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Best Esports Videos of the Week (June 28th-July 4th)

By Chris Majot in Esports
| July 5, 2020 12:37 am PDT
Best Esports Videos of the Week (June 28th-July 4th)

I’ve been keeping an eye out for the best esports videos to be published throughout the week and have compiled them into a list for you to enjoy! This week’s list of best esports videos is sure to impress, including a VALORANT trigger-discipline montage, news on what’s coming to VALORANT in the future, a take on Overwatch’s latest SR reset problem, and a Rocket League pro being struck by lightning while on stream!

1. Rocket League Pro Struck by Lightning on Stream

Although it’s not necessarily a good thing to hear that a Rocket League pro was struck by lightning while on stream, it’s nonetheless an insane story, and thankfully, the player is okay! In one of Esports Talk’s many recent videos, Jake Lucky breaks down exactly what happened.

On Sunday, Karma, a professional Rocket League player for Charlotte Phoenix, was merely minding her own business and streaming to her fans on Twitch, presumably during a storm. A bolt of lightning hit the house next to Karma’s, and the electrical shock spread over to her home, making its way through her controller and into her hands. Karma’s controller broke, and she ended up suffering burns on her hands, but they thankfully didn’t seem too severe, and it looks as if she’s going to make a full recovery.

It’s a slightly unsettling situation given that many esports fans play their games during periods of poor weather when there’s nothing to do outside. It just goes to show a surge protector won’t be able to save all of your electronics from a close-range lightning strike and that we should be wary of other things an electrical surge could spread to — even if they’re wireless items.

2. What comes after launch? // Dev Diaries – VALORANT

VALORANT’s launch was met with a lot of fanfare from the tactical shooter game community, even managing to tempt CSGO players by providing them with a new aesthetic to the gameplay they’ve come to know and love. Still, with VALORANT’s full release finally in the hands of players, many have been wondering things like how long until the game gets more skins, when can we expect to see more characters, and what kind of changes are in store for gameplay?

Thankfully, VALORANT’s Executive Producer Anna Donlan posted an update video to VALORANT’s YouTube channel that details what players can expect to see now that the game has launched. Anna expresses that the VALORANT dev team knew ranked play was one of the most important things they needed to be working on, and they were glad to finally launch ranked play in late June despite it having felt like it took forever to get around to doing.

Anna notes that players can expect a handful of quality-of-life changes in the near future like early surrender, match remaking, and timeouts to help out streamers in the VALORANT community. We can also expect standard bug fixes to be released as they need to be.

With the inclusion of Acts and Episodes in VALORANT, we can expect a release schedule of approximately six new Agents each year. Anna mentions that the dev team is more than open to community feedback on if this release schedule feels like it’s too frequent or infrequent for the game’s stability, so the VALORANT devs will be closely monitoring how players are reacting to this kind of cadence.

Players can also look forward to new battle passes, maps, gameplay features, and more of the story of VALORANT’s world being released as Acts and Episodes progress. To see more of what the developers have in store for VALORANT, check out the full video below!

3. Overwatch – New SR Reset Coming to Competitive (Season 23 Update)

It’s no secret that Overwatch’s ranking system needs a bit of work, but many players feel as if it unfairly places their initial rankings and makes it insanely hard to climb to the rank they think they belong in. As a result, some players have resorted to buying multiple copies of the game so they can start on a fresh account that has no track record of a skill-rating, giving them a chance to place higher than they would on their already ranked accounts.

BRO YOU WACK is a popular Overwatch content creator, often commenting on the state of the game and the latest updates, and his latest video discusses the news of the closest thing to an SR (skill rating) reset Overwatch will have seen. He talks about how the latest competitive updates for Overwatch note that in Season 23, a player is only going to be able to place at the highest SR rank of 3900, which in a sense is an SR reset, but it will only really affect those who are typically in the Masters and Grandmasters ranks.

An argument could be made that these are the people who most deserve the reset given their dedication to the game and their insane skill, but it’s still worth noting that nearly 70% of Overwatch players are estimated to be somewhere in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum ranks. This means that most Overwatch players won’t even be affected by these changes, which is leaving many in the community bitter at feeling left out.

BRO YOU WACK goes on to note that he doesn’t feel the current ranking algorithm is unfair. He truly feels that players place where they’re at because of their performance in their placement games. The algorithm simply makes the best guess based on your performance in those matches. Sometimes it will be slightly higher or lower than where you should be at, but generally, it is within the ballpark of your appropriate skill. After some more competitive matches, players should be able to climb or fall to where their skill rating actually lies.

However, he also notes that the presumed intention behind the SR reset only affecting Masters and Grandmasters players is because it will give them something to do in competitive play. Instead of placing right into the top 500 and just being able to rest on their laurels, these highly skilled players can once again climb through the ranks and enjoy the grind to become one of the very best.

4. When VALORANT Players Have Trigger Discipline

Running into an engagement with guns blazing is definitely a way to turn some heads, especially if the fight turns in your favor, but there’s something to be said for patience and discipline as well. Content compiler Protatomonster understands the latter well, which is why one of his latest videos focuses on trigger discipline in VALORANT. The video entitled “When Valorant Players Have Trigger Discipline” is a compilation video of some of the best moments of discipline in VALORANT we have seen yet! At just under 20 minutes in length, the video is a bit long, but it’s packed full of intense, nail-biting moments.

The video opens to a streamer hiding in a corner beside a bomb site as the enemy team pushes in to plant the spike. As the first player enters, you can see with the way the streamer moves his crosshairs to her head that he’s ready to engage, but instead, he holds back to see how the situation plays out. He knows that his team being down two players means they most likely won’t be able to win the round with standard fights, so he needs to make a big play happen. He stays hidden and allows for the rest of the enemy team to push in, and once they start planting the spike, he begins firing. The streamer manages to snap from one target to another, expertly taking out all four of the opposing team’s players and winning his team the round before the spike was even able to be planted.

One of the most impressive moments occurs early on in the video where a player flanks an opposing sniper. He sees the enemy sniper is scoped in and has no idea he’s right beside him, and instead of taking him out, the player in question uses the sniper’s positioning to first take out one of the other advancing enemies. Knowing that the kill must have alerted the sniper, he quickly snaps back to him to take him out before returning his focus to the rest of the enemy team and taking them down as well. The restraint executed in this situation allowed the player to completely wipe out the rest of the enemy team, instead of initially taking down the sniper and putting himself at a disadvantage once the rest of the team was alerted to his location.

Sometimes there are rewards for taking your time and allowing discipline to take the wheel!

That wraps up our top esports videos of the week, but we’ve got plenty more esports content available. You can find it here.



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