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8 Singers Who Should Be Coaches on The Voice

| October 16, 2020 5:35 am PDT
8 Performers Who Would Make Great Coaches on The Voice

The Voice is back in our lives on Monday, October 19th. Perhaps the best singing competition on television returns following a nice little hiatus, as well as a successful navigation through a global pandemic.

Gwen Stefani is back, too, as Blake Shelton’s boo takes over for Nick Jonas, who is taking a break after just one season. It gets a familiar gang back together, as Shelton gets his girlfriend back in a chair, while Kelly Clarkson and John Legend will also return.

For a show that saw both Shelton and Adam Levine turn their chairs around for 16 straight seasons, it’s clear they appreciate continuity. If NBC can help it, they’ll probably hold onto Shelton, Legend, and Clarkson as long as they can.

That trio has held down the fort with a rotating judge for the last four seasons, after all.

But what happens when another change comes? The show could always bring Nick Jonas, Alicia Keys, Christian Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Miley Cyrus, Pharrel Williams, Shakira, Jennifer Hudson, and maybe even Levine back.

But with their mainstays intact, it could pay to liven things up a bit with new coaches that could perform well.

Broadening the show’s horizons with other popular performers only makes sense, especially if they can double as quality coaches. It’s tough to beat the current group, but I’ve got my eye on a few amazing performers who would make great The Voice coaches.

Heck, maybe you can eventually bet on who becomes a coach next at The Voice betting websites. For fun or for profit, join me as I take a look at some quality coaching candidates for future seasons of The Voice.

Janelle Monae

I’ll start with someone extremely deserving that maybe not everyone knows, but totally should.

That’d be none other than Janelle Monae, who happens to be one of the most versatile performers in the music industry today.

The artistry with Monae is off the charts, as she has a slick tone, a fluid voice, and a sassy attitude. Not only would she give a talented black artist more exposure, but she’d add another female coach to the mix and also give a big platform to a supporter of the LGBTQ community.

If you doubt Monae’s style, talent, or flair, just look at her totally owning her performance at the 2020 Oscars. Or see what she did at the 2018 BET Awards.

Monae isn’t the huge name some of the current coaches on The Voice are, and it’s a crying shame. She’s one of the strongest and most talented artists around, and putting her on this platform would be great for her career, as well as for the show.

Of course, this isn’t just about giving away more exposure or increasing ratings for the show. It’s about giving The Voice contestants incredible coaching.

When you look at her style, talent, confidence, and personality, she’s exactly the type of person rising young talent would want to learn from.

Taylor Swift

Okay, so you don’t know who Monae is and you want a bigger star. Fine. How about one of the biggest pop stars now and forever, Taylor Swift?

Swift has actually played a small hand in The Voice in the past as a mentor, too.

That was cool, but man, would landing her as a full-time coach bring some serious star power to the show.

Who better to help rising young performers navigate the nuances of the music industry, too? Not only did Swift break out as a megastar at a young age, but she obtained a ton of her success off of her own songwriting, musical talent, and hard work.

If you’re wondering who would be a good coach on The Voice, Swift may be near the top of the list. She’s extremely relevant, she’s regarded as a warm individual, and she’s been down the exact road the contestants are setting forth on.

Swift can offer expertise in song choice, delivery, stage presence, and other high-level decision-making. She’d do this all with a personable approach and major star power, making her the total package.

Ed Sheeran

If The Voice can’t lure Taylor Swift in to be a coach, why not get one of her pupils?

It’s common knowledge by now that Swift played a hand in discovering and promoting Sheeran, who has obviously gone on to be a huge star in his own right.

Sheeran got a little assistance in his rise to fame, but most of his success can still be attributed to his amazing songwriting and effortless tone.

Beyond just being immensely talented and having a laundry list of catchy songs, Sheeran qualifies for the role of The Voice coach based on his many accomplishments. The 29-year old has enjoyed crazy success before even entering his prime singing years, and he’s recorded as one of the most streamed artists of the past decade.

Sheeran is a busy dude, but maybe he wouldn’t mind paying back to the music industry after this meteoric rise. His star power, talent, and insight would certainly make him a great coach on The Voice.

Lady Gaga

When considering which celebrities should coach on The Voice, how do we not get to Lady Gaga eventually? She’s impossibly busy and one of the biggest superstars on the planet, but imagine her bringing all of her “little monsters” to the show?

