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Best CSGO YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to in 2020

By Chris Majot in Esports
| August 5, 2020 5:34 am PDT
Best CSGO YouTube Channels to Subscribe to in 2020

It’s no secret that CSGO has the largest gambling scene of any esport right now, both due to its skin market and interest in betting on professional matches. It’s an esport unlike any other, and being so unique, it has caught the attention of many video game YouTube channels since its release.

CSGO is over seven years old, so you can only imagine the plethora of content creators out there who have tried to make a name for themselves with CSGO. Having so many CSGO YouTube channels to prune through can be cumbersome, which is why I’ve done it for you. I’ve created a list of the best CSGO channels you should subscribe to in 2020, both for good information and for some comical relief. 

1. TheWarOwl

TheWarOwl is a well-known CSGO YouTuber whose staple is his smooth voice for voiced-over portions of his videos. He’s been in the CSGO content creation scene for about as long as the game has existed, so he’s seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows throughout CSGO’s lifespan. TheWarOwl is very jaded in his opinions and is always trying to put a fun spin on one of the oldest successful esports out there.

His videos cover everything you could ever want from a CSGO YouTube channel. Whether you want a video guide on how to get better at peeking, to learn about what it looks like when someone is cheating, or even a trustworthy opinion about the latest operations to come to CSGO, TheWarOwl has you covered. He’s a very personable content creator who hasn’t let the fame go to his head, so go check him out!

2. N0thing

N0thing is a pro in the CSGO scene who has played for some of the biggest organizations around, and most notably Cloud9. He has since seen major growth on his YouTube channel and Twitch stream throughout his career and continues to impress with his skills today. Recently, n0thing has taken interest in Riot Games’ newest esport, VALORANT, but he will undoubtedly continue to create content for the esport that made him a household name.

His YouTube channel is packed full of videos like skin giveaways, viewer games, and personal content that shows he cares a lot about his community. N0thing is usually quick to try out the latest features to come to CSGO and share his opinions on them, and at times, he even gets some behind-the-scenes content at events for his viewers that makes him worth subscribing to.

3. 3kliksphilip

3kliksphilip is one of the most popular CSGO content creators out there who has made a living off of his frequent YouTube videos. He’s extremely invested in the CSGO scene and more often than not covers any changes Valve makes to CSGO, with a particular interest in what changes come to maps. As most invested CSGO players know, even the smallest change to a map can influence the flow of future matches, which 3kilksphilip clearly understands as well.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a content creator who uploads often, 3kliksphilip might be for you. He now tries to get multiple videos up in a single week, all of which deal with different aspects of CSGO. From time to time, he might even expose you to a new custom game mode that will revitalize your love for the esport.

4. NadeKing

NadeKing is a YouTuber from Estonia who makes videos on everything and anything in CSGO. His repertoire of videos doesn’t have any sort of direct theme to them, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He makes sure to leave the pathway open for him to create any kind of video that makes sense to him, and it’s surely been a success with how large his YouTube channel has become.

NadeKing has made videos on coaches playing CSGO, boosting silver-ranked players, new CSGO tricks, and how much celebrities spend on skins. Talk about being all over the place! Still, every video is well-executed with little bits of comedy throughout that help keep the mood light. NadeKing is someone you should subscribe to if you’ve been trying to find a consistent CSGO YouTuber with high-quality video concepts.

5. HLTVorg

It wouldn’t be a CSGO YouTube channel list if I forgot to include HLTV’s official YouTube channel, HLTVorg. They are the number-one trusted news source in the CSGO space with on-site coverage, videos of full-length professional matches, performance evaluations, and their coveted World Rankings on their website. Being one of the few trusted sources for CSGO news means HLTV is busy covering everything they can, which can see upwards of seven videos being posted on their channel in a single week if a lot of professional matches are being played.

If you ever have a question about something in the professional CSGO scene, odds are you can find the answer somewhere on HLTV’s platform. There is nobody else involved in CSGO who has managed to do what HLTV continues to do, and what’s even better is they are a great resource for anyone interested in the betting aspects of the game. Their wealth of information will get you on your way to understanding the stats behind players and teams that drive the odds.

6. BananaGaming

Bringing my list of the best CSGO YouTube channels to a close is BananaGaming, who creates CSGO YouTube videos that have a heavy focus on tips, tricks, news, and anything analytical about the esport. You can tell from his first CSGO videos from over five years ago when he started his YouTube channel that he had the intention of making it into something big, and I’m certainly glad he’s succeeded.

He’s a great source for anyone who wants to learn how the pros do some of their most practiced movements. BananaGaming does his very best to break down these game mechanics step-by-step, tell you what situations they’re useful in, and if you should even bother using them. He even covers things like recoil patterns, new skins, differences in DPI, and how it affects gameplay — the list goes on and on. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for one of the most informative names in CSGO that will have you up to date with game changes and performing at your best.

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