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7 Best Ben Simmons Prop Bets for the 2022 NBA Season

| February 22, 2022 12:11 pm PDT
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Ben Simmons has been in the news for the past eight months. However, it hasn’t been for his on-the-court play. Simmons has been at odds with the Philadelphia 76ers on a potential trade. He finally got his wish, as he is now a member of the Brooklyn Nets.

The move to the Nets has us thinking about Ben Simmons’ stats. Thankfully, SportsBetting.ag gives us Ben Simmons prop bets for the 2021-22 season. Here are the best Ben Simmons stats prop bets you can wager on this year.

Over/Under for Ben Simmons Three-Pointers Made

Under 2 3PT Made-160
Over 2 3PT Made+120

Ben Simmons’ three-pointers have been a storyline throughout his career. In today’s NBA, it’s rare to have a player that can’t knock down a few three-pointers now and then. It’s extremely rare if that player is a point guard.

Simmons didn’t play in his rookie season, but he was successful despite a lack of three-pointer. He went 0-17 between his first two seasons from three-point range. In his third season, the inevitable happened.

He knocked down a pair of corner three-pointers. His first came against the New York Knicks, and the second was against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Simmons knocked down both three-pointers in Philadelphia.

Last year, Simmons made a career-high three three-pointers. His final two came late in the game, but the Philadelphia 76ers lost both games.

We’ve seen offseason footage of Simmons consistently knocking down three-pointers.

It seems like we see clips like that every offseason. When you look at Ben Simmons’ stats, you see it doesn’t translate to many three-pointers. I want to take the value play here, but under two 3PT’s made seems like the way to go.

We’ll talk more about Ben Simmons’ return date soon, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll be anytime soon. There’s a strong chance he only plays 10-15 regular-season games with the Brooklyn Nets. That’s not much time for him to knock down three three-pointers.

I would always tread lightly when talking about Ben Simmons’ three-pointers. This seems like a good spot to bet against him.

Betting on Ben Simmons Free Throw Percentage in 2022

Is it fair to say Ben Simmons’ free throws are the primary reason it didn’t work out with the Philadelphia 76ers? Let’s check out a pair of free-throw prop bets.

Free Throws Over/Under for Playoffs

Over 56 FT Percentage-120
Under 56 FT Percentage-120

Ben Simmons’ playoff free throw percentage was a big storyline last year. His inability to consistently knock down free throws came to light when teams began to intentionally foul him late in games.

In the Philadelphia 76ers first-round series against the Washington Wizards, Simmons missed his first nine free throws. Game 5 of that series was the only time he made over 50 percent of his attempts.

The Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks is where we saw the problem come to light. Philadelphia lost in seven games, with three losses coming by four points or less. Check out Ben Simmons’ free throws in those games.

  • Game 1: 3/10
  • Game 5: 1/5
  • Game 6: 4/14

Ben Simmons’ stats took a nosedive because of his poor free-throw shooting in the playoffs. Overall, he averaged 2.1 made free throws on 6.1 attempts. That resulted in an ugly free throw percentage of 34.2.

In most cases of a bad free-throw shooter, you keep the ball out of their hands late in the game. That works for a center, but you can’t do that with a point guard. So, how will this affect Ben Simmons’ 2022 playoff free throw percentage? I think he can stay above that number.

The Brooklyn Nets have a primary ball-handler in Kyrie Irving. Of course, he only plays in road games, so Kevin Durant will likely have the ball late in games. Teams probably won’t be able to foul Simmons intentionally.

Over/Under for Free Throw % in Regular Season

Over 61 FT Percentage-120
Under 61 FT Percentage-120

This Ben Simmons prop bet focuses on his regular-season free throw percentage. People might wonder why the number is different, but Ben Simmons’ stats show you he is a better free-throw shooter in the regular season.

Simmons only knocked down 56 percent of his free throws during his rookie season. However, that number rose in the following three seasons.

  • 2018-19: 60.0
  • 2019-20: 62.1
  • 2020-21: 61.3

It’s probably not hard to realize why the sportsbooks have this Ben Simmons prop bet at 61 percent. That has been the threshold for the last three years. In that same span, we’ve seen his attempts come down.

Ben Simmons’ free throws attempted in his second season were 5.4. It hasn’t been a significant drop-off, but they went down to 4.9 last season. What will Ben Simmons’ 2022 free throw percentage look like? Something tells me he’ll go over his projection.

Simmons hasn’t played in a game since the playoffs, so he has had plenty of time to work on his game. One of the biggest downfalls of his Philadelphia 76ers tenure was his free throw shooting. He has to have been working on that aspect of his game.

It’s not always easy to take the over on a Ben Simmons prop that involves shooting. However, I feel comfortable taking the over here. Hopefully, it’ll boost Ben Simmons’ 2022 stat line.

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How Many Assists Will Simmons Average?

Over 6.5 APG-150
Under 6.5 APG+110

We finally move away from the shooting to discuss a Ben Simmons wager that suits his strengths.

Simmons is an anomaly when it comes to the point guard position. Most guards are smaller and quicker. Simmons is 6’ 11” and uses his size to attack the basket. The biggest reason he plays point guard instead of forward is his passing.

When on the court, Simmons is one of the best passers in the league. That’s the primary reason the Philadelphia 76ers used a 6’ 11’ player to run point. The big question is will the Brooklyn Nets use him the same way?