Gaga is a beacon of hope for a lot of communities. She’s a strong female, she’s a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community, and she’s also spoken out about mental health.

This would give Lady Gaga a consistent platform (I know, as if she needs one, right?), and it’d be a massive coup for the show. But more than that, we’d get to see how humble this megastar actually is, as she connects with the audience and helps new talent find their way.

Gaga would be a personality unlike The Voice has ever seen, and her immense talent and artistry would rub off on the competing singers.

There aren’t that many singers who are more successful than Lady Gaga, and if you think her career is all pop hits and fluff, then you haven’t heard or seen her in A Star is Born.

Just check out her underrated performance at the 2015 Oscars. This preceded an amazing live rendition of “Shallow” with Bradley Cooper at the 2019 Oscars, too.


Gaga has the goods to drive up ratings, but she also has the affable demeanor and expertise to be an extremely helpful coach.

The Weeknd

Don’t worry, I’m not exactly ranking stars that should be coaches on The Voice. I’m just trying to point out superstars that could land on the show in a mutually beneficial way.

Another star singer that fits the bill is The Weeknd, who has blown up due to his incredibly catchy songs, and one of the smoothest voices the world has ever heard.

This is a guy who has been compared to one of the greatest ever in Michael Jackson, has dealt with addiction, and has had instant success at a ridiculous level. Still, he just keeps on trucking.

The point? The 30-year old is a huge star that knows a thing or two about fighting through adversity and managing crazy amounts of success.

His songwriting ability and elite vocal talent could come in handy with coaching singers up on The Voice, provided they’re not too intimidated to listen to his advice.


If you’re thinking about amazing performers who would make great coaches on The Voice, how can we possibly leave out one of the best power vocalists of our time?

Adele has made waves lately more for her extreme weight loss, but that follows an already amazing career littered with hit songs, brilliant talent, and an endless string of awards.

Adele is a powerhouse talent that has done more than just coast on amazing singing chops. She’s also pieced together impeccable records, and has been doing so since she was barely an adult.

Seemingly getting better with age, Adele would bring some sharp wit, oodles of success via music industry hardware, and loads of insight.

Justin Timberlake

If you hadn’t noticed, the music industry is run by powerful women. There’s some extremely talented guys, though, too.

One of the biggest male stars is Justin Timberlake, who first carved out his spot in music history as a member of NSYNC. You know, just one of the biggest and most successful pop groups of all-time.

Weirdly, Timberlake has ditched his former pals and gone on to be a huge star all on his own.

Easily the biggest star and best vocal talent from his old boy band, Timberlake has years of experience pushing out clever hits, and there are few music stars with as much style and swagger.

Justin Timberlake has done it all. He’s performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, he’s headlined massive tours, and he’s won a litany of awards. Oh, and he can dance around most other singers, too.

If The Voice wants a coach who can show performers how to crush it in every regard, Timberlake would be a pretty great addition to the chair-turning team.


Lastly, how about we lure The Queen to NBC’s hit singing competition series? I know, I know, it’s unlikely to ever even be broached, as the mere presence of Beyonce would probably have everyone drop dead on sight.

Or they’d just bow in unadulterated worship and never get back up.

I’m sorry, but you can’t watch Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show and not admit to yourself “yep, she’s the biggest music star in the world”.

Again, I’m not ranking singers that should be coaches on The Voice, but if I were, this is indeed the #1 pick.

Let’s do a fantasy draft for celebrities that should be on The Voice. Queen B is first. Every. Single. Time.

She’s also perhaps the least likely celebrity to join The Voice as a new coach, but hey, John Legend is in one of those seats, so we can dream.

Beyonce is a gifted vocalist, a hit-maker, and few can rival her rare combination of power, tone, style, dancing, and swagger. She’s got it all, and there’s no doubt she’d elevate any singers competing on her squad.


This list is obviously subjective, and to be fair, if/when NBC dips back into their coaching pool, the odds are decent they’ll just lure back one of the big names that have already starred on the show.

I just don’t see why, though.

It limits the outreach of the series if they’re not trying to bring in new fans, and considering half of this is about the coaches and it being a popularity contest, it makes sense to up the ante as much as possible.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to bet on the next coach of The Voice, but it’s fun to think about. In fact, if you have your own thoughts on the coaches above, or a singer you feel would thrive on The Voice as a coach, let us know in the comments below.

As for season 19 of The Voice, you can gear up with my The Voice season 19 betting preview.

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