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7 Super Bowl 55 Prop Bets You Should Avoid

| February 6, 2021 5:31 am PDT
Worst Super Bowl Props for 2021

Super Bowl betting is about as good as it gets. The NFL season is coming to an end, it’s one huge game for all of the marbles, and some of the best players are competing for a title.

Add a little Super Bowl prop betting to the mix, and it’s a day of bliss.

While betting on Super Bowl props is a ton of fun and a great way to make some quick cash, there are also a lot of landmines distracting you.

Not only can bettors get caught up in betting a bit too much, but they can get sucked into bets they otherwise would simply never make.

I am definitely an advocate for prop bets for the Super Bowl, but the price and the bet need to make sense. There are a lot of instances going into the 2021 Super Bowl where the props just aren’t worth your time, sadly.

Whether it be due to odds or just a bet that’s tough to peg, I’ve compiled a list of the worst Super Bowl props for 2021 that you’ll be better off avoiding.

Will an Announcer Say “Baby GOAT” During SB 55?

Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are slated to eloquently call Super Bowl 55, and I have no doubt they will crush their roles.

They’ll be called upon to spice the game up a bit, of course, and part of that duty may involve sprinkling in personal stories or even dropping new lingo.

This bet refers to Patrick Mahomes being the “baby GOAT,” as he’s on the rise and in the shadow of the one true GOAT, Tom Brady. All subjective, yet altogether simply true.

Romo said this is a “legacy game,” after all.

The goal here is to bet on one of the announcers uttering this phrase, which, to be fair, isn’t even popular.

It also kind of doesn’t even make sense.

Michael Wynn thought as much when he broke down the best Super Bowl 55 Announcer Props, and I tend to agree that this one is a big pass. It’s unlikely to be said, but betting on that at -2500 is a waste of time.

The +800 price is alluring should someone say this odd phrase, but I don’t think it happens. Overall, it just feels like a Super Bowl prop to avoid.

If you insist on betting on bad props like this, at least make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by comparing the best Super Bowl 55 betting sites.

Will Michael Jackson Be in the Halftime Show?

Say, what? I know the great Michael Jackson is no longer with us, and to be clear, this wild Super Bowl prop bet actually asks if a Michael Jackson hologram will show up at the Super Bowl 55 halftime show.

In short, I tend to doubt it.

Wynn also took a look at the best prop bets for the Super Bowl 55 halftime show, and he tackled this one with similar fervor. As in, he wasn’t thrilled about betting on the “yes” side.

There is a little logic to it, seeing as The Weeknd is a lifelong fan of Jackson, and Jay-Z is running the show. But the -5000 odds working against this are enough to keep me away.

This is a fun bet, and it’s certainly a weird one. But is it a profitable one we should seriously be sinking our money into? I say no.

Whether There Will Be Zero Made Field Goals

That’s a no for me, dog.

I don’t mind betting on kickers and field goals. Harrison Butker and Ryan Succop are two fantastic kickers, and the matchup between these offenses and defenses is going to be interesting.

Bet on how the first field goal goes down, and bet on the length. Bet on how many field goals are attempted or made during Super Bowl 55, too.

Just don’t bet on zero field goals being made.

That option comes with a staggering +1600 odds. Ipso facto, it probably isn’t going to happen.

The first meeting between the Buccaneers and Chiefs had three made field goals. Butker has a field goal make in 14 games this year, while Succop has at least one made field goal in 18 of 19 appearances this season.

The latter converted 90% of his kicks this year, while Butker connected on 92% of his.

Considering both offenses are in the top-5 in scoring, and both boast elite kickers, it stands to reason that at least one of these guys – if not almost certainly both – will boot at least one kick through the uprights on Super Bowl Sunday.

Is it possible zero field goals are made during Super Bowl 55? Sure, but the logic doesn’t really support it.

What Will the Breed of the Puppy Bowl MVP Be?

Mark me down for “who cares?”. In all seriousness, I personally won’t be watching the 2021 Puppy Bowl, and I probably won’t be betting on it, either.

Maybe I’m just not the guy to come to in order to decide whether you should bet on this thing. I’m not oblivious to the merit in betting on it, however, especially if you come from the right angle and use our 2021 Puppy Bowl betting guide.

