7 Teams That Could Be the Next NFL Dynasty

By Noah Davis
Published on March 14, 2019
The Next NFL Dynasty

The New England Patriots are absurd.

They just got done winning their second Super Bowl in three years. That registered as their sixth title in franchise history, while it also happened to be their 11th appearance in the big game.

Three such trips came in just the last three consecutive seasons. If that’s not a dynasty, I don’t know what is.

Tom Brady is a living legend. The 41-year-old pocket guru has aged like fine wine, while shot-caller Bill Belichick is pushing 70 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

The Patriots could go on like this for years, and by the looks of it, they fully plan on attempting to do just that.

Most online betting sites appear to respect their drive, as well as their productivity. Some already have them favored (+600 Super Bowl 54 odds) to win it all again in 2019.

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

All I know (or at least I think) is this string of dominance can’t go on forever. Brady and Belichick will both eventually retire, and even if the Pats successfully replace them with competent options, sustaining what they’ve built together just isn’t plausible.

That may mean it’ll be someone else’s turn to try to pull this off.

A few teams have popped up in recent years, but nobody has come close to touching what New England has done. Not many teams can, but there are seven that have as good of a shot as anyone.

Here are the seven teams that could end up being the “new” Patriots and dominating the league for years to come.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns as an NFL dynasty? I know it’s difficult to fathom, but Baker Mayfield really might be that good.

Cleveland was more than a quarterback away from competing for some time, but over the last few years, they began to make moves that were inching them in the right direction.

Then they went out and made the mother of all splashes by trading for stud wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Yeah, they’re going to be a problem.

The time has come for Cleveland to make a playoff push again, as they’ve improved their defense and appear to have enough pieces around Mayfield offensively. Some will still call for Kareem Hunt to be banned from the NFL, but if he sticks on the roster, Cleveland looks awfully dangerous.

That’s admittedly just for 2019, but Cleveland has a franchise quarterback, a rising defense, and a smart front office that is making sound decisions. If they can return to the playoffs in the near future, it’s possible they’ll be lurking in postseason play for years to come.

Needless to say, bettors shouldn’t scoff at their +1600 odds to win Super Bowl 54 — good for the seventh-best odds in pro football.

New York Jets

Gang Green isn’t that far from being a legit title threat, either.

Like the Browns, they have a stellar franchise quarterback in place via Sam Darnold. They also have an offensive-minded leader in new head coach Adam Gase.

A brilliant coordinator in the past, Gase arguably never got enough credit in his time with the Miami Dolphins. Despite routinely not having a reliable option under center, Gase kept Miami competitive and in 2016 even got them to the playoffs.

The foundation could be strong on offense, while the Jets are building up their defense to the point where they quickly could be one of the more balanced units in football.

Vegas doesn’t see it happening this year (+6600 Super Bowl 54 odds), but New York is on the rise. If the duo of Gase and Darnold ends up being the perfect marriage, the Jets could be contending for a title for years.

Indianapolis Colts

Want a potential NFL dynasty that could make an impact as early as 2019 on a championship level? How about the Colts?

Indy whiffed on Josh McDaniels in their coaching search last offseason, but in doing so, they stumbled upon a gem in Frank Reich.

The Colts also unearthed solid offensive cornerstones in running back Marlon Mack and tight end Eric Ebron, while their offensive line play was the best it’s been in years. The return of franchise passer Andrew Luck didn’t hurt, either, while the Colts rebounded from a 1-5 start and forced their way into postseason play.

Indy even has some nice pieces on defense, with Malik Hooker and Darius Leonard giving them a nice core to build around.

The Colts are built to contend right now, and Vegas sees that (+1600 title odds). Whether they take the next step in 2019 or not, Luck is still just 29 years old and appears to be completely healthy.

With him back in the saddle, the Colts may be a serious problem for the rest of the AFC for another decade.

San Francisco 49ers

Shifting over to the NFC side of things, there are a few teams fans and bettors alike will want to keep an eye on, both for 2019 and for long-term betting.

The Niners are one of them, as Kyle Shanahan’s team was arguably ready to make some major noise this past season but lost starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to a knee injury. Running back Jerick McKinnon tore his ACL as well, so the 49ers were unable to ever really get going offensively.

