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Best Esports Videos of the Week (May 17-23)

By Chris Majot in Esports
| May 24, 2020 3:00 am PDT
Best Esports Videos of the Week (May 17-23)

Many different esports videos were posted this week, and I’ve kept my eyes out for the best of the best so I can save you the time spent searching for them. This week’s best esports videos cover everything from American Dad including esports in a new episode to a Rocket League YouTuber attempting to recreate iconic goals in live matches.

1. 7 Techniques Pros Use That You Probably Don’t! – Fortnite Battle Royale

There’s a little part of every Fortnite player that makes them want to play like a pro — to have skills that only the people at the top of their game can possess. Fortnite YouTuber itsJerian recognizes this, and in one of his latest videos, he goes over seven of the techniques a lot of professional Fortnite players have been using, some of which are probably considered exploits more than techniques but still cannot get you banned in-game.

Many players haven’t heard of these techniques because Fortnite professionals have kept them to themselves, not wanting their competition to get tipped off on their secrets. For instance, if you’re facing directly North when trying to take an opponent’s cone and floor from above them, it is much easier to beat their reaction than facing South. Fortnite’s building system appears to have a slightly longer delay for building confirmations when facing the South.

Another one of the techniques he covers is more focused on character movement. If you’re strafing to get an angle on an opponent through a window or other gap, moving forward before moving to the side will bring your character’s movement speed higher and allow you to move to the side more quickly than if you simply moved to the left or right. It can be a little hard to remember at first but can give you an edge in fights where movement is key.

2. American Dad: Stan Goes Undercover as a Gamer (Clip) | TBS

American Dad, an adult cartoon comedy series, turned a satirical eye towards the esports scene in one of its latest episodes. Stan is tasked with taking down the head of North Korea’s nuclear program, General Kim, by infiltrating a yearly Overwatch tournament that’s held there. General Kim is apparently a huge esports fan but only shows up for the final match of the tournament, so the window of time Stan and his team have to react in is very small.

The cartoon takes it one step further to make a few jokes about the Overwatch community, too, inferring that a majority of Overwatch fans vape. CIA Director Avery Bullock arms Stan with a vape pen and a ton of mango vape juice, telling him, “Master these things, or the world will end…”

A majority of the episode pokes fun at professional gaming and esports, but it does so in a way that tells a few of the American Dad staff members are into esports enough to know how to poke fun at some of the stereotypes of the community. All in all, it’s a hilarious episode you should check out in its entirety, so I won’t spoil any more for you!

3. I Tried Scoring Iconic Rocket League Goals

FLuuMP is a highly skilled Rocket League content creator on YouTube, having amassed nearly 350,000 subscribers. One of his videos from this week shows him trying to replicate three of the most iconic goals in Rocket League history: Squishy’s ceiling shot, Markydooda’s dribble shot, and Kuxir97’s pinch shot. FLuuMP takes this video concept one step further and tries to make all of these shots in live matches instead of just trying them in practice mode until he successfully executes them.

He doesn’t copy most of these shots frame-for-frame, but FLuuMP does his best to get as close as possible. All three shots he manages to execute in one way or another, but it just goes to show how skilled you have to be to make some of these shots, especially if you’re trying to set yourself up for them in a real match.

4. 3 BEST Champions to MAIN for EVERY ROLE in Patch 10.10 – League of Legends Season 10

If you’re heavily invested in the League of Legends scene, odds are you’ve run into one or two of ProGuides’ videos. Most of their videos have a more informational style, and their latest video is no different, which runs through the three best champions to main in each role during patch 10.10. The video is packed full of little details that ProGuides takes into account when choosing these champions, showing they put a lot of care and thought into their picks.

For Top Lane, ProGuides suggests Maokai, Volibear, and Nasus are some of the best picks you can make. Maokai is ridiculously tanky, sustains well, and his ability kit is overloaded with crowd-control. Volibear has a rework on the horizon but is still a great brawler in his current form. Nasus is strong in general, but he’s great in lower-elo matches where his early game doesn’t get punished hard enough. If he can make it through the early stages of a match, he has a chance to dominate as a late-game “raid boss.”

For Jungle, ProGuides suggests Xin Zhao, Trundle, and Warwick. Xin Zhao is a great choice for Junglers who like early aggression, as his skirmishing abilities are unrivaled in the early game. Trundle can thrive on the fact that tanks are in style in a lot of lanes right now, stealing their stats for his own with his ultimate ability. Warwick is yet another great choice for players who want to snowball from their early game, as a lot of other champions have issues dealing with his early sustain.

For Mid Lane, ProGuides suggests Annie, Twisted Fate, and Orianna. Annie is a damage powerhouse right now, and the fact that her passive allows her to apply stuns with her abilities is a huge bonus. Twisted Fate has seen a handful of buffs through the last few patches, which shows Riot is looking at bringing him back into the meta. Orianna never goes out of style for this lane, and her damage has gone unchecked for a while, making her a great pick when coupled with the little bit of utility that comes with her kit.

For Bottom Lane, ProGuides suggests Jhin, Ziggs, and Twitch. Jhin is a great choice right now, especially for newer players, as he requires less micro work than most other champions to secure his lane. Ziggs isn’t a traditional Bottom Lane champion, but he scales very well and has loads of zone control that can be put to great use in this lane. Twitch can be hard to get out of lane phase, but once he is, he can be very hard to deal with, especially with his penetrating auto-attacks.

If you’re interested in finding tons more esports content, including regular match previews and picks, head over to our esports blog section.



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