Puppy Bowl Betting Guide for 2021 – How and Where to Bet

Few events perk up the winter months like the Puppy Bowl. Oh, alright; there is the Super Bowl, too, of course. But for sports bettors and animal lovers alike, there is plenty of action at the Puppy Bowl to make one forget about football. In this post, I tell...

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Even so, there are 2021 Puppy Bowl bets to actually consider, and then there’s the MVP’s breed.

Per the odds, it seems like it’s a lock to be a mixed breed that lands the hardware (-850). There is value in going the other way (+450), but this is a numbers game.

As Jennifer Hassan pointed out in her write-up, it’s quite likely the MVP is a mixed breed.

“If you look at the Puppy Bowl lineup of K9 contenders on the Animal Planet website, you will see that most of the dogs are of mixed breed.”

Obviously, you can bet the other way for a high upside wager, but it’s not the best option. And the better bet comes in at -850, making it one I’d just simply rather avoid.

As I said, there are other 2021 Puppy Bowl bets to make. This just isn’t the one I’d chase.

What Will Andy Reid’s Mask Design Be?

I actually listed this among the weirdest Super Bowl 55 prop bets, and I still stand by that. This is a weird year, and that is a weird thing to bet on.

Sorry, but you can’t convince me otherwise.

I pointed out its objective weirdness, but when I broke down that prop, I also handed out my pick. It was priced at -2000 to be a Chiefs logo design of some sort, and BetOnline and other Super Bowl betting sites haven’t budged on those odds.

Your other options are no logo (+350) or a Hawaiian theme (+700. One is unlikely, and the other is just laughable.

Unless Reid just wants to troll everyone, he’s almost certainly going to be wearing another Chiefs-laden mask on the sidelines during Super Bowl 55.

It’s actually a pretty safe bet. Unfortunately, it’s not a profitable one.

Will a Player Slap Sarah Thomas on the Butt?

I debated tossing this into the post about weird Super Bowl 55 prop bets but ultimately declined because it was just too far out there.

And now I’m putting it here for two reasons; nobody should want to bet on this, and no player is stupid enough to actually do this.

For those that are late to the party, Sarah Thomas is the NFL’s first full-time female referee.

I can’t begin to dive into all of the problems that would arise from a male player touching a female referee in this manner (or any ref, really), as it would border on sexual assault.

The prop and act are a tad icky. I’d avoid this Super Bowl prop no matter what, but the fact that it is priced like a no-brainer (-10000) tells you all you need to know.

Will a Player Be Ejected From Super Bowl 55?

There are probably a lot more Super Bowl 55 prop bets to avoid, but I’m just pointing out the ones that feel the most egregious to me.

Whether it be pricing or the prop itself, if there is nothing to be gained with it (or the odds are stacked against you), then it’s filed under the worst Super Bowl props for me.

I’ll cap this list off with a potential Super Bowl player ejection.

It’s just incredibly unlikely it happens, is the thing. It’s literally happened just once, and it came when a game was already decided.

Player ejections are pretty rare in general, and a player would normally have to do something pretty over the top to earn a toss.

Given the game’s magnitude, it’s also unlikely any referee would send a player packing without a really good reason. More often than not, the player gets a penalty and nothing more.

That, and history tells us a lot when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl. With just one player ever ejected in a Super Bowl, this prop feels like a good one to avoid.


The list above is obviously somewhat subjective, and don’t let me stop you from making any Super Bowl 55 bets you feel strongly about.

Personally, though, I’d probably stay away from the Super Bowl props detailed in this post. In fact, sticking with our free printable Super Bowl 55 prop bet sheets may be the right call.

You can download those and play for free with family and friends, or target said wagers at your favorite Super Bowl 55 betting sites.

Hopefully, this breakdown of the worst Super Bowl 55 props keeps you from some bad bets or from losing cash needlessly.

While there is clearly a long line of Super Bowl props to avoid in 2021, there are still a lot of ways to enjoy the big game while making some cash.

For a breakdown of the best bets for Super Bowl 55, check out the post below.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

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When it comes to the NFL, Noah's favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. He enjoys cheering them on with his wife and daughter.

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