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Best 2020 March Madness Viewing Parties in Las Vegas

| March 12, 2020 5:13 am PDT
Where to Watch March Madness in Las Vegas

The aptly named March Madness is a marathon comprised of 68 college basketball teams battling it out to make it to the Final Four, and then the glory (or agony) of winning (or losing) the NCAA Championship for the year.

For your planning convenience, here’s the March Madness schedule for 2020.

  • Selection Sunday: March 15
  • First Four: March 17 and 18
  • 1st & 2nd Rounds: March 19-22
  • South Regional: March 27 and 29
  • West Regional: March 26 and 28
  • East Regional: March 27 and 29
  • Midwest Regional: March 26 and 28
  • Final Four: April 4
  • National Championship: April 6

Before you check out our recommended party-hardy locations, I should mention that with a bit of channel surfing, you can find all of the March Madness games on various cable stations—we even have the specifics on where and when and how. Between CBS and various Turner channels, you’ll be able to watch every moment of March Madness.

As if that isn’t enough, you can also stream the games from NCAA March Madness Live. Incidentally, it’s my theory that most “accidents” involving a cell phone ending up in a toilet are due to bad ref calls, missed foul shots, and, of course, Stephen A. Smith.

So, sure, you can watch March Madness from the comfort of your own home—but should you? Watching a sporting event with hundreds or even thousands of other fans is undeniably part of the whole “game” experience. Sure, you can paint yourself with your team’s colors and even wave a big foam-rubber “#1” hand in your living room, but neither your wife nor your dog is likely to be impressed.

If you’re in Vegas, you’re in luck. Sin City offers a ton of great viewing parties to watch the tournament. To help you find out where to go, I’ve put together a guide on where to watch 2020 March Madness in Las Vegas.

Places to Watch March Madness 2020 in Las Vegas

If your living room’s not available, you can always go somewhere everybody shares your excitement, even if some of them are cheering for the wrong team. It might not be 1999 anymore, but you can still party like it is at any of the dozens of bars, lounges, casinos, and sportsbooks eager to give you eats and drinks with no ulterior motive whatsoever (or so I’ve been assured).

Some of the party venues are only for the first and second rounds of games, but there are plenty that are running the entire course of March Madness, from First Four to the Championship. Choose wisely.

SuperBook, International Theater at Westgate

If this weren’t the largest sportsbook in the world, I’d be tempted to leave it off this list—if for no other reason than because everyone else, including my mother-in-law, is already planning to watch as much of March Madness as they can stand (which is—in my mother-in-law’s case—quite a lot) from one of the hundreds of comfy chairs there.

Oh, and because 4,488 square feet of HD screens.

But even if SuperBook is full to capacity, you’re still in luck—the Westgate is running something called Hoops Central, which includes broadcasting the games live in its 1500-seat International Theater throughout March Madness. The doors open at 8:30 am on game days, and the price of a reserved seat is only $30.

Additionally, Westgate is broadcasting the games in “bars and restaurants across the property.” So, if you hate basketball, the Westgate will not be a happy place for you for the next few weeks.

You can learn more with a visit to their website.

BetMGM Sportsbook at Mandalay Bay

Again, this is another very-large-by-even-Las Vegas-standards sportsbook, which makes it a great place to watch March Madness games, and more people than you would want to know this already know this. Seating is, of course, first-come-first served, and if you want a “free” drink, you’ll need to place some bets to get some of those sweet, sweet drink tickets. Yeah, it’s just another day at the sportsbook, except March Madness.

You can learn more about it with a visit to the Mandalay Bay website.

Exhibit Hall at South Point Hotel and Casino

South Point is running a More Madness party the 18th, 19th, and 20th of March in one of their largest venues, the Exhibit Hall (2,500 capacity). Admission to the party is free, and you can dine on $1 hotdogs and $3 beers all day long. Watch the games on 40-foot screens, use the free Wi-Fi, even play some blackjack at the conveniently placed tables in the Hall. Oh, and there will also be conveniently placed live betting stations and betting kiosks available.

For detail, check out the South Point website.

The Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas

The Beer Park is already sold out for indoor seating at their Tournament Madness Viewing Parties on March 19 and 20 but still has (at the time of this writing) indoor and outdoor all-day passes available for Saturday, March 21. Tickets for each day’s viewing party start at $175 per, but you had no other more important use for that money anyway, right?

Besides, the Beer Park is a glassed-in rooftop grill where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas whenever the on-screen “analysts” are blathering on about why something that’s never going to happen is actually going to happen.

Incidentally, Beer Park is also running a free viewing party for Selection Sunday (March 15, 2020). Not a game, of course, but a great way to start filling in your brackets.

You can learn more about all of the Beer Park’s March Madness-related parties here.