Brooklyn has Kyrie Irving, who we know only plays in road games. That could change in the future, but I wouldn’t count on it. Even with Irving, the Nets opted to use James Harden as their primary ball-handler. Harden is in Philadelphia, so that leaves an opening at point guard. Harden’s move to Philadelphia makes them a top 2022 NBA Finals contender.

This is a Ben Simmons bet I’m willing to take the over. Ben Simmons’ return should coincide with Kevin Durant returning from a knee injury. Getting to pass to one of the best scorers in the NBA will only help his assist numbers.

Then, you think about the Nets’ lethal shooters. Seth Curry and Patty Mills are shooting over 40 percent from three-point range. Simmons can collapse the defense and kick out to one of those players.

Simmons has never averaged below 6.9 assists in a season. I think Ben Simmons’ 2022 season stats stay in line for assists.

Betting on Ben Simmons’ Points Per Game

Under 14.5 PPT-125
Over 14.5 PPT-115

Ben Simmons’ average points per game could be a fun storyline to follow this season. For all the criticism Simmons takes about his lack of shooting, he puts up consistent scoring numbers. Last season was the first time Ben Simmons stats had him below 15 points per game.

Simmons does most of his work close to the basket. His 6’ 11” height gives him a mismatch against most guards in the paint. That’s what makes him tough to stop down low.

A big thing for all Ben Simmons prop bets is when is Ben Simmons coming back? We’re likely looking at a small sample size, which will affect his scoring.

It’s interesting to see the top NBA betting sites favoring Ben Simmons’ ppg going under his projection. If so, that would mark a career-low. This might seem like a surprise, but I think Ben Simmons’ Nets tenure opens with a low scoring average.

I believe the Brooklyn Nets will ease Simmons into action. I mentioned earlier how they should have Kevin Durant back by then. Durant will shoulder most of the scoring load, while Kyrie Irving will significantly contribute to road games.

This is one of Ben Simmons’ bets that I’m not 100 percent on one side. I favor the under, but I have less confidence than the other Ben Simmons wagers.

Simmons will likely be a little rusty to start his Nets tenure. I think a slow start will lead to an under in Ben Simmons’ average points per game.

How Many Rebounds Will Simmons Average?

Over 7.5 RPG-120
Under 7.5 RPG-120

This might seem like a high projection for your typical point guard, but we’ve talked about how Ben Simmons isn’t the prototypical guard. His 6’ 11” height makes him an optimal option on the glass.

I think this Ben Simmons prop bet could be interesting because his past stats have seen him go over and under this projection. Check out his rebounding numbers from each season.

  • 2017-18: 8.1
  • 2018-19: 8.8
  • 2019-20: 7.8
  • 2020-21: 7.2

We’ve seen him go over 7.5 rebounds per game in three of his four seasons, but his numbers have been trending down. Now that came with the Philadelphia 76ers. How will it look in Ben Simmons’ Brooklyn tenure?

The Nets are mid-pack in rebounding this season. Andre Drummond came over in the Simmons trade, quickly becoming their best rebounder. He has 37 rebounds in three games, including 19 against the New York Knicks.

Aside from Drummond, the Brooklyn Nets don’t have another big rebounder. James Harden and Kevin Durant were the only other players averaging over six rebounds. Because of that, I have Simmons hitting the over on this prop bet.

I think we’ll see him in the paint more than the perimeter. After all, that’s the strength of his game. That should lead to Ben Simmons’ season stats going up in the rebounding department.

We doubt his shooting ability, but everyone knows Simmons can crash the boards. I’m willing to take the over on this Ben Simmons prop.

Will Ben Simmons Return to Face the 76ers?


All of the Ben Simmons prop bets are interesting to explore, but the biggest question is when will Ben Simmons play? We know every Philadelphia 76ers fan has March 10 circled on their calendar.

That’s when the 76ers will face the Brooklyn Nets for the fourth and final time of the season. It also marks the potential return to Philadelphia for Simmons. Brooklyn walked away from the 2022 NBA trade deadline as a winner, but will Ben Simmons return before March 10?

Every Philadelphia fan wants the chance to voice their displeasure with Simmons. He took a lot of heat for his playoff performance last season. Him passing up a wide-open dunk was the breaking point.

There isn’t a timetable for Simmons to return to the court. We can’t forget that Simmons dealt with off-the-court issues before the trade. We’ll have to factor that in, as well as how long it takes for him to return to playing shape.

Simmons didn’t indicate a timeline for his season debut in his Brooklyn Nets press conference, but he said he hopes to be ready for the matchup with the 76ers.

This might be one of those, be careful what you wish for moments. We know how ruthless Philadelphia fans can be, and they won’t hold back if Simmons is on the floor. I believe we’ll see Ben Simmons’ Nets tenure start before March 10.

Therefore, he will be on the court against the 76ers.

Betting on Ben Simmons Prop Bets in 2022

Ben Simmons’ off-the-court actions have certainly made headlines since the 2021 playoffs. Now, we can talk about him playing basketball. It’s only a matter of time before Simmons makes his Brooklyn Nets debut.

The best way to follow along with his return is to check out these Ben Simmons prop bets. It’ll give bettors a reason to watch Simmons’ Nets tenure.

We typically see NBA props bets like this throughout the season. If you haven’t tried out this form of betting, make sure you check out this guide on NBA prop betting.

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