9 Crazy Oscars Prop Bets We Need for the 2020 Academy Awards

| February 3, 2020 1:01 pm PDT

The top entertainment betting websites do a pretty good job of offering a wide array of Oscars prop bets.

They tend to be a bit watered down, though.

You know you can bet on who will win Best Picture and all of the other major categories. The problem? It can lose its luster (and upside) when you consider how massive the favorites really are.

Seriously, this year, Joaquin Phoenix (-2500), Renee Zellweger (-2500), and Sam Mendes (-1000) are such huge favorites that it’s almost not worth betting against them.

I mean, you’ll still want to consider some of the best 2020 Oscars sleepers, but you get my point.

Since these popular categories aren’t likely to shock that much, there could be incentive for the top Oscars betting sites to think a little outside the box. If they’re open to it, here’s my take on 8 crazy Oscars prop bets we need for the 2020 Academy Awards.

Will Joaquin Phoenix Drop an F-Bomb?

The Joker star has been pretty busy accepting a lot of awards for his role as a twisted mad man, and he’s held nothing back in the process.

Phoenix has already gone viral for his spirited speech about the continued racial divide in his profession during the BAFTAs, which understandably makes you wonder what he’ll say next.

While Phoenix didn’t unleash curse words during that speech, he’s been known to fly off the handle before. It’s not impossible that could include some explosive language in an otherwise elegant setting.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see a Joaquin Phoenix swearing prop emerge. All I know is I haven’t seen it yet, and it totally needs to exist.

Will Anyone Be Dressed Up as the Joker?

I’ll stick with another Joaquin Phoenix-driven prop bet, seeing as Joker leads the way with a robust 11 Oscars nominations this year. Phoenix feels like a lock for Best Actor, while the polarizing film could take home several other awards.

Whether it does or not, it could be fun for someone to come to the Oscars dressed up in clown makeup. Pulling off the same exact look as The Clown Prince of Crime may not be necessary to win this wager.

Anyone showing up to the 92nd Academy Awards donning clown makeup would surely suffice and would also serve as a terrific red-carpet icebreaker.

Will Adam Driver Look Away When His Movie Clips Are Shown?

I’d also accept an Adam Driver prop that involves him plugging his ears or simply being out of his seat. The point is, despite being a brilliant actor, Driver seems to hate watching himself on screen.

Driver’s phobia is so intense, in fact, that he abruptly left an interview when a talk show host called him on this odd quirk.

It’s unlikely Driver bolts from the Oscars or hides under his seat, especially since he’s nominated for Best Actor. However, he’s proven to be unpredictable already, and it’ll at least be interesting to see if he squirms in his seat while his Marriage Story clip plays.

Will a Large Portion of the 2020 Oscars Be Done in One Shot?

Consider it an homage to 1917, which was done in breathtaking fashion, as if it was all done in one take.

Sam Mendes is up for Best Director, and the film is the favorite to take home Best Picture. It could be a fun little wrinkle for the Academy to pay their respects to such a riveting film, regardless of whether it ends up taking home some big awards.

I know this one is extremely unlikely, but it’d be creative from the Oscars production team, and it’d also give the top Oscars betting sites a high-upside wager to offer their customers.

Will Maisie Williams Play on “No One” Hosting the Oscars?

There will not be an official host for the 2020 Oscars. It’s sad, but true. Then again, it worked with the new format for last year’s Academy Awards, so why try to fix something that, well, kind of fixed itself?

That appears to be the plan, as there will not be an official host, and we can probably forget about some long-winded opening monologue. That doesn’t mean we won’t have a long list of award presenters, while it’s still possible the Oscars gets cute with the way they handle things.

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams became famous for becoming “no one” on the hit HBO show. There aren’t any known plans for her to do something this zany, but it’s a clever idea the Oscars (and betting sites) should at least consider.

Will Taron Egerton Wear Any Elton John Accessories?

Egerton was unfortunately not nominated to compete for Best Actor at the Oscars, but he’s been active in the Hollywood awards circuit.

He’ll surely be on hand at the Oscars, as the Elton John-inspired Rocketman is up for Best Song. It’s a heavy favorite to win, so would it be all that crazy to see the film’s star show up in style?

Probably, but it sure does sound like a fun Oscars prop bet. Whether it ends up being Elton John’s iconic sunglasses or a snazzy outfit from the movie, this would be an interesting wager to target.

Will Anyone Be Dressed Up as a Member of the Avengers?

There were some people campaigning for Avengers: Endgame to be included in the running for Best Picture. Despite incredibly underrated acting, a satisfying conclusion, and an emotional send-off, comic book fans did not get their wish.

No matter, as Avengers: Endgame still holds its place at the 2020 Oscars. The movie is up for Best Visual Effects and honestly has a chance to win (+250 at BetOnline).

An actor could show up dressed up as Iron Man or someone else, either out of support or as a fun little publicity stunt. Unlikely? Sure. Worth betting on if the price is right? You better believe it.

Will Anyone Trip or Fall Off the Stage at the Oscars?

I’ll admit, this is probably a wager you’ve seen in the past. It just needs to keep being offered, is all.

A lot of actresses wear really long dresses and high heels, so there is always going to be a tripping risk when walking up the stairs to the stage.

In addition, some people are so shocked and excited about winning an award that they can mishandle the steps. There are also the rare cases when an entire production team goes on stage to accept an award.

When that many people cram onto a stage, someone is bound to be at risk of falling off the edge. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt, to be sure. But if someone can do a little slide or trip and make bettors some coin, what’s the harm?

Will Al Pacino Deliver One of His Iconic Lines?

Pick one, any one. The 79-year-old Pacino has been around so long that his list of memorable quotes from his movies is rather large.

Pacino hasn’t wilted in terms of acting talent despite his advanced age, while he was nothing short of fantastic as Jimmy Hoffa in The Irishman. In the event he shocks as Best Supporting Actor or The Irishman scores a huge upset for Best Picture, it’s possible he hits the stage and says a few words.

We know he’ll be at the Academy Awards due to these two potential wins, so it’s also very possible he’s a presenter. If Pacino drops a “Say hello to my little friend” or “Hoo-ah,” bettors could win big.

The best Oscars betting websites just need to offer this wager first.


The list of potential 2020 Oscars prop bets could go on and on. These are just a few I thought of that would be a little outside the box and/or get bettors away from the ho-hum wagers that are usually offered.

While a lot of the Oscars bets this year seem pretty obvious, there is always room for some upsets. It’s up to you to project where those come, but you can also hit up a bunch of our 2020 Oscars betting advice posts to gain a little extra insight.

Just check out our entertainment betting blog to run through those.

We’ll also be pushing out a final 2020 Oscars predictions post, so be on the lookout for that. Of course, whether these crazy Oscars props are offered or not, we hope you enjoy the show. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your Academy Award bets!

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