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All the Halftime Show Prop Bets for Super Bowl 2020

| January 24, 2020 12:48 am PDT
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl 54 Halftime

The 2020 Super Bowl is almost here, and before long, all of your NFL wagers you’ve been waiting to see cash will be finalized.

Some came well before the regular season started, others came after your favorite team was clearly about to miss the playoffs, and a few are bound to come right before the big game.

That’s what I’m here to help with — all of those fun Super Bowl prop bets. Michael Wynn recently took it upon himself to cover all of the Super Bowl National Anthem props, and in this post, I’ll break down what could happen during the Super Bowl 54 halftime show.

I actually took a look at this months ago, but the odds and wagers have changed a bit. Let’s hit the reset button and gauge how you’ll want to bet on the halftime performance this year by taking a look at all Super Bowl halftime show prop bets for 2020.

Will J-Lo or Shakira Address Audience in Spanish?

No -200
Yes +150

The Super Bowl 54 halftime show features iconic pop stars in Jennifer Lopez and Shakira and has the makings of one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows yet. Both women are of Latino descent and were a great choice for a Super Bowl held in Miami — a city that is known for its Latino culture.

Given their backgrounds and where the Super Bowl is, it wouldn’t be at all shocking if at least one of them addressed the crowd at Hard Rock Stadium in Spanish. Both singers speak Spanish, so this is honestly a possibility, regardless of setting, and makes for an interesting Super Bowl 54 halftime prop.

  • Yes

Who Will Show Cleavage During Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Both -200
J-Lo Only +250
Shakira Only +250
Neither +550

This is a total toss-up. I don’t want to get into specifics with either woman’s cleavage or what BetOnline and other Super Bowl betting sites even consider cleavage for this halftime prop. That’s for the bettor to decide.

That said, neither performer is overly reserved. They know that sex sells, and they’ve both certainly used that to their advantage during live shows in the past. In that same breath, they’ve also refrained from flaunting themselves at random performances.

You could really make an argument either way — that this could be a family-friendly environment or that J-Lo and Shakira will dress in a manner they think will sell their performance better.

Considering a good amount of past female performers have gone a not-so-conservative route, both feel like a pretty good bet.

  • Both

Will Jennifer Lopez Show Butt Cleavage?

No -325
Yes +215

Say what? I get the reason BetOnline is asking this, partially because a lot of people might want to know, but also because Jennifer Lopez is notorious for her backside.

I don’t mind betting on the now 50-year-old performer being a bit revealing in a more natural sense along with Shakira, but I’m not even sure what this one means.

Based on logic and her past shows, however, my guess would be no.

  • No

Will There Be a Halftime Show Wardrobe Malfunction?

No -2500
Yes +1000

Janet Jackson will forever be attached to this phrase, thanks to Justin Timberlake ripping off a piece of her attire. There hasn’t been anything nearly as revealing since then, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

The NFL was pretty embarrassed by that the first time around, though, and it seems like they’ve done all they could to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

J-Lo and Shakira are always going to be in danger if they try to ramp up the sexiness of their performance, but I doubt anything wacky happens with their clothing.

  • No

Will a Football Be Used as a Prop?

No -500
Yes +300

This 2020 Super Bowl halftime prop bet just feels like a 50/50 guess, as literally anything can be used as a prop. That could be some type of structure on or around the stage, or it could be a literal football that Shakira and/or J-Lo use during their show.

It’d be fitting at the mid-way point of a football game, but there isn’t much to suggest it will happen. This is probably a bet I’d just stay away from, but if you have to bet, go with the “no” side.

  • No

Will Alex Rodriguez Show Up?

No -1000
Yes +550

Most people know who Alex Rodriguez is; he’s Jennifer Lopez’s beau. Oh, and he’s one of the most famous baseball players in MLB history, most recently exiting the big leagues as a member of the New York Yankees.

A-Rod is best known as J-Lo’s sidekick these days, however, as he even hit up the SAGs red carpet with Lopez recently. I do assume he’d be live at Super Bowl 54 with her to some degree, but are the cameras going to move away from the show itself to show Rodriguez? I sincerely doubt it.

  • No

Will Either Singer Drink Pepsi?

No -1500
Yes +600

Soda conglomerate Pepsi has had a hand in the Super Bowl halftime show since striking up a partnership with the NFL back in 2012. The two sides re-upped their deal for 2019 and beyond, so it’s possible J-Lo or Shakira will kick back a cold one during their live show.

Possible, but not likely. I can see one of them drinking a Pepsi during a commercial or in another setting, but during a live show? Not so much. I’d say “no” is your best choice for this particular Super Bowl 2020 prop on the halftime show.

  • No

Will Gerard Pique Be Shown During the Performance?

No -1500
Yes +600

I must be behind the times, because I had to Google this guy. Maybe it’s my lack of soccer knowledge or the fact that I don’t keep tabs on every celebrity relationship, but I will freely admit that I did not know that he’s dating Shakira.

Good for those two, I guess.

Much like A-Rod, sure, there’s a pretty good chance his lady scored him Super Bowl tickets. Heck, he may even watch her halftime show. But the camera pulling back to catch him enjoying it seems like an odd move.

  • No

Will J-Lo or Shakira Be Suspended in Air?

No -300
Yes +200

Lady Gaga is one Super Bowl halftime performer that comes to mind when I think of this prop. She came gliding down off the top of the stadium during her show.

Classic Gaga.

There was also Katy Perry, who came riding into University of Phoenix Stadium on a giant metallic tiger.

Because of course she did.

So, yes, these things do happen. But the 50-year-old Lopez isn’t likely strapping herself to the top of the stadium. And really, both of these ladies are here to sing and dance. Look for the theatrics to stay, um, grounded. I’d go for “no” for this Super Bowl 2020 halftime prop bet.

  • No

Will Jay-Z Be Shown During the Halftime Show?

No -1500
Yes +600

Lastly, you can bet on whether or not the Super Bowl halftime show highlights, uh, Jay-Z?

It makes no sense on the surface — especially since Beyonce isn’t performing — but he was actually brought in to help the NFL improve their halftime production.

Jay-Z popping up on your screen would still feel weird, but this one makes more sense than J-Lo or Shakira’s dudes hanging around.

Not only could Jay-Z be shown just before or after the performance, but he’s a performer himself, so it’s not insane to consider the potential of him taking the stage as a surprise guest. I don’t mind rolling the dice on this halftime prop bet.

  • Yes
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