Answers to Our Printable Super Bowl 56 Prop Sheets

| February 14, 2022 9:13 am PST

And there you have it – the Los Angeles Rams were able to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium and claim the Lombardi Trophy. The game came down to the wire and a touchdown to Cooper Kupp and one last defensive stand sealed the game for Los Angeles.

If you caught our free printable Super Bowl 56 prop sheets from before the Super Bowl for your Super Bowl party – we have the official answers for them – which will declare the ultimate winner for your at-home contest.

Without further ado, here are all the official answers to our free printable Super 56 props sheets.

Classic Super Bowl 56 Props Sheet Answers

This one was for the classic football fans who wanted nothing else to do with the game than the game itself.

This game had tons of ups and downs and was sure to keep you on your feet. Even though the Rams were the ultimate winners of the game, the Bengals were able to cover the spread.

It was a low scoring game and hit the under, but that didn’t stop two players from scoring more than one touchdown. Tee Higgins and Cooper Kupp both had huge days and played major roles for their respective teams.

Most of the answers to these questions were in the Rams’ favor, so if you backed the Rams for this game then you probably have a good chance of winning your props sheet pool.

Question Answer
Who Will Win Super Bowl 56? Los Angeles Rams
Who Will Be the Super Bowl 56 MVP? Cooper Kupp
Which Team Will Score First? Rams
Which Team Will Win the First Quarter? Rams
Which Team Will Win the First Half? Rams
Over or Under 49 Points Scored? Under
Which Team Will Cover the Spread (Rams -4, Bengals +4) Bengals +4
Which Quarterback Will Have More Passing Yards? Matthew Stafford
Will a Touchdown or Field Goal be Scored First? Touchdown
Over or Under 6.5 Touchdowns in Total? Under
Which Half Will Have More Points? First
Will Ja’Marr Chase Score a Touchdown? No
Will Cooper Kupp Score a Touchdown? Yes
Will Any Non-QB Score 2+ Touchdowns? Yes
Will There Be Overtime? No
Joe Burrow Over or Under 276.5 Passing Yards? Under
Matthew Stafford Over or Under 278.5 Passing Yards? Over
Joe Mixon Over or Under 95.5 Total Rushing + Receiving Yards? Under
Ja’Marr Chase Over or Under 78.5 Receiving Yards? Over
Cooper Kupp Over or Under 104.5 Receiving Yards? Under


Fun Super Bowl 56 Prop Betting Sheet Answers

This one was for the “just for fun” gang. The Super Bowl has tons of other aspects to the game other than just playing football. We had one of the biggest halftime shows in recent memory and tons of new commercials.

The Super Bowl National Anthem length is a huge bet across the best NFL betting sites, with the under taking the cake at 1 minute and 51 seconds. The production of the Super Bowl was a huge deal. Tons of time, money, and work goes into the Super Bowl and this year’s product was all worth it.

The halftime show is going to be in the conversation for one of the top halftime shows of all time. It won’t be in our weirdest halftime shows off all time, thankfully.

The halftime show did not feature Snoop Dogg smoking on stage even though it seems to be his signature move. I believe it was not his choice to do that since a lot of the performance was censored due to the very large audience.

We had a fan run onto the field during the game, and an inactive player try and get in on the fun too.

Question Answer
National Anthem – Over or Under 1 Minute and 55 Seconds? Under
Will Any Word Be Omitted from the National Anthem? No
Which Quarterback Will Be Shown First During the National Anthem? Joe Burrow
Which Coach Will Be Shown First During the National Anthem? None
Will Any Player or Coach Cry During the National Anthem? No
What Will Be the Result of the Coin Toss (Heads or Tails)? Heads
What Color of Gatorade Will Be Poured on the Winning Coach? Blue
Will there be a Wardrobe Change During the Halftime Show? No
Who Will Perform the First Halftime Show Song? Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
What Will the First Halftime Show Song Be? The Next Episode
Will There be Over or Under 6.5 Songs Performed at Halftime? Over
Will Snoop Dogg Smoke on Stage? No
What Will the First Company Commercial Be (after kickoff)? Paralympics/Toyota
Will the Temperature be Over or Under 75 Degrees at Kickoff? Over
Will There Be a Trick Play (Flea Flicker, non-QB pass, etc.) for a Touchdown? Yes
Will COVID-19 be Mentioned During the Broadcast? No
Will Roger Goodell Be Shown Over or Under 1.5 Times? Over
Will a Fan Run onto the Field During the Game? Yes
Will the Last Play be a Kneel Down? Yes
Will the Super Bowl MVP Mention His Family in His Speech? Yes


Mixed Super Bowl 56 Betting Sheet

And finally, we have our mixed props sheet for the 2022 Super Bowl. For those of you who wanted a little bit of everything for the Super Bowl, this was your prop sheet to go with. We had some halftime show props, commercials, and obviously some football props.

There was a good mix of answers here. The first commercial prop was up for debate. I would rule whoever put a car commercial in there as the correct answer, as that touching Paralympics commercial was “brought to you by Toyota.”

The coin flip always gets everybody into the fun right off the bat. This year was the year of heads, so maybe that means tails is next for you to bet for next season.

Question Answer
Will the Coin Toss be Heads or Tails? Heads
National Anthem Length – Over or Under 1 Minute and 55 Seconds? Under
What Will Be the First Commercial After Kickoff? Paralympics/Toyota
Which Team Will Score First? Rams
Will the First Score be a Touchdown, Field Goal, or Safety? Touchdown
Which Team to Commit the First Penalty? Bengals
Who Will Win Super Bowl 56? Rams
Who Will Win Super Bowl MVP? Cooper Kupp
What Color of Gatorade Will Be Poured on the Winning Coach? Blue
What Will the First Halftime Song Be? The Next Episode
Will There be Over or Under 6.5 Songs Performed At Halftime? Over
Will Snoop Dogg Smoke on Stage? No
Will the First Play be a Run or Pass? Run
Will there be Over or Under 2.5 Turnovers in Total? Under
Will a Fan Run onto the Field During the Game? Yes
Will COVID-19 Be Mentioned During the Broadcast? No
Longest Made Field Goal Over or Under 47.5 Yards? Under
Longest Touchdown Scored Over or Under 42.5 Yards? Over
Will there be a Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown? No
Will the Last Play of the Game be a Kneel Down? Yes


Answers to Our Super Bowl 56 Props Sheets

This year’s Super Bowl was one to remember. The Rams got off to an early lead, but an injury to one of their best offensive players (Odell Beckham Jr.) and a quick touchdown for the Bengals right after halftime flipped the momentum quickly.

We also had an unlikely MVP in Cooper Kupp. He didn’t win the regular season MVP award, but he sure earned this one. Oddly enough though, he did not hit the over on his prop for the game.

There was a lot more action and intensity in this game. If you couldn’t watch the game due to a busy schedule, I highly recommend giving it a rewatch if you recorded it.

If you are not ready for the NFL season to end, head over to our NFL blog to catch up on the latest. There we will have all the updated odds for next season’s Super Bowl, as well as other great NFL content.

Be sure to check out the early contenders and sleepers for the 2023 Super Bowl below.

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