Best Esports Videos of the Week (May 24th-30th)

By Chris Majot in Esports
| May 31, 2020 4:20 am PDT

I’ve been keeping tabs on the best esports videos to be posted throughout the week, helping save you valuable time in searching for them yourself. This week’s best esports videos include a wide selection across multiple esports, dealing with interesting Rocket League mechanics, an in-depth look at Overwatch’s current meta, and more!

1. Volibear, The Relentless Storm | Champion Theme

The long-awaited Volibear rework was finally released with patch 10.11 on May 28, and the day prior saw League of Legends posting his Champion Theme to their YouTube Channel. The music in the background of the video sounds like a Nordic war-hymn, which League of Legends has officially stated is part of the “Ode to Ruin” poem that dates back to before the War of the Three Sisters.

The song is coupled with visuals of some of Volibear’s skin art and character models, while giving us a deep look at the concept art Riot Games used to bring Volibear to life. It’s interesting to be able to visualize the progress they made on the aesthetic part of Volibear’s rework, and it shows a lot of thought and care went into making sure the redesign fit the true concept of Volibear.

2. 9 Rocket League Mechanics That You’ve Probably Never Seen

FLuuMP never ceases to impress, delivering to us one of his most interesting videos from the past few weeks. In his latest video, FLuuMP talks about some relatively unheard-of Rocket League mechanics, many of which have a little potential to be used in your matches, but they’re truly only for highly specific situations. Furthermore, you would need to practice these mechanics a lot to execute them consistently. The trade-off just doesn’t seem there for learning these moves unless you’re trying to impress your friends with some Rocket League “party tricks” yet we can all still appreciate how insane some of these mechanics are.

One of the mechanics FLuuMP covers that seems like it would have the most practical use is what he calls “The Wall Push.” To execute this mechanic, players would speed boost towards a wall and jump just before they get to it so instead of riding up it, they bounce off of it due to the 90-degree collision. This is followed by a perfectly timed half-flip to turn the car around and increase the car’s momentum, allowing players to effectively change their car’s direction by 180 degrees and retain some velocity while doing so.

3. We Need to Talk About Aim Assist in Fortnite

YouTuber itsJerian didn’t wait long to talk about patch 12.61 of Fortnite as he typically covers big patches as soon as they happen, although the ambiguity of Epic Games’ comments in the patch notes on controller aiming had a large portion of the community wondering what they were doing. ItsJerian uses his platform to talk about what has actually been done with controller aiming on PC, stating that the problem is that aim assist is just too strong for controller users in its current state.

It seems as if some of the best mouse aimers don’t stand a chance in close to mid-range combat against the powerful aim-assist that comes with using a controller in Fortnite. You can see why this is a huge issue, as Fortnite now has a massive competitive scene with players trying to go professional in it every year. ItsJerian even calls out how builds can be placed in such a way they obstruct a player’s view, but Fortnite’s aim assist system still helps the player with the obstructed view track their opponent with their shots.

ItsJerian does make an effort to give what he perceives Epic Games’ side of the story is and why they’re being ambiguous about the changes and only making very minor tweaks at a single time. He thinks it’s because they are afraid of over-tweaking and want to make changes that both sides can be happy about while they still try to find a happy medium. It also gets mentioned that Epic Games probably wants players to consider switching to PC to play Fortnite, which would make players less likely to quit the game due to the fact computers are more expensive than consoles and the sunk cost fallacy would end up playing a role.

4. Overwatch: NEW Spam Damage Meta! – BEST & WORST Heroes Patch 1.48 Review

Your Overwatch posted a new video to their YouTube channel discussing where the meta of Overwatch is right now and what the best and worst heroes appear to be in Patch 1.48. Your Overwatch argues that buffing and nerfing a lot of different heroes in minor ways has seemed to shift the entire meta of the game more towards a “spam damage” meta, even making Reinhardt and Mei much less standardized picks than they were just a few weeks ago. One of the more obvious points made is that Moira having lost 3 seconds of time on her healing orb, which used to be the best quick area-of-effect heal in the game, has made dishing out spam damage the more viable option now.

Overall, there have been just so much healing and shielding nerfs in recent times that it’s becoming quite dangerous to play with your team grouped up together, whereas in the past, grouping up tightly was the best strategy. It feels as if teams need to set up more “divide and conquer” strategies with crossfires now versus bunkering down and brawling. This is also bringing to light a lot of hit-scan heroes like Ashe and Widowmaker that couple well with spam-damage heroes. These hit-scan heroes are being used to pick off high-value targets because spam-damage heroes are forcing teams to get more spread out during matches.

Today, we’re seeing a lot of value coming out of Torbjorn, Ashe, Widowmaker, Reaper, and the like in the damage role. Hammond, Winston, Orisa, Sigma, and D.Va are performing well in the tank role, with Reinhardt, Zarya, and Roadhog becoming more map-specific. Lucio and Moira are now the more map-specific healers, with Brigitte, Ana, Baptiste, Mercy, and even Zenyatta becoming more popular choices.

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