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5 Best Prop Bets to Target for the 2022 NBA Draft

| June 3, 2022 12:14 pm PDT
2022 NBA Draft logo, Jabari Smith (left) and Chet Holmgren (right)

If you do not want the NBA season to end, it’s probably time for you to start looking at this year’s NBA Draft. This will be another memorable night with lots of players reaching their lifelong dreams of making it to the NBA.

It’s going to be a fun, emotional, and surprising night for players, teams, and fans alike. Another group of people who the NBA Draft will significantly impact is bettors. Betting on the NBA Draft will be available for everyone, which could mean a huge payday for you.

Let’s check out the best 2022 NBA Draft props and see which bets we should be placing for one of the biggest nights of the year.

Chet Holmgren to be Drafted No. 1 Overall (+260)

  • Jabari Smith (-549)
  • Chet Holmgren (+260)
  • Paolo Banchero (+740)
  • Jaden Ivey (+7500)
  • Ochai Agbaji (+20000)
  • Keegan Murray (+20000)
  • Benedict Mathurin (+36000)
  • Johnny Davis (+36000)
  • J Griffin (+38000)
  • Tari Eason (+40000)
  • Caleb Houston (+40000)
  • Tyty Washington (+40000)
  • Jalen Duren (+40000)

Everybody knows that the best of the 2022 NBA Draft prop bets will be the No. 1 overall pick. This is the biggest highlight of the draft, and this player will be looked at as the top dog for years to come.

A good number of players could be in contention for this draft slot, but one player is sticking out a bit more than the others. That will be none other than Auburn’s forward, Jabari Smith.

A couple of weeks ago, the Orlando Magic were the lucky winners of the 2022 NBA Draft lottery. That means they get to select any player they wish with the first pick, which is heavily expected to be Smith.

Smith is a 6’10 power forward with a 7’2 wingspan. He has incredible scoring potential and can develop into a reliable offensive threat before we know it. His skill set is what sets him apart from the pack, despite it being a close race.

From a bettor’s perspective, Smith does not make sense as one of the best NBA Draft bets to go No. 1 overall in terms of value. There are still a couple of players that Orlando could pick, or they could even trade out of the No. 1 spot.

You would need to bet $549 to win $100 for Smith to go first, while the same amount on Chet Holmgren would pay out $1,976.40.

Because of that, betting on a player like Holmgren makes more sense as the first of our best 2022 NBA Draft props.

  • Best Bet: Chet Holmgren (+260) – Bet on these odds at MyBookie.

Jabari Smith to be Drafted 2nd Overall (+295)

  • Chet Holmgren (-319)
  • Jabari Smith (+295)
  • Paolo Banchero (+740)
  • Jaden Ivey (+4000)
  • Shaedon Sharpe (+7500)
  • Keegan Murray (+10000)
  • AJ Griffin (+20000)
  • Benedict Mathurin (+20000)
  • Jalen Duren (+30000)
  • Johnny Davis (+30000)
  • Dyson Daniels (+30000)

Up next on our best bets for the 2022 NBA Draft will be the No. 2 overall pick. Now we already talked about how it isn’t worth betting on Jabari Smith to be drafted first, but it makes a lot of sense for him to be drafted second.

Chet Holmgren is often described as a “unicorn” draft prospect. He can do everything on the court, from shooting, passing, playmaking, rebounding, and shot-blocking. Did I mention he’s 7 feet tall?

He needs to put on some serious weight if he wants to hang around in the NBA paint, but most of these players are multiple years away from playing starter minutes. That could intrigue the Magic enough to take a player that could be once in a lifetime.

Now Holmgren also makes a lot of sense for the Thunder. Their front court is desperate for help, but Holmgren is a long-term commitment. It might not be such a good idea if you throw him in the paint right now.

You also don’t have as bad odds for Holmgren to go No. 2 (-319) compared to Smith to go No. 1 (-549).

