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9 Things I Hate About Casinos

By Randy Ray in Casino
| March 26, 2017 12:00 am PDT
9 Things I Hate About Casinos

I suppose everyone could make their own list about things they hate about casinos but today I have the stage and need to blow off a little steam.

Nothing in particular triggered this rant, but over the years of visiting different casinos many things have been irritating. Your list may be different than this one, but I bet many of the things below do make your list.

And just because the following list of 9 things I hate about casinos points out what I don’t like, the list of things I like about casinos is longer. I still go to the casino and plan to continue going for the rest of my life.

Feel free to disagree with anything on this list. The nice thing about coming up with lists is they get people thinking.

Whenever I read a list I find things I agree with and things that should be replaced. If I get your mind started thinking about your own list, this post will do what it’s supposed to do. And even if it doesn’t, I’ll feel better when I get it off my chest. I hope you get something out of it as well.

1 – The Noise

For the most part I like to be alone somewhere quiet. The quiet helps me think and relax.

The problem is I also like gambling and if you play in the casino it’s almost impossible to find a quiet place. The slot machines are constantly spewing out noise, the craps pit is filled with loud shouts of glee and angst depending on the last roll of the dice, and even the table games are filled with people talking about anything and everything.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy gambling so much that the noise doesn’t stop me from playing. I just wish it were a little quieter.

Of course you can play online from anywhere you can get an internet or phone connection, so there are choices that provide the chance for a quiet environment while gambling.

I gamble online, but I really enjoy the feel of a land based casino. It’s possible I just can’t be happy. Of course when I gamble and win I’m happy enough to forget about all of the stuff I don’t like.

One time a friend suggested that the reason I don’t like the noise in the casino is because I have control issues. If I don’t feel like I can control something, like the noise in the casino, it tended to bother me.

He might be right, but I told him he had issues with sharing his opinion too much. We had a good laugh and I quit complaining about the noise to him. That was probably his goal in the first place.

2 – Smoke

Most of the places I play either don’t allow smoking in the casino or have a designated smoking section. But in some of the private poker games I play in some of the players smoke.

I’ve never smoked so it’s not a big surprise that smoke bothers me. This isn’t a deal breaker for me if the game has good profit potential, but it seems like I smell like smoke for days after playing sometimes.

You can find dozens of studies that say second hand smoke isn’t good for you, so the health aspects come into play.

But I support that people who like to smoke have a right to do so. The reason I mention this is because I’m not trying to push my agenda on anyone, because I’m sure I do things that some people don’t care for as well.

3 – The Crowds

Depending on the gambling activities you enjoy, you might need to have at least a few people around. If you play poker it’s difficult to play by yourself.

During the weekends, especially in the evening, most casinos are filled with people. Sometimes so many are packed in that it’s hard to move around. I don’t enjoy playing as much when the casino is packed like this.

Some people have anxiety issues in crowds like this, but even people who don’t can get anxious when pressed in on every side.

The best way I’ve found around the large crowds in the casino is to play in the mornings.

You can play from eight or nine AM to early afternoon and miss most of the worst crowds, especially if you play during the week.

If the casino is open 24 hours a day you can start playing even earlier. But if you start too early you’re still going to run into players still at the tables from the night before.

Just like when you want to avoid noise, you can play at online casinos to avoid the crowds.

Sometimes things are different depending on how you look at it. When I go to the poker room it’s a good thing when it’s busy. It means I have more choice when it comes to table selection and can switch tables if I want to.

4 – The Edge

Of course casinos wouldn’t exist if they didn’t make money, but I hate playing too much when the casino has an edge. And they have an edge in almost everything they do.

I tend to stick with poker, sports betting, and blackjack most of the time because they at least give me a chance to play a break even game or win over time.

When I play other games I either play for free online or play with a small portion of my bankroll.

One of the hardest things for me to do is play a game where I know the long term edge is in the casino’s favor.

The good news is if you pick games with a low house edge and take advantage of the comps program most casinos offer you can gamble for a long time without losing too much money.

When you gamble for entertainment, which when it comes right down to it most of us do, as long as you don’t lose too much it’s as good or better than going out somewhere else and wasting money.

At least when you gamble there’s a chance you can win some money. When you go out to a show and to eat the money is simply gone at the end of the night. It usually is gone when you gamble, but sometimes you’ll hit a lucky streak and leave a winner.

5 – Dealing with Drunks

I don’t drink and I dislike spending time with people who drink too much.