Multiple Venues at Sahara Las Vegas

Known briefly as SLS—it was going through a phase, I guess—the venerable Sahara Las Vegas is rolling out the red carpet in four separate venues for the first three days of rounds one and two of March Madness.

Pick your favorite venue from Beers and Bets, CASBAR Lounge, The Tangier, and the Paradise Lounge. Tickets for each day range from $100 to $150, and all venues feature big HD screens for all the action and easy access to William Hill betting kiosks.

You can learn more by checking out their website.

The Still at the Mirage

The Still sports bar at the Mirage is running “Brackets and Beer” viewing parties starting on March 19 and running through to Sunday, March 22, with a reprise on April 4 for the Final Four, and on April 6 for the Championship game. Admission prices vary greatly for the various dates, but the Championship game requires only a minimum F&B of $75 to secure a reservation.

For veterans of the Mirage, The Still is where The Beatles Revolution Lounge used to be. You can’t place bets at The Still, but the BetMGM Sportsbook is a short walk (I promise) away.

You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about The Still’s assorted March Madness viewing parties with a visit to their website calendar.

The Ballroom at Treasure Island

You can save your first and second games viewing dollars at Treasure Island because it is throwing Madness of March Viewing Parties March 19-21. Admission is free, and the doors to the Ballroom (second floor of the hotel) open at 7:30am each of the three days.

You’ll find multiple large-screen HD TVs and satellite betting stations scattered amidst the banquet table seating. There will also be a cash bar and a number of food concessions available; these, of course, are not free, and guests are not permitted to bring in any outside food or beverages.

Incidentally, TI has its own mobile betting app, which can be used to place wagers with its sportsbook anywhere in Nevada.

The TI Ballroom is non-smoking. You can find out more with a quick visit to their events calendar.

Montecristo Cigar Bar at Caesars Palace

Sure, Caesars’ ginormous sportsbook is open for March Madness, but one of the unsung benefits of sports wagering through the ages has been the enjoyment of a good cigar while watching the game. If you don’t think a game is complete unless you watch it with a Romeo y Julieta clenched between your teeth, then the Montecristo Cigar Bar is your place to be for March Madness in Vegas.

From a giant video wall and the numerous HD screens throughout this luxury man cave to the leather chairs and sipping of expensive scotch, the Montecristo is for manly men, or at least, for rich manly men. Or anyone who enjoys basketball and a good cigar. As long as they’re rich, is what I’m getting at.

See, you’re going to drop at least $800 for a table for two at any of the game days at the Montecristo Cigar Bar, but that ticket does get you $600 beverage credit (cigars are extra). If you’ve been waiting to try some 30-year-old single malt Glenfiddich, now’s your chance.

Montecristo Cigar Bar’s viewing parties run from March 19 through the Championship game on April 6.

Incidentally, Caesars Entertainment is running “Hoops on the Strip” viewing parties at many of its Las Vegas properties, so if the Montecristo Cigar Bar is not on your dance card, check out the other locations at the link.

You can learn all about Montecristo Cigar Bar’s contribution to the March Madness watching parties by taking a look at their events calendar.

The Hardwood Suite at The Palms

For a mere $20,000 a night, you can not only watch March Madness, but you can invite all your friends over to play basketball. That’s right, the Hardwood Suite at the Palms has its own full-size regulation basketball court. Not only is this (probably) the only hotel suite in the world with a basketball court, but it is also (probably) the only basketball court in the world with a butler. Who keeps score for you, by the way.

Put this on your bucket list in case you win the lottery. Oh, and if that happens, remember that time I loaned you a couple million dollars for gas money? No big deal, but a debt’s a debt, right?

It’s Always Something…

Bear in mind that approximately 3 million people will journey to Las Vegas in March to participate in March Madness. This means that sportsbooks are going to fill up fast, every game night. Bars and lounges, likewise. So if it’s your ambition to attend a different March Madness party for every one of the 67 games, first of all, let me assure you that the rest of us are a bit in awe of your ambition. Respect.

Just remember that any venue you can think of that will be showing a game live will already have been thought of by more people than can safely fit into said venue.

Oh, and I mention this only in passing: The opening games of round 1 of March Madness begin on March 17, otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day. Yeah. Just forget I even mentioned it. I doubt that the St. Pat’s celebrations will synergize with those of March Madness and create a mega-party singularity that sends our planet hurtling into a black hole somewhere over in the Crab Nebula. In fact, I guarantee that won’t happen. Probably.

In any case, arrive at your selected venue(s) very early—particularly if it’s a free party—and when I say very early, I mean at least an hour earlier than what you consider very early.

And one last thing: Since watching a game and betting on the game go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly, you can always place a March Madness bet with any of our recommended online Nevada sportsbooks.

J.W. Paine
J.W. Paine

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Paine loves writing about Las Vegas nearly as much he loves living here. An experienced gambler, he's especially familiar with thoroughbred horseracing, poker, blackjack, and slots.

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