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Best Esports Videos of the Week (May 11 – 17)

By Chris Majot in Esports
| May 17, 2020 4:46 am PDT
Best Esports Videos of the Week (May 10th)

A new week means a new week’s worth of esports videos to watch! We’ve been watching for the best videos to be published throughout the week and have compiled a list of them to keep you up-to-date on the finest things happening in the esports scene!

This week covers cheating scandals in esports, hilarious Valorant commentary, and hitboxes for Overwatch heroes.

1. The Top 10 Dirtiest Cheaters in Esports Who Got Destroyed

With so much money being invested into esports over the past few years, we’re seeing the esports scene become just as familiar with cheating as the traditional sports scene is. Wherever there’s a lot of money to be made, there are going to be people who try to beat the system and secure that payday for themselves.

In theScore esports’ aptly titled video, “The Top 10 Dirtiest Cheaters in Esports Who Got Destroyed,” viewers can take a look into what this kind of dishonesty looks like in the esports world. The video covers everything from the famous CSGO cheating scandal involving Forsaken that made “word.exe” a meme in the CSGO community, to Azubu Frost “stream sniping” Team SoloMid live during a League of Legends Worlds Playoff match. It brings to light just how important competitive integrity is in esports and that cheating can ruin the fun for everyone involved, including the spectators.

2. Overwatch Hitboxes for Every Hero

If you’ve always wondered exactly what parts of each hero count as headshots versus body shots in Overwatch, this video is for you! Coming from KarQ is a video discussing the hitboxes for every Overwatch hero, and thanks go out to Reddit user “plus or minus” for all of the work he did to make it so KarQ could use his platform to present the information to us. He wrote a workshop script for Overwatch that calculates the data points of character models, which he then extracted and interpreted in modeling software called Blender.

Seeing these hitboxes shows exactly how much leeway you have with landing shots on a lot of Overwatch’s heroes, including baby D.Va. It also brings attention to things like how many of the heroes’ weapons aren’t part of their hitboxes, and that Roadhog’s head can be hit from behind at the right angle. The one we were most interested in seeing was Echo’s hitbox, as she seems to be one of the most difficult heroes to shoot at in the game. It turns out her hitbox is very forgiving because of her slender character model, with her wings even counting as part of her hitbox.

3. We Challenged The World’s Best Rocket League Player to a 2v1. Here’s What Happened

Rocket League is a game where numbers are so important. A leaver in a competitive match can ruin the entire experience for their team. Even if that team is more skilled than the enemy team, if they’re down a player it makes the match so much harder than necessary without having that extra team member to rely on.

This is further emphasized in one of amustycow’s latest videos where he and fellow Rocket League YouTubers play two-versus-one matches against professional Rocket League player jstn. The YouTubers are all highly skilled players, but not quite on the level that jstn is on. In many of the matches, you can see how jstn is trying his hardest to out-maneuver and out-play his opponents. However, much of his effort is in vain simply because the YouTubers can pass to their teammates and afford to have one person hang back in the goal if they need them to. It makes every match very difficult for jstn, but he still puts on an excellent performance with the odds stacked against him.

4. Valorant

Sometimes the esports scene just needs a little laugh, and thankfully we have videogamedunkey to help us out with that. Videogamedunkey is a YouTuber who plays a wide variety of games with his entertaining commentary, and he’s often joined by his friends for his endeavors.

In his latest video aptly titled, “Valorant”, he tries out the game with some of his friends, highlighting some of the best moments with his quick wit and jokes. It’s interesting to see many of his teammates who randomly queued onto his team already have such jaded opinions on what the best strategies and weapons are in Valorant when the game hasn’t even officially released and a professional scene hasn’t developed for it yet. The kind of aggressive communication videogamedunkey’s video spotlights hearkens back to the same kind of voice communication seen throughout the CSGO scene.

Hopefully Riot Games does a better job of monitoring good behavior in their newest esport than Valve has in CSGO, but for now, we have videogamedunkey to entertain us with his hilarious commentary, upbeat personality, and his refusal to give in to the toxicity.



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