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7 Slot Machines Based on Popular Books

By Randy Ray in Casino
| January 10, 2017 12:00 am PDT
Seven Slot Machines Based on Popular Books

Slot machines have been around for over a century, and their design has come a long way since their inception. These types of gambling machines originated in the late 1800s by Charles Fey, but the exact year differs depending on who you ask.

The original design was created as a way to automate poker, and they quickly gained popularity by offering players an instant payout. Fey’s machine, the Liberty Bell, included five symbols: hearts, spades, diamonds, horseshoes, and liberty bells.  Players would hit the jackpot by aligning three liberty bells, and they were rewarded with a whopping reward of 50 cents.

Over a century later, today’s slot machines are dishing out multi-million dollar sums for folks who only need to bet a few dollars. Most slots are designed with multiple games in one software; this usually includes one base game and one or more bonus games. If that isn’t enticing enough, companies are also designing slot machines with themes pertaining to pop culture in order to keep players engaged longer and more often.

Slot machine themes vary from historical references to hit game shows and every topic in between. Some of the more well-known themed slot machines include characters, imagery, and story lines from renowned books.

Designing slot machines based on popular books allows casinos to appeal to a wider audience base in addition to boasting the entertainment level of its machines. Players become immersed in the game as they follow along their favorite story lines and collect familiar symbols. Let’s take a look at seven book themed slot machines.

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The Willy Wonka slot machine combines whimsical graphics and esteemed music to create a world of pure gaming imagination. This slot machine includes familiar imagery from the book, including dancing oompa loompas and the illustrious golden ticket, which can be found in a bonus feature and awards winners the jackpot.

The game includes nine bonus features, which are activated when three glass elevator symbols appear on the screen. Players take the elevator up, where it determines their random bonus feature.

One of the bonus rounds includes the Wonka factory’s famous chocolate river, and the machine’s motion chair technology imitates the movement on the screen and allows players to feel as though they too are speeding down the river.

As predicted, the golden ticket can be found inside a Wonka bar. Players choose a Wonka bar at the end of each bonus round for a chance to find the golden ticket and win the jackpot. Every bonus round that passes without yielding the ticket increases the grand total of the jackpot.

2. The Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers

Follow along the yellow brick road while this slot machine transports you through the virtual land of Oz with Dorothy, Toto, and the rest of the gang. Players run into familiar characters and symbols from the book and movie on the way to their final destination – Oz and the Emerald City. If they reach the final destination, they’re awarded up to 125x the original bet.

This game will keep you on the edge of your seat – literally – as it’s also equipped with motion chair technology. The chair twists and turns as the yellow brick road unfolds before you on screen.

Two witch themed bonus rounds featuring Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch are included in the game. These two bonuses are awarded at random during this high variance game and don’t occur too often. When they do appear, players are in for a handsome payout.

A pair of ruby slippers is located at the bottom of the playing screen.  After a winning spin, they click together and award multipliers during the base game as well as the bonus games.

3. Alice and the Mad Tea Party

This slot transports you down the rabbit hole, as you follow the classic story line of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. No themed slot is complete without its characters, and this machine includes the whole curious bunch from the iconic tea party scene.

The Alice in Wonderland themed slot game includes seven bonus features, five of which are activated at random. Each bonus game includes a theme or character from the story, including the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, and of course Alice herself.

This game doesn’t have an overall jackpot, but doing well in the variety of bonus rounds will leave players with a fine payout.

4. Sex and the City

The Sex and the City slot machine appeals to a more niche audience with its feminine symbols and pink color scheme. The game depicts the promiscuous lives of fours best friends living in New York. Players are even treated to clips from the TV series during bonus rounds, and speaking of bonus rounds, this game doesn’t disappoint.

The multi play function offers players four different screens and the option to play four games at once on this machine. Each game is based around the life of one of the four main characters. Players must cover all four lines in order to be eligible for all bonus games and progressives.

The Sex and the City slot machine includes over six bonus features in addition to five progressive jackpots.  Jackpots correspond to the five main characters – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Mr. Big. Progressives can only be won in the corresponding bonus round. Bonus features can be hard to come across in this game, but players will reap large payouts when they do. Players covering all four games have a higher chance of scoring jackpots.

5. Lord of the Rings

Players take an epic journey through middle earth in the Lord of the Rings themed penny slot machine. Follow along with Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and other familiar characters while conquering rivals and unlocking bonuses along the way.

The amount of bonuses received depends on how far you progress in the story line; and the game’s save feature allows players to collect more miles, which increases their chances for bonuses. Players are prompted to enter a username at the start of the game, and if they choose not to do so, they’re only able to play the first and second bonus rounds.

Free power spin awards can be found throughout the game, which players can redeem when they want to increase the outcome at a certain stage.

6. Back to the Future – Back in Time

Blast through time while following the story line of the Back to the Future slot machine. This slot is the first to include enhanced content gaming technology. This unique software provides players with two gaming experiences, which in this case are that of Marty McFly and Biff Tannen. The base theme is Marty’s story, and the unlockable theme is Biff’s story.

Once the second theme is unlocked, players can alternate between Marty and Biff’s games at the push of a button. Incorporating this unique feature allows players to switch games when they grow bored of one without moving to a different machine.

Both stories have their own bonus rounds, which award multipliers, credits, and free spins. The slot also has touchscreen abilities, and players use their finger to spin an actual wheel during the bonus round in Marty’s theme.

Clips and iconic symbols from all three Back to the Future movies and their novelization appear throughout both story lines.

7. Star Trek

The Star Trek franchise has gained popularity among science fiction fans since the inception of its first episodes and subsequent novel adaptations in the 1960s. The series of Star Trek slot machines has proven no different. These themed slots delve into the fantasy world of Captain James Kirk and his crew, with other familiar faces like Spock, Uhara, and Scotty, just to name a few.

The Star Trek slots were the premiere of adaptive gaming technology. With this software, players are able to follow along different story lines, and save their progress to resume play on a different machine. Players are prompted to enter a username at the start of the game, and they select a character from the plot to represent themselves.

Players are awarded medals along the journey, which unlock the game’s added bonus features. The main story line includes several twists and turns dependent on the medals collected. Because of this, there are multiple possible outcomes for each game.


The machines listed above gained popularity in casinos across the globe due to the fame of the book and oftentimes their subsequent movie and television depictions. Each machine boasts its diverse story line and bonus features, but oftentimes casino goers choose to play – and even stand in line waiting – because they’re longtime fans of the theme.

Designing slot machines with classic story lines like these help casinos reach a wider audience and keep players engaged longer. For the most part, popular books are some of the more recent themes for slot machines. The steady advance of interactive technology coupled with the constant development of new and exciting technologies will no doubt continue the trend of slot machines based on popular books.



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