It makes sense to roll with Holmgren here, but we are building our bets based on him going first overall. That would leave the next best player available for the Thunder, which would be Jabari Smith.

  • Best Bet: Jabari Smith (+295)

Jaden Ivey to Go #3 Overall (+800)

  • Paolo Banchero (-598)
  • Jaden Ivey (+800)
  • Shaedon Sharpe (+1500)
  • Chet Holmgren (+1600)
  • Keegan Murray (+1600)
  • Jabari Smith (+2700)
  • AJ Griffin (+6400)
  • Benedict Mathurin (+11000)
  • Jalen Duren (+16000)
  • Johnny Davis (+22000)
  • Dyson Daniels (+22000)

Next up on our top NBA Draft props is for Jaden Ivey to go 3rd overall to the Houston Rockets. Paolo Banchero is such a heavy favorite to go #3 that he wouldn’t make for one of the best 2022 NBA Draft prop bets.

Instead, we can go with Purdue’s stellar guard Jaden Ivey. Ivey is arguably the most explosive guard in this draft class. He is drawing comparisons to Ja Morant due to his athleticism, and we all saw how good Morant was this season.

Morant got off to a blazing start in 2021-22, but he couldn’t finish the year as a legitimate MVP candidate. Maybe Ivey can take some pointers from Morant to help him jump-start his career and possibly be better than the Grizzlies superstar.

Ivey is insanely explosive on the offensive end, but he’s also a great on-ball defender. Being a two-way player helps your potential even more, so the Rockets might see that in Ivey.

The Rockets are a ways away from being serious contenders, but pairing Ivey and Kevin Porter Jr. together in the backcourt could give them excellent potential.

Banchero does look to be the prospect that’s more likely to be drafted in this spot, but (-598) odds are not intriguing at all. If Ivey does surprise us and gets drafted 3rd, he would make for one of the NBA Draft best bets at (+800) odds.

  • Best Bet: Jaden Ivey (+800)

Paolo Banchero to be Drafted 4th Overall (+1625)

  • Jaden Ivey (-300)
  • Shaedon Sharpe (+490)
  • Keegan Murray (+540)
  • Dyson Daniels (+1075)
  • Paolo Banchero (+1625)
  • AJ Griffin (+6600)
  • Jeremy Sochan (+8000)
  • Benedict Mathurin (+8500)
  • Jalen Duren (+8500)
  • Johnny Davis (+8500)
  • Ochai Agbaji (+11000)

Like I said earlier, Banchero has a very high chance of going third or maybe in the first or second spots, but perhaps he can even drop to 4th. The top 4 spots are pretty questionable despite what the odds are reflecting.

Holmgren, Smith, Banchero, and Ivey are widely regarded as the very best of the best when it comes to NBA Draft prospects. The order can be flipped in any direction, and it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Banchero going 4th would make for one of the top NBA Draft prop bets from a value standpoint. (+1625) odds for him to go to the Kings are insanely profitable and would call for a monster payout if it happens.

Banchero is a brilliant player and can be an impact player quickly in the NBA. With that being said, he might be a bit overlooked because of the other prospects. If that’s the case, the Kings should be more than happy to draft him.

A couple of props are available on Bovada for Banchero to go to the Thunder. You can bet on him to be drafted to OKC at (+800) or somewhere else (-2500). You can also bet if he plays his first NBA game for the Thunder at (+900) or anywhere else at (-3500) odds.

Those are some interesting props in terms of value, so maybe Banchero goes to the Thunder with the second pick. If that’s something you think has a real possibility and want to bet on it, head over to Bovada.

  • Best Bet: Paolo Banchero (+1625) – Bet on these odds at Bovada.