Some casinos are better when it comes to drunk players than others, but most casinos have at least a few.

When I’m playing blackjack or Let It Ride it’s sometimes annoying to deal with players who’re drinking too much. They tend to be loud, spill drinks, and often share too much information and advice with others.

Once again, sometimes a problem for one person is a blessing for others. This can even be true for an individual.

When I play blackjack or other regular casino games I don’t like being around drunks, but when I play poker I prefer to have a table full of them.

They make more mistakes than sober people and even though they’re a bit irritating, the bottom line is they’re easier to beat at the poker table.

So far you’ve learned a little bit about me, including the fact that I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. This isn’t meant to make it sound like I’m perfect. I love to gamble so I’ve got at least one vice.

6 – Security

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad casinos have security and try to keep the environment as safe as possible. But that doesn’t mean I like everything about security.

I was raised in a rural area where it was often handy to have a knife. When I was in high school, many years ago, many of us carried knives. And no one got stabbed the entire time I was in school.

This is somewhat dating me, but it wasn’t a big deal at the time. My school was also in a rural area where many of the kids grew up on farms. Working on a farm required a knife so it was normal to carry one for many of us.

Can you imagine the uproar if kids carried knives in school today?

I still live in a rural area, and even though I don’t farm, I carry a knife all of the time. Carrying a knife is a habit, but it’s also something I use almost every day.

What does this have to do with casino security?

When I go to the casino I have to remember to leave it in the car because many places I play have security and metal detectors and don’t allow knives on the property.

To be honest, I’ve forgotten to leave it a few times and wasn’t stopped or asked to do anything, but I don’t purposefully break the casino’s rules.

I also support their right as a business to set their own rules. They have the right to ban knives and I have the right to not go to their business if I don’t like it. But I also have the right to complain about it.

The other thing that I dislike about security is when it creates a line where I have to wait to get into the casino. Because I tend to go at off hours this usually isn’t a big problem, but it can be if the casino is busy.

7 – No Sunlight

I don’t spend as much time outside as I used to, but I sit beside a window most of the time. I enjoy seeing outside and the light and warmth the sun provides.

Most casinos are designed so you can’t see outside. You’re supposed to forget about the outside and what time it is so you gamble longer.

One of the places I play poker used to have their room overlooking the dog track with large windows. This was my favorite poker room because of this.

For some reason they moved the poker room into what I consider the basement, where there’s no windows. This changed the room from my favorite to one of my least favorite ones.

Somewhere around every two hours I take a break and walk outside to get some fresh air and sunlight if it’s during the day. Even in the evening I enjoy the fresh air and looking up at the night sky.

Of course most casinos are surrounded by so many lights at night that you can’t see the stars, but it’s still good to get away from the tables for a few minutes.

8 – Travel

Like most people I don’t live next door to a casino. This means that I have to travel when I want to play live games.

When I have to get ready and get in the car it’s a hassle. If I take a trip to Las Vegas I have to drive to the airport, fight through airport security, brave a flight, and then wait for a taxi to ferry me to the casino where I’m staying.

All of this travel takes time and money and is inconvenient. It doesn’t keep me from gambling, but it has made me play more online than in the past.

Most people enjoy the destination when they travel, but very few enjoy the travel part of any trip.

9 – Paying for Water

One of the things that have always irritated me is the casinos give gamblers free alcoholic drinks but make me pay for bottles of water. The water costs considerably less than the other drinks, yet I get charged for it.

I know why they do it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The reason casinos give free alcoholic beverages is because it makes them money. Giving away free bottles of water loses money.

When gamblers drink alcohol they make more poor decisions, leading to more profit for the casino. Players who’re drinking also tend to play longer which also leads to more casino profit.

Players who drink water are avoiding dehydration, keeping their mind clear, and staying healthier than those drinking alcohol. This is the opposite of drinking alcohol, so it costs the casino the price of the bottle of water and lowers the amount the casino wins.

On a case by case basis this isn’t always true, but on average the water drinkers are worth less than the alcohol drinkers to the casino.

But this doesn’t mean that I have to be happy about the treatment that seems unfair.


Now that you know the 9 things I hate about casinos, have you put together your own list? None of these things keep me from gambling, and many of them have ways to avoid them, but I still wish they’d change.

I’m not trying to get you to avoid the casinos, because gambling can be a great form of entertainment. But maybe my list can help you avoid some of the things you hate about casinos.



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