What Are the Best Gambling Tattoos You Can Get?

By Audrey Weston in Casino
| July 8, 2022 1:19 pm PDT
Best Gabling Tattoos with tattoo imagery

Some people get tattoos to remember exciting moments, express their passions, or simply because they like how they look. If you are a passionate gambler, you can do all those things when you get a gambling tattoo.

You can get a tattoo with the date of your jackpot win or display your favorite games on your body. If you are superstitious, you can honor lady luck with your gambling tattoos in hopes that she will grant you better fortunes.

I will highlight several gambling tattoo ideas in several categories and introduce my five favorite tattoos for gamblers.

Of course, if you get a tattoo that will last the rest of your life, you want it to look good. That is why it is imperative to choose a good tattoo artist. To help you, I will highlight some of my favorite artists and the gambling tattoo art they have created in this post.

Gambling Themed Tattoos from Your Favorite Casino Games

If you are a blackjack player, there is no point in getting a slot machine tattoo. You will want your gambling tattoo art to match your preferences. So, I have separated several tattoo ideas based on the games they represent.

Unfortunately, I could not find any cool gambling tattoos representing sports betting. You could get a tattoo of your favorite sport and maybe add money symbols around it. But bet slips are too complex to make good tattoos, so you must get creative.

For now, I will focus on casino-related tattoos.

Roulette Tattoos

Roulette Wheel tattoo

The roulette wheel is one of the most iconic items in a casino. Playing cards and dice are everywhere, but the only place you will ever find a roulette wheel is in a casino. So, roulette tattoos are perfect for gamblers.

You can find many gambling tattoo designs that feature a roulette wheel alongside other gambling symbols. But if you are interested in a tattoo that focuses solely on roulette, check out this one from artist BJ_Inks at Revolt Tattoos in Las Vegas.

I love how detailed and authentic this tattoo is. The shading and linework make the roulette wheel appear three-dimensional, and the details around the outside of the wheel make it pop.

Because it is so detailed, you will want to make this a larger tattoo. It would be perfect as a gambling forearm tattoo or a leg piece.

Card Game Tattoos

Card games like blackjack and poker are the perfect inspiration for your next tattoo. Playing cards make it easy to customize your design as much or as little as you want. You can go with traditional playing card designs or add your own flair.

Here are a few examples of my favorite gambling-themed tattoos with playing cards.

Flame deck of cards tattoo
  • Blackjack players will love this tattoo from Scott Seymour, but it could easily be modified to add more cards to represent a poker hand. The flame details make this tattoo look hardcore, and I also like the black stripes that look like soot going across the card.
  • If you want to go with the classic playing card design but still want something unique, why not take the image of your favorite playing card character? Joe Shableau created a tattoo based on the king of clubs, but you could easily use a similar concept for the queen of hearts, joker, or any other card.
  • Another idea is to create your own card designs. For example, you can use an image of a loved one in place of the face. Dublin Tattoo Art created an image with a king of hearts represented by the skull and the queen of hearts with a woman’s face. This idea is one of my favorite gambling skull tattoos because it has so much detail. Most skull tattoos don’t look as realistic, yet the playing card details give this design a playful nature.
Skeleton hand holding cards tattoo
  • If you are looking for a simpler tattoo design, try a skeleton hand holding your favorite cards, like this design by Russell Kelley at Handsome Devil Tattoo Company. Because this design doesn’t require as much detail, it is probably a good option for someone looking for a less expensive design or someone who has never been tattooed. You could also shrink the design to make it work for a smaller area.
  • Playing cards are perfect for combining with other gambling symbols, like dice, poker chips, or casino logos. My favorite example is from Cox Tattoo which features playing cards and hundred-dollar bills. I love how it looks like the cards are falling and how the artist incorporated both traditional and distinctive card designs.

In my opinion, these are five of the best gambling tattoos featuring playing cards, but the options are limitless. You can choose your card design, which cards you want to include, and how they are arranged.

Playing cards are easy to customize because you can design the card however you want, but the suits and values will make sure it is still recognizable as a playing card. 

Dice Tattoos

Hand roling dice tattoo

Craps players can enjoy several different tattoo designs because dice are an easy addition to any tattoo. You can customize the dice with various colors and positions and, of course, choose the number of pips (dots) to display.