Jalen Duren to Go 8th Overall (+3100)

  • Shaedon Sharpe (+104)
  • Keegan Murray (+151)
  • Jaden Ivey (+370)
  • Dyson Daniels (+520)
  • AJ Griffin (+2100)
  • Paolo Banchero (+2600)
  • Benedict Mathurin (+3100)
  • Jalen Duren (+3100)
  • Johnny Davis (+4200)
  • Jeremy Sochan (+5000)
  • Chet Holmgren (+6200)
  • Malaki Branham (+8000)
  • EJ Liddell (+8500)
  • Tari Eason (+8500)
  • Jabari Smith (+8500)
  • Kennedy Chandler (+10000)
  • Marjon Beauchamp (+10000)
  • Jaden Hardy (+10000)
  • Nikola Jovic (+10000)
  • Blake Wesley (+10000)

For some reason, the 8th overall pick is available for betting on MyBookie next. We don’t have 5-7 or any other slot available yet, but those will be coming as we inch closer to the actual draft (June 23rd).

Nonetheless, we can use this as an opportunity to make another one of our top NBA Draft betting picks. After Holmgren, Smith, Ivey, and Banchero go in the top 4 in whatever order, there are three spots until the 8th overall pick.

Those next three picks are expected to be Dyson Daniels (G League), Shaedon Sharpe (Kentucky), and Keegan Murray (Iowa). All 3 of these players have the means to be impactful players at the next level.

Be sure to keep an eye on these three slots and other best bets for the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft.

As for the 8th pick, I think the New Orleans Pelicans (via LAL) could have a strong chance of drafting Jalen Duren (+3100) here. Zion’s time in New Orleans seems limited, so grabbing a big with sky-high potential makes sense as his replacement.

Duren could go higher or lower in the draft, but Daniels, Sharper, and Murray seem more likely to go 5-7. That means Duren could make for one of the best NBA Draft bets to target and be a steal for the Pelicans.

  • Best Bet: Jalen Duren (+3100)

Other Potential NBA Draft Props Coming Soon

Paulo Banchero

These will not be the only top NBA Draft bets to place for this year. As we get closer to the draft, more and more props will be available for us to bet on. Make sure you create an account on the best NBA betting sites and check back closer to draft time for more props.

More props should be popping up soon, which could be a couple of different things.

It could be player-specific props, team-specific, number of trades, or some unique props. A perfect example of a player-specific prop would be the Paolo Banchero to OKC props I mentioned earlier.

One of the props offers the scenario that Banchero is drafted by the Thunder but doesn’t stay long enough to play his first career game in an Oklahoma City uniform. That’s a pretty specific scenario, but you might think it’s possible.

Most props won’t be that specific, which is a good thing for the most part. Most of those unique props will have one option not worth betting on, while the other option is a long shot. I would say that simple props such as Paolo Banchero’s draft pick over or under 2.5 seem logical.

For Example
There might even be a team-specific prop that is something along the lines of “Will the Indiana Pacers trade up to the 1st overall pick.” If your favorite team has a lot of resources and you think they will cash in on this draft, be on the lookout for more of the top NBA Draft prop bets to come out.

Can’t wait for the NBA Draft to be here? Check out our NBA picks page for NBA Finals bets to place before the season officially ends.

Betting on the 2022 NBA Draft Props

That will wrap up our best 2022 NBA Draft props for now. We went with a couple of bets that have some serious value to them and a decent chance of happening.

Even though it may seem like Jabari Smith is the clear favorite to go first in this year’s draft, you never really know.

There could be so many things to happen over the next month that could change things, so now might be the best time to place these bets while the value is this good. There’s also a lot of uncertainty regarding the first four options or so in this year’s draft.

Either way, be sure you are looking for value in your own predictions. Some of the options have such a heavy favorite that they aren’t worth betting on, so hopefully, we have some nice surprises in our favor this year.

There tends to be a lot of unexpectedness when it comes to drafts in major sports, so it makes sense to align some of our picks with that. If you need a little help with figuring out the best process for betting on props in general, feel free to check out our guide below.

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