7 Online Slot Games With Awesome Soundtracks

By Jennifer Hassan in Slots
| August 24, 2020 4:51 am PST
Online Slots with the Best Soundtracks

Gone are the days when all slots had the same carnival music as the reels spun around and around. Jackpots were signaled by the jing-jingling of nickels raining into the silver tray, and everyone would turn to stare, admiring and envious.

Now, with people playing slots online for real money rather than in land-based casinos, the situation has become much more enjoyable. Graphic designers are being lured away from video game production companies, and sound engineers are leaving Hollywood to create impactful, ambient soundtracks for online slots.

I’ve put together some of the best examples of high-tech, high-enjoyment slots where you can bet and win real money and that are a pleasure to listen to.

Here are 7 online slots with the best soundtracks.

Age of Asgard

Age of Asgard slot game

This slot machine based on Norse mythology has a soundtrack that creates an epic, old-era vibe. Nordic myths have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years, with such movies as Thor and Beowulf and Snow White and the Huntsman: Winter’s War drawing fans into the mythology of the far north.

The online slot Age of Asgard continues to develop the theme of the icy violence and ancient enmities of this era with its images and its music.

The rune-style symbols on the reels are augmented by the eerie percussive beat. You can imagine the nomadic Sami—the reindeer tribes—clustered around a fire in the far north.

They huddle together, not for warmth, but for protection against the gods. Norse gods are full of vice and thunder and made their presence known to the hardy people of the north on a daily basis.

When you play this game, you’ll want headphones; the insistent rhythm is one you will want to turn up, and headphones will allow the experience to feel more “surround-sound.”

Nordic music reflects the feel of life on the frozen tundra, where darkness reigns for much of the year and where the wind whistles eerily through pine forests and sounds like the gods are calling to their people.

This mobile slot machine is created by Yggdrasil, a gaming company at the leading edge of the mobile slot evolution. Yggdrasil uses the best digital artists from around the globe to put a slot machine together.

Their stable of games is impressive, their fan base is loyal, and their games are as fun to play for the sights and sounds as the jackpots and wilds.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you have played the game, you know that the sound effects are hyper-real, in that they are realistic (explosions, pain, choppers, etc.) but are augmented by sound engineers to make the experience even more intense.

Such is the case with the online slot version, as well. The production company (CryptoLogic became Amaya Inc.) cut no corners in making this slot machine as engrossing as video play. Every move, every twitch has its own place in the soundtrack.

Fans of first-person shooter games will enjoy the action offered by this online slot machine (which can be played at many online casinos). If you are attracted to Modern Warfare, then you are likely already a fan of war-based video games that rely on group strategy and target skills.

Luck + Skill = Jackpot

These games tend to be so addictive because they up the ante when it comes to what you are willing to risk. If you lose your life, you are out, you lose, and you have to recover or start over.

It’s an adrenaline rush, where you feel like your life is on the line, and you need to survive by your wits and the trust of any teammates you may have (if you are in a multi-player version).

With Modern Warfare, you get that same all-or-nothing ambiance. (Not recommended if you have PTSD, by the way.) When the reels spin, you get a solid, thumping beat. And when jackpots are hit, there is pumping music to get you excited about your kill. Er—win.

An added bonus is that there are also skill-based aspects to the game, in which you must display your marksmanship skills to determine your multiplier. Modern Warfare is a unique blend of classic slots and a video game.

Game of Thrones Slots

This slot machine makes it easy to get very caught up in spinning the reels. The orchestral soundtrack has a sweeping, overwhelming presence, and it is easy to forget about “real life” for a bit.

The music changes for various levels, which is a thoughtful component to the game. It is these touches that prevent a slot machine from feeling too repetitive.

The theme is the Arthurian-age, castles and treachery era that you know from the television series. In the slots game, you have the option to choose which house you will be affiliated with: Stark, Lannister, etc.

