8 Outrageous Things That Could Happen in Game of Thrones Season 8

| March 21, 2019 12:00 am PDT
This is where you should bet on Game of Thrones season 8

The countdown to the eighth and final season of massive HBO hit Game of Thrones is officially on. That’s actually been the case for some time, but as I write this, it’s past mid-March, and the show’s April 14th return is less than a full month away.

Cue the excitement, the intrigue, and, well, the horror.

Yes, the return of Game of Thrones makes for fun and thrilling entertainment. But in a television show where great characters go to die, there will be many a tear shed by the time these final six episodes are up.

Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and of course The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, could all (and probably will) perish.

In our sadness with those iconic figures possibly falling, though, we could cash in with a litany of Game of Thrones prop bets. That includes Game of Thrones death odds, predicting who will rule Westeros when the last body hits the ground, and so much more.

Your favorite entertainment betting sites have pieced together a long string of Game of Thrones wagers, while every website online is trying to get a piece of the action by vetting potential Game of Thrones theories.

I’m here for the latter, but instead of poking holes in hypothetical theories, I’d just like to touch on some of the best as I map out the final season with some bold Game of Thrones predictions.

Join me on a wild ride that is sure to culminate in a lot of death and hopefully a slew of ridiculous surprises.

Theon Greyjoy Turns into a Hero

Theon Greyjoy has had a tortured existence. He went from a bit of a self-proclaimed playboy to small-time villain to a cowardly eunuch. It’s been quite a ride.

As much as Game of Thrones has tried to sell Theon off as damaged goods, he’s still hung around this long. He’s alive and kicking for a reason, and I have to think that’s to come full circle, redeem himself, and save his sister, Yara.

His ability to turn back into a guy who is willing to put his life on the line for other people is pretty amazing, but it still will lead to his demise. Let’s just hope he can kill his uncle Euron and save his sister before his last check gets cashed.

The top Game of Thrones betting sites at least allude to this possibility, as Euron (+150 odds at MyBookie.ag) has the best odds to be the first to die in season eight.

Hero or not, you can also bet on Theon going down (-200 odds to die before the series ends) at some point.

Littlefinger Isn’t Dead

It was this or “Arya Stark is The Waif.” The latter is a great Game of Thrones conspiracy theory, but it has enough hiccups to get me off it.

The biggest, of course, is the fact that The Waif wouldn’t really know Arya’s full history. She wouldn’t have had any strong reaction when running into Nymeria in the woods, either, while she also wouldn’t try to complete Arya’s kill list.

But the Many-Faced God can still mess with us, and I think it’s possible they already did when we all thought Petyr Baelish finally got his in season seven. To be fair, that was a devilishly delicious moment, and I loved seeing Littlefinger finally go down, but this idea is actually even better.

If true, it could illustrate just how devious and brilliant Baelish has been this entire time. He’s literally set everything in motion, as he was truly responsible for Ned Stark’s demise, and it’s been a domino effect ever since.

At one point in season seven, we see Lord Baelish visiting with an unknown woman in the streets, and she whispers “Your time is up” to him. He then hands her a medallion, which could suggest he’s paying her (or someone else) to act as if they’re him while he flees to safety.

There are several videos on YouTube diving into this further, but it makes sense. Even right before Arya Stark slits his throat, Baelish asks if he can speak with Sansa Stark in private to plead his case.

Could the person posing as Baelish be trying to reveal themselves secretly, both trying to save their own skin but also fulfill their debt to Littlefinger?

It’s impossible to know, but the crumbs are there for us to pick up, and knowing Baelish’s history and sneakiness, I can’t put this one to bed.

Sansa Stark Kills Cersei Lannister

The first thing to consider is the prophecy that Cersei was told when she was younger, referencing her future and how she would die.

Per Maggy the Frog, this is what happens to Queen Cersei.

“Three children for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

So far, so good.

Cersei’s kids are dead, and while she could have a fourth on the way (+120 odds at My Bookie say she’s lying), I tend to doubt it.

The only thing preventing the unreal shock that would be Sansa killing Cersei is that she isn’t one of her “little brothers.” Conventional wisdom suggests either Jaime or Tyrion will be the end of her, while some are even floating the idea that Arya Stark could choke her out by wearing the face of one of those brothers.

Perhaps, but Cersei Lannister always has The Mountain at her side. She’s going to be on high alert anytime she sees her brothers from this point on, and she’d certainly be wary of Arya, who she knows is dangerous and wouldn’t mind killing her.

But Cersei has never been afraid of Sansa. She emotionally abused her and killed her family members, too, so the motive for Sansa is there.

This would be a huge shock because it contradicts the wording of the prophecy, but as are many things in GoT, it may not be drawn out so clearly.

For instance, what if Tyrion orchestrates a situation where Sansa is alone in a room with Cersei and Sansa is the one to do the dirty deed?

The prophecy could have had us all looking left when we should have been looking right. It’s often who/how you least expect, and I doubt anyone would imagine Sansa Stark taking Cersei out with her own hands.

That, or maybe Maggy the Frog was trolling Cersei. Or maybe the prophecy simply was half true. Either way, Cersei has kept a watchful eye this entire time on her little brother and wouldn’t be fearful of Sansa for a second. And THAT ends up being her mistake.

Disagree? That’s understandable. You can always visit MyBookie.ag to bet on who you think will kill Cersei.

The Mountain and The Hound Kill Each Other

I’m not sure this is all that shocking. The Cleganebowl, as it were, is the hyped idea that two brothers that despise each other could finally face off again — this time to the death.

The Hound was badly disfigured by fire by his brother when he was younger, forever scarring him physically and emotionally. It made him a strong warrior, but The Hound won’t go down without a fight, and he’ll be glad to take his brother down with him.

