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Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors – 6 Teams That Should Make the Move

| April 30, 2020 2:56 am PDT
Teams That Should Trade For Aaron Rodgers

Whether intentional or not, the new Packers regime may have called for the end of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay.

Head coach Matt LaFleur and GM Brian Gutekunst worked together to orchestrate a trade to get “their guy” in the 2020 NFL Draft. It culminated in making Utah State quarterback Jordan Love the 26th pick in the draft, and it’s a move that is sure to have a ripple effect.

Will the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers? I tend to think so.

It’s unclear how quickly it’ll come about, of course. The team probably needs to feel confident in Jordan Love’s development, and the right deal needs to be proposed.

Rodgers carries a hefty price tag thanks to a massive contract extension, so anyone looking to make a splash move would need to absorb that money. That probably keeps A-Rod in Green Bay for 2020, but some are speculating he could be dealt by 2021.

Whether Aaron Rodgers gets traded this year or in 2021, his days with the Packers suddenly feel numbered.

The best sites for NFL wagers already have one Aaron Rodgers prop bet (-850 he won’t get traded before the 2020 season, +450 that he will), and landing spot props could come next.

Let’s get ahead of those and assess which franchise could be Aaron Rodgers’ next team. I’ve got a list of 6 teams that should trade for Aaron Rodgers.

New England Patriots

You’ve heard the bold claims that if Rodgers and his elite arm talent had been paired with Bill Belichick in New England, he’d have ten Super Bowls by now.

Maybe, maybe not. But we could get a glimpse of that upside as his career winds down, and it’d be a sight to behold.

Tom Brady is gone, and for the moment, New England doesn’t have any sort of answer under center. If that remains the case in 2021, this could be a dream scenario for all parties involved.

San Francisco 49ers

If you can’t beat them, get traded to them. Now, this files under “unlikely,” seeing as the Packers would be pretty stupid to hand one of the best quarterbacks ever to the team they should fear the most.

Rodgers could return home, though, and after San Francisco toyed with the idea of signing a much older Tom Brady, you better believe they’d consider this.

It’d probably require further regression from Jimmy Garoppolo, but based on his play at times in 2019, that’s not a big reach.

San Francisco would think about it. I’m just not sure the Packers would.

Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden loves him some gunslinging Packers quarterbacks, that’s for sure. He and his Raiders are starting a brand-new era in Las Vegas, too, while the team currently doesn’t have a clear picture under center.

Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota are fine, but they’re not Aaron Rodgers.

The Raiders are otherwise loading up on both sides of the ball, and in 2021, they could be the right quarterback away from making a title run. Aaron Rodgers could be their guy.

Chicago Bears

Could Rodgers be so bitter to demand a trade to a rival, much like Favre did? I wouldn’t put it past him, while Chicago’s ineptitude under center would have them salivating at the thought.

Aaron Rodgers playing for the Bears would be borderline blasphemous, and Green Bay surely wouldn’t want it to happen. But what if they simply didn’t think Rodgers was that good anymore and/or Chicago happened to offer the best trade package?

Green Bay will say no, but the Bears should still try.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger is aging fast and in 2020 will attempt to return from a serious elbow injury. He may very well be done as a difference-maker in the NFL, which could soon force the Steelers to make a change under center.

With the Packers unlikely to deal Rodgers inside the NFC (if they can help it), discussions with a quarterback-needy AFC team seems most logical.

Pittsburgh has no post-Big Ben plan, but Aaron Rodgers could fall right into their laps.

Indianapolis Colts

This is the other realistic team that could trade for Aaron Rodgers.

Indy doesn’t really have a long-term plan at quarterback. They don’t believe in Jacoby Brissett, and a declining Philip Rivers is only signed for one year.

Both guys come off the books in 2021, and there’s nothing to guarantee Jacob Eason will be the guy to take over.

Instead of facing regression with Eason, the Colts can swing for the fences and land one of the best pure passers the NFL has ever seen.

Who Will Trade for Aaron Rodgers?

An Aaron Rodgers trade in 2020 seems unlikely. It just doesn’t work out financially.

Green Bay was also just in the NFC title game, and they probably don’t hate the idea of running it back to see if Rodgers can get them one last Lombardi Trophy.

There has to be some concern that Jordan Love will be a bust, too, so it’d make sense for them to take some time to ensure that won’t be the case.

That said, this marriage probably won’t end very well. Rodgers is still under contract for a few more years, and he hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to retire anytime soon.

Eventually, it’ll be made clear that the Packers want to move on, and they’ll try to do a mixture of appeasing a departing Rodgers, calming their fan base, and getting proper compensation.

Tom Brady left the Patriots, Cam Newton was released by the Panthers, and this very Packers organization once traded away Brett Favre.

These are all things to consider when trying to come to an Aaron Rodgers prediction.

Rodgers will have an endless line of suitors, but the team that stands out the most is the Patriots, with the Colts pulling in a close second.

First, the Packers will (probably) try to do right by Rodgers. Secondly, they will not entertain the idea of trading him within the NFC North, and if they can help it, not inside the NFC in general.

Rodgers to the Pats is a match made in heaven, and New England (for now) projects to have the 5th-most cap room in 2021, so they can actually make this trade happen.

When looking where to bet on Aaron Rodgers’ next team, consider two things: choose the best sites to wager at, and keep in mind he probably won’t be moved until 2021.

For more NFL content, including picks, predictions, and more, check out the NFL section of our blog here.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

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