Basic Tips to Make Money Betting on eSports

By Gary Mills
Published on August 12, 2017
Inside an eSports Arena, a Trophy and a Bag of Money

With the eSports scene seemingly exploding more and more by the day, casual viewers or sports bettors looking for new earning opportunities are starting to see value in the industry. While for most, betting on eSports is merely another way to enhance a competitive event they already were going to track, it’s quickly turning into a profitable betting genre.

Of course, just like with any new betting venture, it’s always best to slowly work your way into eSports betting – especially if you want to make money off it. There are a handful of ways to improve your chances of making money by betting on eSports games, and we’ll tackle the best ones:

Know What You’re Doing

It sounds obvious, but rule number one is to actually know a lot about eSports. That means you’ve played or watched the games, you’ve studied how players and teams rack up points and you know how the events you’re betting on work out.

This is different than just skimming articles online or soaking up ESPN chatter, as the more popular sports can hand you useful information almost by accident. That really isn’t the case with eSports, which is constantly growing, but still isn’t mainstream enough to allow you to go into betting haphazardly.

You wouldn’t normally bet on soccer matches without knowing anything about either team because you don’t really know where to locate the betting value. The same is going to be the case when it comes to eSports betting. Know the games and players, front and back, and you’ll be on the right path.

Put in the Research

Is research and knowing a sport the same thing? Not really. There is a huge difference between knowing how a sport like soccer is played and who the best players are, compared to knowing every possible advantage or unseen edge that can be exploited in any given matchup.

The need for hard data and research could arguably be even more prevalent in eSports, as there are often huge Money Lines you can take advantage of or rising players that you should be able to see coming. Knowing which players and teams excel and specific tasks and games are part of the process, as well as identifying any weaknesses.

But doing the research isn’t just one specific thing; it’s all encompassing. It’s whatever it takes to know the bet you’re placing is rock solid or has a great chance at providing killer value. Knowing the games and the players is just the start. Putting the extra time and research into knowing every corner of both is what could put your eSports betting skill-set over the top.

Hunt For Value

Hunting for Value

What truly puts your eSports betting ability over the top is getting to the point where spotting value is like second nature. Value is very key in any kind of betting, but it’s especially the case with eSports, where the competition is stiff, yet often unpredictable.

The first thing to consider with eSports value bets is that it isn’t necessarily always about the largest odds that give you safety. Yes, nailing that massive upset can be fun and quite rewarding, but that isn’t sustainable betting. They don’t call it a “grind” for nothing, as any successful sports bettor knows to bet mostly favorites and/or attack the most logical value.

While that doesn’t mean we can’t target underdog plays in the right setting, it should mean we’re not raising our nose at some favorites with -105 lines. The upside obviously isn’t through the roof with a bet like that, but if you get that line with a heavy favorite, you’re actually securing a likely lock at a pretty good price.

How you depict value and bet with it is up to you, but the practice of perfecting your perception of what value is and how to detect it is huge for a long-term stay in eSports betting.

Choose the Right Site

Okay, so you know the games and players and you’ve even done extra research to really feel good about your pick. Now you can start gauging the best and most trustworthy eSports betting sites to place bets at.

The list is actually quite long, as regular sports betting sites like Bovada and BetOnline can even be used, or you can shoot for more of a gamer-esque experience with sites like or Other sites to check out are Betway and Pinnacle, but honestly there are several that are reputable, have a nice interface, offer cool promotions and give you a litany of betting options.

What you’re specifically looking for will obviously dictate which site you bet on, but we’d suggest putting the following at the top of your list of criteria: safety, reliability, betting options and odds. Your exact order is really up to you, but you always want a safe place to play, a site you know will pay you your winnings in a timely manner, versatility with the games and bets being offered and playable odds that can actually give you a chance to consistently profit.

Diversify Your Bets

One last thing you should consider – and this is with all sports betting – is to be sure to diversify your bets. That means to switch up the games you bet on at times, and other times it can call for some hedging of a big favorite you’re putting a lot of focus on.

The point here is to always be on your toes and looking for numerous paths toward success when betting on eSports. The more versatile your betting is, the more value you’ll find and the more avenues to success you’ll reach.

None of this guarantees you’ll win any money betting on eSports, but without this core foundation, you’re probably wasting your time. You can’t blindly bet on a genre you know nothing about, you certainly won’t survive in the eSports realm without extensive research and if you’re not figuring out how to locate and exploit value, then you’re missing out on winning opportunities.

Finding the right site and diversifying your bets are throw-ins, as you may latch onto one great site early on and perhaps you’ll never need to deviate from that site. You also may find one way to bet on eSports that is consistently profitable and if it’s working, you may see no reason to stray from it.

Ideally you’re keeping an open mind and evolving with the games, the players, and eSports as a whole. That’s based on this basic foundation of eSports betting tips, of course, and we think if you start from there, you should be in a solid position to find success in this betting genre.

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