Fans that are heartsick that the series is over can either read the books or play the GoT slot machine to return to Westeros. This slot machine doesn’t feel 2D flat, but feels very 3D, especially after you have been watching the reels for a while.

You know how in baseball a batsman can get to a point of focus where the baseball becomes very “large” in his or her mind’s eye, and thus much easier to hit? It is the same with this game; after a while, the symbols and characters seem to jump out at you. I love it!

Brazil Bomba

Everything sounds good and looks good in this online slot. I find myself shimmying in my chair to the Latin beat. The reel play is nothing too out of the ordinary, but the music is catchy enough to keep you at play.

Because this is a Yggdrasil game, there is an attention to graphic detail that I appreciate. Furthermore, although the soundtrack loops over and over, as do those of most slots—land-based or online—the music is lively and just exotic enough that you don’t care.

A pretty woman with a flame thrower stands poised to blast you some cross-reel wins. The spinning reels sound like conga drums. Multipliers are frequent, noisy, and generous. In all, a very appealing online slot machine.

The game is set at Carnival time in Rio. You can win big money on this game because you can wager big money. The max bet per spin is upwards of $50.

Guns n Roses  

This slot by NetEnt is perfect for hard rockers who want to settle in and go for the jackpot. With “Welcome to the Jungle” playing in the background (as well as other GnR songs) and a drink in your hand, all of your senses will be engaged.

Wilds trigger video footage of Axl Rose in performance, and wilds appear frequently.

I have to admit that when I play the Guns n Roses slot, I bang my head a little bit. Not enough to affect my cervical vertebrae, but certainly enough to get me hyped up.

Another game by the same slot developer, NetEnt, is the Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots. The Ozzy slot has less music than the GnR slot machine, but the sound of the Ozzy reels creates a creepy, dungeon-like ambiance. You know…if you’re into that sort of thing.

One Armed Bandit

This online slot by masterful slot creation company Yggdrasil is based in the Wild West. The music is what you would expect: a combination of the old Gunsmoke theme and the harmonica that plays in the background of every cowboy movie. But it is so well done, so crisp, that it feels like a track you would put on your iPod before you drive into the sunset on a road trip.

We return to our favorite slots because a) we love the payouts, and b) we appreciate the ambiance they create, the world we can step into. Whether we love pirates or a mystical land of castles and myth and fey creatures, we want to feel as fully immersed as possible.

For anyone who loves the grit-and-guns feel of the Wild West (which still exists in some places…yes, I’m talking to you, New Mexico), this game and this soundtrack will reel you in (pun intended).

Easter Island

The music in this online slot machine is nothing out of the ordinary—basic island beats—but the fact that there are two Easter Island heads that vocally celebrate when you hit a win is a lot of fun.

The combination of the appealing tribal graphics and the talking heads makes this a surprisingly easy game to stick with when you want to while away an afternoon. There are no skill-based aspects to this game, as there are with Call of Duty. Nor are there any decisions that need be made, as in Game of Thrones, where you align yourself with a royal house.

Instead, Easter Island is an easy, tap-and-spin slots game that will keep you entertained (and maybe even make your pocket a little heavier) while you are on the phone with your mother-in-law or stuck at the wedding reception of someone you don’t know very well (yes, this game can be played on mobile devices via many of the top slots apps).

Now, Go Play

People used to play slots to win money. And to spend time drinking in a land-based casino. I remember players with a drink in one hand pulling the arm of the one-armed bandit with their cigarette hand, lit end waving wildly and dangerously in the air. You could barely see a few feet ahead of you for all the smoke. Ahhh, the ‘70s.

Then slots went online, and graphic artists began to contribute cutting-edge design to the slots. No longer were reels confined to just big 7s and cherries and jokers. Now they could be anything that an artist could imagine. Fairies, Marines, William Tell, King Arthur, the goddess Freya.

Add modern, well-conceived, and orchestrated sound to the mix, and no wonder online slots have developed a massive following. The fact that you can win big money is like icing on the giant wedding cake…almost an afterthought to all the fun you can have.



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