One thing that tells you the 49ers aren’t to be trifled with is Shanny’s system, which allowed for spare part quarterbacks like C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens to put up solid numbers. San Francisco’s maturing defense also helped keep the team competitive, giving way to the notion that a fully healthy Niners squad could be nasty.

I believe that to be the case. With last year being more of a “growing pains” season, the 49ers are poised to take that next big step.

Vegas isn’t blown away by their upside (+2500 Super Bowl odds), but San Francisco is knocking at the door of the playoffs. Once they get in, they might never leave.

Chicago Bears

As you can see, I’m moving up the list in terms of ability to chase a title in 2019 as well as — at least in my opinion — each franchise’s ability to sustain elite success into the future.

I don’t necessarily trust the Bears just yet, but the team they’ve pieced together is quite impressive.

Chicago has a solid running game, game-breaking receiving options, and Khalil Mack heading one of the nastiest defenses in football.

Matt Nagy has also proven to be a sound offensive mind and a clutch shot-caller during games. Had it not been for kicker Cody Parkey’s gaffe in the playoffs, it’s not crazy to wonder if the Bears would have already claimed their second-ever Lombardi Trophy.

It didn’t go down like that, but Chicago still had the third overall defense and flashed on offense. If quarterback Mitchell Trubisky can continue to develop, the Bears will be a playoff regular and may be adding to their championship hardware in the not too distant future.

Los Angeles Rams

Now we’re to the two teams that could very well already be scratching at the beginnings of a dynasty. Everyone else on this list has the talent and true promise, but they haven’t actually proven anything yet.

The Los Angeles Rams just played for the league title. Had Sean McVay been better prepared, it’s arguable his Rams would have mustered more than three lousy points, and they probably could have won.

That’s a learning experience, though.

McVay has largely been a revelation for LA, as he’s helped the Rams reach the playoffs in both of his first two seasons. Getting to the Super Bowl alone is a pretty big deal, and the Rams have been among the league’s best offenses over the past two seasons.

As long as McVay is calling the shots, I find it difficult to buy that changing. The Rams will get slot receiver Cooper Kupp back next year, and a loaded defense will be back to finish the job.

Vegas doesn’t hate their chances (+1000 Super Bowl 54 odds), but regardless of what happens in 2019, the Rams have the look of a team that will be playing into January for quite some time.

Kansas City Chiefs

Perhaps you’ll argue that the Rams or someone else on this list (heck, maybe even someone I haven’t touched on) are a better dynasty candidate than Kansas City.

I just would disagree.

Patrick Mahomes is not a flash in the pan, and Andy Reid’s system works. It’s why the legendary head coach has posted a winning season 15 times in his career and advanced to the playoffs 14 of those seasons.

Reid isn’t getting any younger, but as long as he’s around or makes sure a solid coach follows him, the Chiefs appear to be set up for success for a long time.

The pairing of Mahomes and Tyreek Hill alone (both 25 or younger) puts the Chiefs near the top of the league. Kansas City also has a solid stable of running backs, an elite tight end in Travis Kelce, and a talented defense that could improve in 2019 and beyond.

Offensively, the Chiefs are already a problem. KC really took their game to new heights in 2018, but Reid had them looking like a threat the second he took the job.

Kansas City has been 9-7 or better every season Reid has been on the job, and it’s unlikely they’ll nose-dive anytime soon. If they can fix their defensive woes, this team may just be the next great problem for the AFC, as well as all of the NFL.


This post isn’t about narrowing things down to one potential NFL dynasty that will take over after the New England Patriots are done. It’s about pinpointing several teams that promise to keep the NFL interesting and the fact that any of them could start the takeover as soon as 2019.

The best NFL betting sites still peg the Pats as the team to beat going into next year, but the times they are a-changin’. Bob Dylan wrote that in a song once, and it still rings true.

Father Time remains undefeated, nobody can evade death or taxes, and all that jazz. It might not come in 2019 or even 2020, but at some point, the end of the road will be here for the mighty Patriots.

If you’re able to predict when that happens, you may be on your way to a big win via Super Bowl betting. My guess is it comes as one of the aforementioned teams begin their rise to the top.

7 Teams That Could Be the Next NFL Dynasty
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7 Teams That Could Be the Next NFL Dynasty
The New England Patriots have been elite for almost 20 straight seasons. Matching that dynasty won’t be easy, but these NFL franchises could have a chance.
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