Even if you do not play craps, you may want to consider adding dice to your gambling tattoos anyway. That is because dice tend to be a symbol of risk. No matter what kind of gambling you enjoy, the risk is always involved. So, dice are the perfect way to display that.


Size and body placement are essential factors for the design of dice tattoos. For example, small tattoos with only a pair of dice would work well on your wrist, hand, ankle, or behind the ear.

However, if you want a larger dice tattoo, you may consider incorporating hands to toss the dice, like this design from Candace A. Thompson at 720 Main Street Tattoo in Colorado.

Dice are also the perfect addition for gambling sleeve tattoo designs. You can add a pair of dice on top of a roulette wheel or in front of some playing cards. Add in some dollar bills or an image of lady luck, and you will have a fantastic sleeve design.

Slot Machine Tattoos

Slot machine tattoo

When searching for gambling tattoos, don’t be surprised if all of the tattoos focus on table games. I found dozens of tattoos with playing cards, dice, and roulette wheels, but I was shocked that there weren’t any slot machine designs. If you want to focus on slot games, you should search for slot machine tattoos instead.

Most slot game tattoos I found focused on classic three-reel slot machine designs. Five-reels would be too big to fit on an arm or leg, so if you want to do a five-reel slot design, you would most likely need to get it on your back.

If you want to get a tattoo to celebrate a major jackpot win, you can incorporate the date of your lucky day into the tattoo design.

You can also use slot machines as a memorial tattoo if the person you are honoring is a big slot player. Then, you can incorporate their birthday or another important date on the tattoo.

Here is an example by Kyle Kuhn at Organic Ink Tattoo.

Many gambling tattoos are black and white, but slot machine tattoos are an excellent opportunity for incorporating some color. You can add color on the reels or on the machine itself. Another fun idea is to add gold coins underneath the slot, especially if you use an old slot game design.

Slot machines may not be the most popular option for tattoos or gambling. But if that is your preferred casino game, there are plenty of ways to create a fun design incorporating your favorite symbols, colors, and other details.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo that has anything to do with slots, the odds are good you play them, too. Just make sure you’re playing at the top real money slot apps.

More Gambling Tattoo Ideas

Your favorite casino games are the best place to start for inspiration. But that doesn’t mean that your favorite game should be the only thing represented in your gambling tattoo.

Here are some other ideas of things you might incorporate.

  • Words: There are plenty of gambling phrases you can incorporate into your gambling-themed tattoos. The lyrics from Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler are a classic. Other ideas include “lucky,” “play your hand,” or “just roll with it.”
  • Landmarks: Adding an image of your favorite casino’s logo or another landmark to your tattoo is another idea. Many cool gambling tattoos incorporate the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Some people even include the logo from their best online casinos they gamble at.
  • People: Gambling tattoos don’t have to be objects. You can turn a picture of your significant other into the king/queen of hearts or get a picture of someone holding the cards or acting as the dealer.
  • Other Gambling Artifacts and Symbols: There are plenty of other gambling objects that you can incorporate into your tattoo or use as a stand-alone piece. Poker chips, eight balls, darts, bingo balls, and suit symbols are all fun ideas.

These are just a few ideas I came across while looking through hundreds of gambling tattoo drawings. There are dozens of other ways to represent your passion for gambling in a tattoo.

When you think about the tattoo you want, start by thinking about the symbols and items that make you think of gambling. For example, if gambling makes you think of smoky casinos, add some smoke details to your design. Another idea is to incorporate pirates or cowboys into your design because they are often associated with gambling.

My Favorite Gambling Tattoo

Skeleton dealer tattoo

I have highlighted several different tattoo designs in this post to help you figure out how to create the best gambling tattoo for yourself. They all have different symbols, design elements, and details that make them unique.

Hopefully, these examples show you how much variety is available in gambling tattoos. There are hundreds of ways to represent your love of gambling in your ink, so you can make your tattoo match your style.

To wrap up this post, I want to highlight one more design that is my favorite. After looking through hundreds of tattoo designs, it was hard to narrow down the options. I particularly love the images of the king and queen of hearts included in the two gambling tattoos above.

But my favorite tattoo has to be the skeleton dealer by Jeff Ortega at Albany Modern Body Art. I love this one because the sugar skull design incorporates playing card suits, and the folds of his clothing are so authentic. This design is entirely unique, and it can represent any casino card game that you want it to.

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