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Amanda Nunes and Other Women Fighters Who Could Beat Men

| October 5, 2020 5:50 am PDT
# Female UFC Fighters Who Could Totally Beat a Guy

The classic debate over whether a girl can compete with a guy in sports still rages on. Before his death, Kobe Bryant was quoted as saying that he could envision a woman playing in the NBA one day.

I’m certainly not here to say one of the greatest athletes ever was wrong. In fact, I tend to believe in some cases, women absolutely could compete with their male counterparts — if not even be better than them.

Yes, the fastest men in world history are still faster than the fastest women. But there are still women that are faster, stronger, and smarter than men.

If they train properly and rely on their main strengths, it’s conceivable the right female athlete can excel and hold their own — if not even dominate — in some sports.

Does that idea extend to the Octagon? If you asked Ronda Rousey several years ago, she’d have probably said yes.

I’m not necessarily suggesting the best female fighter can beat the best male fighter. What I am saying, however, is that some of the most talented mixed martial arts female fighters could potentially take out a man in their field.

Here are 4 female UFC fighters who could totally beat a guy.

Amanda Nunes

I’m sorry, but you can’t convince me that every single guy has the vicious striking ability that Nunes possesses.

Given that so many male MMA fighters are canvas specialists who either operate with the ground-and-pound strategy or look to submit, it’s safe to say they don’t always win on their feet.

Nunes has dominated in the UFC, posting a stout 19-4 record with 13 knockouts. Her current form is why some men would be a bit timid to hit the canvas with her, too, seeing as she hasn’t lost since 2014.

The power, speed, and tenacity give Nunes a shot to get a win in the right situation, depending on which male MMA fighter she’d go up against.

Cris Cyborg

One of Nunes’ victims is still one of the greatest female MMA fighters of all time and honestly was one of the few to stand up to her. In fact, some believe Cyborg would win a rematch with Nunes.

Cyborg fell to Nunes in less than one round, but she traded blows with zero hesitance. She caught the wrong end of one that ended the match, but her own unrelenting, fearless style of aggressive striking is the main reason she graces this list.

Cristiane Justino has been an unstoppable monster both in the UFC and Bellator, posting a 22-2 career record. Her only other loss was of the submission variety, and she’s suffered just one loss (to Nunes) since her pro debut back in 2005.

Her knockout ability (18 of 22 wins) would give her a real chance against several male fighters, especially since she’s never been known to back down, no matter the opponent.

Holly Holm

Holm can beat you with punches standing up, but she makes the list due to sheer versatility and all-around dominance.

The first woman to take out Ronda Rousey, Holm is a former kickboxing champion and has one of the most well-rounded skillsets among female MMA fighters.

While Rousey is among the top MMA stars that should return to the Octagon, Holm’s dominating performance is another reminder of why some shouldn’t.

Holm’s career hasn’t really taken off since tearing down Rousey, but all of her losses (two to Nunes and Cyborg) have come against arguable top-10 female MMA stars.

Despite some tough matches, Holm’s skillset has been on display in some big wins and even in defeat. She’s tasted a KO loss just once in his illustrious career.

With the ability to damage bodies and finish fights with either her hands or her feet, Holm’s quick-strike ability and championship experience would make her a tough out — even for a skilled male MMA fighter.

Valentina Shevchenko

The one known as “Bullet” is one of the nastiest female fighters on the circuit, as she’s another kickboxing legend who possesses an array of counter moves that can kill opponents.

Shevchenko’s aggressiveness and ability to go into states of fury can be overwhelming for anyone she faces, and in the right setting, her ability to inflict damage with her hands or legs could give her an edge.

A stellar 57-2 record in kickboxing and a 19-4 mark in MMA showcase her dominant ability, while seven career submissions also showcase her lethal versatility.

Since 2010, Shevchenko has been defeated in MMA circles just twice, with both defeats being hard-fought decisions to Amanda Nunes.


It’s not a guarantee that a woman fighter can beat a man in the UFC, while it’s simply unrealistic to ever imagine this idea actually being played out.

So far, the craziest fight involving women has Mary Carey and Tami Erin duking it out in an absurd celebrity match. If that’s happening, why not see if some of the best women can handle the men?

It’d be just as entertaining — if not more so — and it’d go a long way in settling this debate.

MMA has some amazing female fighters that are highly skilled, well built, strong, explosive, and confident. There’s little doubt that at least a few (perhaps the ones mentioned above) believe they can take out a man at some level.

Amanda Nunes can’t take out Stipe Miocic. Holly Holm wouldn’t beat Khabib Nurmeagomedov, either. But to suggest the best female fighters can’t possibly ever beat a single guy in MMA is a bit insulting.

Can every single one of these women destroy an average guy off the streets? Absolutely. Would they also have a shot at putting their skills to work against the average male MMA fighter? I think they’d at least put themselves in position to have a chance.

Even if Nunes and the others didn’t win said bout with a man, they could at least hang tight and make it very interesting.

It probably won’t ever be the type of MMA betting we ever get to do, but it’s still fun to think about.

Noah Davis
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