The Mountain is technically already a member of the dead, but he was reborn in a sense and is at least “animated.” It’s unclear how much he even cares about fighting his brother or how much freedom he has out from under Queen Cersei.

Regardless, these two are going to take each other on again at some point, and I doubt it ends well. It’d only be fitting for The Hound to get his revenge, but plenty of Game of Thrones characters have ugly fates, and he’s sure to be one of them.

The Hound will kill his brother when it’s all said and done, but I get the feeling The Mountain will get a blow in that ends up killing him. That, or they both fall into a pit of fire and die at the same time.

Ned Stark Will Live Again

This is a Game of Thrones theory gaining steam, and I’m fully on board with it. No, Ned Stark won’t be fully alive again, but we will see him and other dead characters roaming Westeros.

The Night King is playing to win, so why not raise up the dead and keep growing his army? He certainly had no qualms about doing it the first time he ran into Jon Snow and The Wildlings, and I doubt he’ll forget this useful skill-set of his when it matters most.

This could give way to some pretty awesome callbacks, and it wouldn’t be quite as awkward as it can be in The Walking Dead.

Everyone knows by now that The Night King has full control of the dead and can reanimate them. To build his army and strike extra fear into the opposition, I believe he could do that in the not too distant future.

We could see Robb Stark, Ned Stark’s headless body, and perhaps even the hated Joffrey all return to the show for one epic battle. How fitting would it be for Joffrey to kill Tyrion or for Ned to be taken out by his sons and/or daughters?

It’d be weird, that’s for sure. But it’s exactly the twisted type of shock value GoT has been guilty of in the past and won’t hold back from conducting in the show’s final episodes.

Khal Drogo Is the Prince That Was Promised

Not even I am fully with this one, but you asked for crazy Game of Thrones predictions, and I’m doing my best to deliver. Pretty much everything else I’ve touched on at least is backed by logic or is something die-hard fans wouldn’t mind seeing.

But Khal Drogo coming back from the dead to be the hero discussed in this entire series that can save the day? That’s the definition of a reach.

Maybe, but when going over possibilities for who could be Azor Ahai, I landed on this killer Bustle post that breaks down why Khal Drogo might be The Prince That Was Promised.

It all adds up, and it’d sure be one heck of a twist. It’d also be extra sad if Daenerys had to watch her hubby die (again), while also being torn between him and the man she presently loves (who is her nephew, by the way).

It’s a weird situation that’s going to make the next Game of Thrones Thanksgiving all of the awkward, but it also makes for a messy (and awesome) ending.

Jon Snow and Daenerys presently have some of the best odds to be Azor Ahai, but they’re too obvious. Instead, it’d make sense if both ended up dying and someone else entirely had to save the realm.

Gendry Will Rule Westeros

I’ve been warming up to the idea that Gendry plays a huge role in how this thing shakes out, and I don’t think I’m alone.

The best Game of Thrones betting sites still list Bran Stark (-130 at MyBookie) as the odds-on favorite to take the Iron Throne, but since when did the most obvious thing pan out on this show?

Gendry, the son of former king Robert Baratheon, was a marked man but survived all this time. For what? To be called out of his job as a blacksmith to die on the battlefield?

Maybe, but Gendry is presently the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Everyone thinks that could be Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen, but if Khaleesi dies and Snow relinquishes rule (he’s said before he doesn’t want to be king), then it goes to — you guessed it — the closest bloodline.

That’d be Gendry, assuming he’s protected long enough to make it to the throne alive. At this current +900 price tag at MyBookie, I’m down for a roll of the dice.

Bran Stark Is the Night King

One last insane Game of Thrones theory is the idea that Bran Stark is somehow the Night King.

The buzz surrounding this idea really started gaining steam at the end of season seven when a sky view of the White Walkers showed them marching in a pattern that looked a lot like the Stark family sigil.

I know, that could just be another detour the show-runners put us on to get us off the true path. After all, it’s arguable the direwolf we’re seeing just suggests where the White Walkers are headed next — the Stark family home in Winterfell.

Either way, there is an attachment to the Starks, and I’m starting to think it could be Bran. Is Bran currently the Night King, or does he somehow take over his body later? I’m not sure, as there are several different theories that go back and forth on this.

The popular Night King theory is that Bran warged back in time to stop all of this but thought it was a good idea to get inside the body of the guy the Children of the Forest turn into the Night King.

Then trapped, Bran loses his power over time and either becomes evil or just gets sucked into the Night King as background noise.

I think it’d be much better if Bran warged into the Night King as a last resort, either sacrificing himself to ensure the Night King died, tapping into his thoughts to see how he could be killed, or simply taking over and guiding the White Walkers elsewhere.

There is a common belief that if the Night King dies, so does anything he reanimated after it died. Since that’s basically all of the White Walkers, this war would be over at the drop of a hat if he was taken out.

Bran Stark, hero? Yeah, maybe.


These are really just the tip of the iceberg here. There are a ton of Game of Thrones theories out there, and as crazy as some of these are, some get even weirder.

They’re actually a bit too far out there for me, though. Some include Hot Pie, Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and other characters that I just don’t buy being massive pieces to the puzzle.

In summary, I really just don’t think Game of Thrones will end things the way everything thinks it’s mapped out. But I don’t know everything, and trying to correctly predict every layer of this thing feels like a loser’s plight.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, though, and I can’t wait to see how the story plays out over just six more episodes. Buckle up and get ready for the ride and be sure to check back and see if any of my zany Game of Thrones theories panned out.

If you’re at all confident in predicting anything that might happen on GoT, be sure to head over to MyBookie and the other top novelty betting sites, too. Because what’s better than soaking up the final season of Game of Thrones? Why, winning some money at the same time, of course.

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