBookie.

They just beat out BetNow in that regard, while they come close to rivalling BetOnline when you’re looking for the best NFL Draft props.

There is a bit of a song and dance when it comes to that, but MyBookie can often even things out with its long line of killer promotions and bonuses.

I’m not sure there is a better online sportsbook right now that routinely offers as many bonuses and promos as MyBookie does, nor consistently strives to push out more unique options.

BetNow – Most Current, Competitive Odds Online

BetOnline is the place to go online to find the best NFL Draft prop bets, but it isn’t always the leader in the odds game. This applies both to the speed in which it pushes out odds initially and having some of the best pricing.

That honor belongs to BetNow, which is just as reputable and well-known in the sports betting industry. The big draw for BetNow is how quickly they push out betting lines in general, and usually, when you shop lines, you’ll find they’re the site to go to.

It’s not always that the difference is even that extreme, but BetNow prides itself on offering some of the best prices and hopping on betting markets before they become a trend.

If BetNow were a bit better at dominating the NFL Draft props area, they may be the #1 site for betting on the NFL Draft online.

Bovada – Top NFL Draft Site for Exact Outcome Wagers

Bovada self-proclaims that they’re “where the line originates,” and it’s true that they’re among the best NFL Draft betting websites in that regard.

They also can match wits with virtually every sportsbook online when it comes to wagers offered and competitive prices.

For the 2020 NFL Draft specifically, though, Bovada edges out some of the competition with some specific props that nobody else is offering.

One is the “exact outcome” wager, which asks the order of players being selected — specifically the outcome of the first three picks of the draft — but obviously open to more.

The most likely outcome pays out at +110, which shows you there is either a nice return up top or a ton of wiggle room to work with here.

Bovada beats everyone out with this particular bet, while their ability to be creative and competitive illustrates how committed they are to giving bettors the best NFL Draft betting experience they can find online. – Unique Props and Wagers Offered

One other great NFL Draft betting site that bettors can’t overlook is This is another fantastic option for promotions and early pricing, but it really raises the bar with unique props and general wagers offered.

Isn’t this what betting on the 2020 NFL Draft is all about? I’d certainly say so, as the big play with the draft is trying to predict when and where players will be drafted, among other things. leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the top NFL Draft props. When other sites try to match the long line of wagers they offer, also works hard to offer competitive pricing to give bettors the total package they seek.


If you’re here, it’s because you wanted a little more advice to help you locate the best sites to bet on the 2020 NFL Draft. The options above are the most reliable options that also happen to offer the best variety of wagers and most competitive odds.

Truly, you can’t go wrong with any of them. They all issue speedy payouts, they have versatile payment methods, the customer service is top-notch — the list goes on.

Most 2020 NFL Draft betting websites will be plenty fine, but if you want the best wagers and the most bang for your buck, these are the sites to wager at.

BetOnline is the cream of the crop, though. No site offers the total package of current odds, unique props, competitive pricing, promotions, and a painless payment process like this site does.

While BetOnline is the top option, finding the best NFL Draft betting sites is really just part of the process.

You’ll also want to know HOW to bet on the 2020 NFL Draft. To aid you in that plight, be sure to check out our NFL mock drafts, player rankings, prospect predictions, and much more at our NFL betting blog.

Note that, as I’m based in the USA, the sites I’ve listed here all cater mostly for the American market. If you live outside the US, Betway is the best site for betting on the NFL Draft



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