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Are the Tennessee Titans a Good Bet to Win Super Bowl 56?

By Dan Vasta in NFL
| August 28, 2021 6:30 am PDT

The Tennessee Titans have a talented group of offensive players entering the season, and many bettors have put them at the top of their wagers. The explosive playmakers make Tennessee an intriguing bet entering the season.

They have not appeared in a Super Bowl since 1999. Still, this team has the confidence to become one of the top teams in the NFL.

Julio Jones, A.J. Brown, Derrick Henry, and Ryan Tannehill are all playing at Pro Bowl levels, and there is a chance we see them become an unstoppable force.

It is time to discuss whether or not the Tennessee Titans are a good bet to win the 2022 Super Bowl. Let’s look at their odds for this year and break them down from both sides.

Titans’ Super Bowl 56 Odds

The value is looking good for the Titans. They play in a division that isn’t scaring anybody. They are near mortal locks to reach the postseason if they can stay healthy.

MyBookie is one sportsbook to stay away from on the Titans if you want to get longer odds. The other three are all respectable, putting Tennessee among the top 10 or so teams to win it all.

No matter where you bet on sports online, though, you’re getting a stellar price for an extremely talented team. So, are the Tennessee Titans a worthy wager to win the Super Bowl this season?

Why the Titans Will Win Super Bowl 56

Tennessee has been knocking on the door these past few seasons. Derrick Henry put together a sensational 2020-21 campaign and nearly carried the squad to the Super Bowl.

The offense could be dominant, and the competition will allow the victories to pile up.

Here are the top reasons why the Tennessee Titans will win the Super Bowl in 2022.

Tennessee Has a Favorable Schedule

The Titans should be licking their chops entering the season. They have a ton of talent, and their schedule is favorable. Look at the AFC South, and you could see a 5-1 or 6-0 record. Posting the best record in the AFC is a possibility due to the favorable schedule.

The bye week doesn’t occur until Week 13, but we could see them at 9-3 or 10-2. That could put them in the running for a few potential home games in the postseason.

The Texans are a team in turmoil that may not win a game this season with concerns at quarterback. Houston has been a constant pain in the rear end against the Titans, so that is an advantage.

Jacksonville has a new coaching staff and quarterback. They aren’t setting the world on fire in terms of overall records, and struggles will occur. Tennessee has an exceptional offense in every facet compared to these basement dwellers.

An experienced quarterback is crucial, but the Titans skill players could be the best trio in football. Jones, Henry, and Brown are all capable of dominating drives and games.

The Jaguars and Texans cannot say that, and Indianapolis is searching for answers as well. The Colts are praying Carson Wentz can stay healthy during the season and develop a rapport with their young pieces.

Tennessee will likely take hold of this division for most of the season.

The wins will pile up, and the rest of the division will have issues staying relevant. The season ahead could be productive, even if Tennessee starts a little slow.

The Titans Offense is Explosive

The number of dazzling offensive pieces on display this season will rank near the top of the league. In what world have we seen a star running back paired up with a wide receiver that isn’t far from having one of the better seasons ever?

Look at these staggering numbers from Henry and Jones. The offense is going to be a problem for every team in the AFC to defend.

Tennessee was unstoppable last year, and they had Henry pitch in a historic effort.

Throw A.J. Brown and Julio Jones into the mix, and this offense is nasty.

Brown has dragged tacklers across the finish line before, and he made a few outstanding receptions in the final regular-season game last year over Houston to put the Titans atop the AFC South.

The most underrated signal-caller in the NFL these days is Ryan Tannehill. He continues to get passed up by other struggling passers when discussing top 10 quarterbacks.

Rushing for 11 scores on the ground despite being teammates with Derrick Henry seems like a cheat code. Being able to fake out the defensive line and have a few keepers is a bonus for the offense.

The offense has Henry dominating the line of scrimmage, but the weapons out wide will force you to keep at least one safety high.

Pick your poison with this offense because there is no slowing them down. They are going to pop a few chunk plays, and the points will be flowing.

They don’t have to be perfect, but taking care of the football will allow their offense to rank among the top units in the league.

The offensive clinics they will be putting on in a stadium near you in 2021-22 will give them a chance to dominate the competition.

Why Tennessee Won’t Win It All

The Titans are a trendy Super Bowl pick this season. Due to all the high-profile names they own on offense, they will garner more bets than usual. However, the defense is a problem that they have run into over the years.

Here are the top reasons why Tennessee will fall short of winning the Super Bowl.

Titans Defensive Woes

The Titans lack the stars needed on defense to challenge for a Super Bowl. They played in the AFC title two seasons ago but fell well short to Kansas City.

Kevin Byard has been a star-studded safety, but one man rarely dominates a defense coming from the secondary.

The following ranks from last year need improvement, or they could get bounced on Wild Card weekend again.

  • Rushing Defense: 120.8 YPG (No. 19)
  • Total Defense: 398.3 YPG (No. 28)
  • Scoring Defense: 27.4 PPG (No. 24)

The front seven is where they need to become more dominant.

The run defense needs to limit the better offenses. Their top competition in the AFC South requires them to improve against the run. Jonathan Taylor is not a player you want to let dominate a game. The Colts will win the AFC South if they can control the trenches.

Rashaan Evans, Harold Landry, and Jayon Brown aren’t highly-touted players, but the Titans need them to have career seasons. The Titans are a lock for the postseason, but the defensive unit could put them over the hump.

The AFC Is Tougher Than Ever

The Tennessee defense has their work cut out for them. Even the better defensive teams will struggle against Kansas City, Buffalo, Los Angeles (AFC), Baltimore, and Cleveland.

Only the strong will survive, and despite their electric offense, the competition has not been more of a challenge.

The AFC has offensive juggernauts that will not let up on the scoreboard.

The passing games are all borderline elite due to star-studded quarterbacks. Baltimore and Cleveland might have the best defenses and ground games in the bunch, which makes up for their lack of production in the passing attack.

Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield have pieces around them at the line of scrimmage and in their backfield. Tennessee has Tannehill and Henry to combat all contenders.

It gets juicy under center with Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Justin Herbert. Those three signal-callers are stars that could take their loaded squads to the Super Bowl.

Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Stefon Diggs, and Keenan Allen are monsters. The AFC is highly entertaining, and the Titans will have their work cut out for them.

Are the Tennessee Titans a Good Bet in 2021-22?

Tennessee’s Super Bowl 56 odds makes them one of the more enticing future bets on the market. Their division is soft, and nobody is preventing them from hosting at least one postseason game.

The Titans have a boatload of talent, but there are five-plus exceptional teams in the AFC. The Chargers are a wild card this season. They have a ton of talent, but the Browns and Ravens will be tough to slow down.

The Bills and Chiefs are the favorites, and they only make you contemplate even more when making your Super Bowl wagers.

I have faith in Tennessee making a run, but not deep enough to win it all this year.

I am taking a pass on this wager and believe the Titans have too many obstacles in their way.

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