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Best Esports Videos of the Week (August 30 – September 6, 2020) – Overwatch 2 and More

By Chris Majot in Esports
| September 6, 2020 1:30 am PDT
Best Esports Videos of the Week (August 30th, 2020)

Once again the esports scene doesn’t disappoint! This week was packed full of entertaining esports videos regarding news, updates, and more that drew attention from esports players across a multitude of games! We’ve narrowed down the huge selection of esports videos published this week to four of the best you can enjoy: Master Ian Gamer covering everything we know about and can expect from Overwatch 2, Click Heads explaining a recent interview Riot Games had regarding Valorant, Coldside’s debriefing of the biggest changes coming to Season 4 of Fortnite, and Lethamyr creating Fall Guys in Rocket League!

1. The TRUTH about Overwatch 2

Since the announcement of Overwatch 2, Blizzard has remained exceptionally quiet regarding the highly anticipated iteration of their premier esport, leaving the Overwatch community frustrated and confused. YouTuber Master Ian Gamer recognizes this and sheds some light on Overwatch 2 in one of his most recent videos from this week, discussing why he thinks Blizzard has been so quiet, when we can expect to hear more, and what we have to look forward to once Overwatch 2 finally releases.

To start, Master Ian Gamer explains that he thinks Blizzard genuinely has no idea when they are going to release Overwatch 2. Iterating on the Overwatch formula and completely re-working the game engine to allow for graphical advancements is a huge undertaking which Blizzard is more concerned with being done right, than being done quickly. He also cites there are many important Overwatch 2 jobs listed on Blizzard’s careers webpage and that online activity shows the developers are still working on core components of the game itself, further proving it is still very hard for Blizzard to put a proper release date on the game.

It’s worth noting that because Overwatch 2 still appears to be in a heavily developmental phase, we probably won’t hear much about it until it’s nearing completion. Odds are the developers won’t want to commit to anything too early by telling the public about it in case a core function of the game needs to be pivoted or removed altogether.

Master Ian Gamer also addresses why he thinks development is taking so long. At face value, it appears Overwatch 2 is just an expanded version of Overwatch, but if you look at the things developers have hinted at over the past few months like changes coming to hero roles, crowd control, and possibly even re-worked heroes, then you can begin to see how there may be more development going on than it initially seems.

The moral of the story is that Master Ian Gamer believes Blizzard is all too aware of the Overwatch community’s confusion, but still feels it’s better not to act in fear of being unable to deliver on earlier promises. Overwatch 2 is an opportunity for Blizzard to yet again innovate within the esports space and keep people interested in the Overwatch franchise as a whole, so players will just have to be patient to give Blizzard the time and focus they need to make sure the job gets done correctly.

2. Valorant: Riot Talk Hackers, New Skins, Agent Skins & More!

Click Heads is a YouTube channel dedicated to talking about the latest happenings in the Valorant scene, and one of their recent videos is packed full of information that all Valorant players are sure to appreciate!

One of the biggest subjects of the video is Riot Games’ latest press release covering everything regarding hacking and cheating in Valorant. Click Heads talks about the juiciest pieces of information in his video, explaining how the player participation in the reporting system is key to cleaning up the game’s community. Player reports feed into both the Valorant team’s automated and manual processes, helping Vanguard decide whether particular players need an eye kept on them and indicating to the Valorant team the most suspicious players the automated system is still unsure of. This can help the Valorant team find unknown cheating methods and respond to them by continually modifying Vanguard to take these new methods into account.

Click Heads then goes on to talk about weapon and agent skins in Valorant. Some members of the Valorant community have wondered if the weapon skins will be tied into the game’s lore or not. While Riot Games’ response alludes to the fact they aren’t opposed to the idea, it appears we can expect many of the upcoming weapon skins to be based around “alternate fantasies” within the game.

Riot Games was also recently asked about when players might see Agent skins in Valorant, and while they recognize Agent skins are being requested widely throughout the community, they don’t have any plans to implement them for now. Competitive integrity is key to Valorant’s gameplay, and they fear Agent skins could add an element of randomness to the readability of characters in the game.

3. 21 CHANGES in Fortnite SEASON 4 UPDATE!

The latest update to Fortnite, version 14.10, saw some massive changes come to one of the biggest esports in the world. Thankfully, Coldside’s YouTube channel has Fortnite players covered with one of his most recent videos detailing 21 of the biggest changes in the 14.10 update!

One of the most exciting changes is the new point-of-interest called the Collector’s Room (or Collector’s Museum) which is going to be found on the southeastern portion of the game map where The Grotto previously was. In this area, players will be able to find different items that are reminiscent of past versions of Fortnite like the Tilted Towers clock and a meteor fragment.

Coldside also calls attention to the addition of a new mode for Fortnite, Arena Boxfight. Players will remember in the past there was a limited-time mode called Box Fight, which presumably Arena Boxfight will play similarly to. There’s still the question of if the Arena Boxfight mode will be available for play throughout the entire season or just a temporary amount of time, but either way, the new mode is sure to please Fortnite players looking to hone their box fighting skills.

Another thrilling change coming to the game, or rather a presumed change coming to the game, is the final stage of the distant object in the sky. Players have been carefully tracking the position of the star-like object (presumed to be Galactus as per the latest Marvel-Fortnite crossover content). Moreover, there have been changes to the game files referring to a countdown that many players are presuming to be in relation to an upcoming live event. Whether the arrival of Galactus and the countdown are related at all, only time will tell.

Check out Coldside’s full video below for more exciting changes coming to Fortnite in Season 4!


Rocket League players can always count on Lethamyr for unique video concepts that not only helps keep Rocket League exciting and relevant but entertaining! Lethamyr proves such in one of his latest videos where he recreated Fall Guys in Rocket League – a feat that surely isn’t easy to achieve. What’s even better is he was able to involve some of his patrons in the video, although due to server issues only 10 players were allowed into the game’s lobby.

The Fall Guys game mode Lethamyr recreated for the video was Slime Climb, one of the most notorious modes in the game for how treacherous the obstacles are. That treachery translates directly to Rocket League, as in the initial playthrough of the game mode many of the players joining Lethamyr get eliminated. Lethamyr himself had already played the game mode a couple of times throughout testing, so the course was less of a challenge for him.

Nonetheless, it’s still humorous seeing Lethamyr’s friends and patrons struggle their way through the obstacle course to the finish. It just goes to show how game modes like these can revitalize Rocket League and create interesting mechanics developers may have never considered when the game was originally made. This even provokes the thought of what Rocket League could be like if it saw massive overhauls and changes from season to season much like Fortnite. If the Rocket League developers see Lethamyr’s video, then they might get the same idea!



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