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The 7 Greatest Shots Tiger Woods Has Ever Hit

| September 14, 2020 9:22 am PDT
The 7 Greatest Shots Tiger Woods Has Ever Hit

15 Major Championships and counting and a career founded on magical moments.

Tiger Woods has hit some of the most miraculous and jaw-dropping golf shots we have ever seen, and he has done it time and time again.

Whether it was holing a tricky putt in a pressure situation or pulling a rabbit out of his hat from a fairway bunker, TW has flashed brilliance on numerous occasions.

It wasn’t a straightforward task to narrow it down to Tiger Woods’ 7 greatest shots of all time, but here’s what I came up with.

Flop Shot – 16th Hole at Jack’s Place

It’s the final round of the 2012 Memorial, and Tiger is trailing by a couple of shots.

Buried in the rough right of the green on the par-3 16th hole at Muirfield Village, Woods was in a major predicament. Rather than play it safe, Tiger decided to go for the gusto and took a full swing with his lob wedge, despite a glistening water hazard lurking just beyond the flagstick.

Woods himself said he was just trying to get the ball within 8 or 10 feet of the hole, but take a guess what transpired.

Tournament host Jack Nicklaus went on to say, “That was one of the most incredible golf shots I think you’ll ever see played. Unbelievable.”

“One of the Best Shots I’ve Ever Hit in My Life”

We’re taking a trip down memory lane to the final hole of regulation at that 2001 WGC-EMC World Cup. Teamed with David Duval representing the United States, Tiger and “Double D” had to make eagle on the last hole in order to force a playoff.

Playing alternate shot format, Duval leaked a long iron right of the green on the par 5, leaving TW in the most precarious of positions. Getting it close seemed nearly impossible — holing it was downright unimaginable.

The legend himself proceeded to hit a spinning chip shot that went into the bank of the hill before taking a hard left turn down the slope and toward the cup. Not only did this thing go in, but it was center-cut and dripped in over the front of the hole with perfect speed.

Banana Slice in Mexico

Tiger Woods has faced a lot of pressure during his career — a lot more than he did during his second shot at the 9th hole during the second round of the 2019 WGC-Mexico Championship. With that being said, I’m not sure there’s another golfer on the planet who could pull off what Tiger did with his 132-yard approach from the fairway bunker.

Blocked by large vegetation and a massive tree directly in between him and the flag, Tiger could have easily pitched something short left of the green and tried to get up and down for par.

But why do that when you can do this?

Deliberating between wedge and nine-iron, Woods elected to open his stance and chop down on a nine iron with an exaggerated helicopter finish. The ball shot out, curving hard to the right, then landing on the left side of the green before being pulled on a string straight toward the hole.  

“Better Than Most”

Gary Koch’s call is almost as good as the putt Tiger hit, but not quite.

We’re at the famous Island Green at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass playing the third round of the 2001 PLAYERS. The pin is tucked up front, and Tiger’s tee shot sailed to the back fringe just a step or two from the ledge. Facing some 60 or 65 feet, this downhill, triple-breaking putt can make even the best players in the world look silly.

Nonetheless, Tiger possessed the imagination and creativity necessary to hit the perfect putt.

Woods let out an emphatic uppercut fist pump, sending the crowd into a frenzy, and more importantly, he went on to capture his first PLAYERS Championship by a single shot over Vijay Singh.

Remarkable Fairway Bunker Shot in Canada

Many consider this Tiger Woods’ greatest shot of all time. It’s certainly right up there, and I’d call it the most daring shot he’s ever attempted.

Standing in the fairway bunker, playing the 18th hole on Sunday, leading Grant Waite by a shot, Waite was already aboard the par-5 in two shots staring at an easy birdie. Despite facing over 200 yards — all carry over water — a young and brash Tiger opted to take dead aim.

Woods bludgeoned a six-iron that never left the flag, landing his ball just past the stick and trickling into the back fringe. The fact that he pulled off this heroic shot is one thing, but the idea that he had the confidence and self-belief to even attempt it given the circumstances is what stands out the most.

Unforgettable Chip-In at the 2005 Masters

Tiger Woods won the 2005 Masters, defeating Chris DiMarco in a sudden-death playoff. However, Tiger would have never had the chance at extra holes if it wasn’t for his astonishing chip shot he played from behind the 16th green on Sunday.

Remembering a similar shot that David Love III holed in the 1999 edition, Tiger knew his only chance of getting this ball close was to aim sideways, visualize exactly where he wanted to land the ball, and execute to perfection.

Right on cue…. 

I can still hear Verne Lundquist shouting, “In your life have you ever seen anything like that!” Tiger and Steve Williams were elated, the patrons were vibrating from hysteria, and poor Chris DiMarco’s heart sank down his chest and into his stomach.

I think they call that the “Tiger Woods Effect.”   

Unfathomable 3 Iron From the Bunker at Hazeltine

You want to talk about an extraordinary golf shot? How about the one that Tiger Woods called the “most flush shot” he has ever hit in his life?

In the second round of the 2002 PGA Championship, Tiger pulled his tee shot left at the 18th hole at Hazeltine National Golf Club and was near the lip of the bunker, really not left with much of anything other than a pitch-out. Just ask Ernie Els, who was playing alongside Tiger that chilly morning and couldn’t believe his eyes at what Tiger did next.

“He picks a 3-iron out of the sand, over the tree and onto the green. I mean, you just can’t make this stuff up. He hit this thing, it had to climb really quickly. At 7:30 in the morning, to hit that kind of shot, crazy.”

Billy Kratzert was in awe, Tiger shrugged his shoulders and just laughed, and here’s the best part.

Woods strolled onto the green and drained the birdie putt, capping off an “up and down” that mortals can only dream of.

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