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7 Actors That Would Be Perfect for Playing Jack Reacher in the New TV Series

| May 10, 2020 12:49 am PDT
Who Will Play Jack Reacher?

With the news that Tom Cruise is out as Jack Reacher and that the story will be brought to the small screen, there has been a lot of interest as to where things could go.

It’s reached the betting circles, too. Betway is one major betting site that is offering odds for who will play the next Jack Reacher.

I already dove into this, based strictly on the options and odds provided by Betway. You can see my prediction for who will be the next Jack Reacher, but I wasn’t enamored with the candidates you’re able to bet on.

Ideally, the list grows, and US-based bettors can also bet on who plays Jack Reacher next. Should that happen, I’d argue for several names that fit the character best.

Jack Reacher creator Lee Child was pretty outspoken about Cruise never being the ideal fit. He was a huge movie star to help prop up the feature film rendition of Jack Reacher, but he didn’t match the character whatsoever.

To do that, the Jack Reacher TV series needs a massive, powerful actor who can display detective skills as well as the physical attributes of a soldier.

Here are 7 actors that would be perfect for the Jack Reacher TV series.

Dave Bautista

The WWE star has morphed into one of the best action stars in Hollywood, and most will recall him from his role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bautista is not the most skilled actor, but he’s a tower of a man at 6’6” and has the exact physique the Jack Reacher books describe.

He’d give the role a truer adaptation, and the series would also have plenty of star power to work with.

John Cena

I am not a huge fan of Cena, whether it be his WWE role or his acting chops. He’s a bit smaller than what we’d want here, too.

That said, Cena has successfully played the part of soldiers in movies before, and he’s as jacked as any actor this series would test for the part.

Cena also gives the new Jack Reacher series a younger alternative to Bautista, while bringing quite a bit more star power.

Joe Manganiello

Not the greatest actor, to be sure, but the husband of Sofia Vergara is a massive man equipped with the physique and demeanor needed to successfully play Jack Reacher.

Manganiello isn’t a huge Hollywood star on his own, but he has 59 film credits and is said to be playing Deathstroke in future films. His star may be on the rise, so the Jack Reacher TV show may want to capitalize and sign him now.

Armie Hammer

From what I can tell, Hammer isn’t quite as jacked as he’d need to be to fill out this role. He is a huge name, however, as many know him from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and The Lone Ranger.

Hammer is also quite tall (6’5”) and has the name recognition to drum up a lot of interest in a Jack Reacher TV series.

Henry Cavill

It might be a bit awkward for fellow Mission: Impossible star Henry Cavill, but taking the Jack Reacher torch from Tom Cruise isn’t impossible.

Cavill is as busy as anyone these days, as he has a series going on Netflix, and he’s obviously a huge movie star. The guy who played Superman can do anything, though, and he has the wit, charm, and physique of a badass military detective.

Josh Duhamel

The story is similar for Duhamel, who may need to bulk up for this role. That said, he’s also quite tall (6’4”) and has displayed the ability to play this type of character.

Duhamel was solid in Transformers: The Last Knight and has experience in the action genre. His name recognition, size, and underrated acting chops could make him an interesting option.

Jason Momoa

Here’s a different spin for you. Momoa doesn’t exactly fit the Jack Reacher character completely, but he probably should.

Few actors are more physically imposing, while Momoa checks all of the boxes in terms of toughness, strength, physique, and raw acting ability.

He’s pretty busy with his own TV series and a burgeoning film career, but he has all the attributes a new Jack Reacher show could hope to land.

Why Jason Momoa Should Play Jack Reacher

I picked Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in my Jack Reacher betting preview. I still like him based on the options Betway handed to us, but if I had the option, I’d probably target someone from the above candidates.

Of those options, I like Jason Momoa the most. He offers the total package when it comes to size, physique, looks, star power, and acting talent.

He might need to cut his hair, though.

Will Jason Momoa for sure be the next Jack Reacher? No, but he fits the part perfectly. Hopefully, the top entertainment betting sites eventually open things up with this prop and allow us to bet on him and other options.

Either way, the idea of a new Jack Reacher is fun to think about, and the series in general figures to be great. Keep an eye out for it, as well as how you can profit from it online.

For updates, odds, and predictions on Jack Reacher and all other entertainment props, bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

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  1. Michelle Hatchett September 11, 2020 at 12:06 am
  2. Scuppa September 10, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    Bautista? No, he doesn’t have any hair.
    Besides Reacher is a Big man not a roids monster, so scratch Cena, Momoa & Johnson too. Armie & Josh just don’t have the barrel chest, even if they bulked up. Plus he’s fair haired and blue eyed (hey if we’re gonna go with the physical then it counts) so Manganiello, Momoa & Johnson still out. Nikolaj Waldau is a good thought but still in the shorter skinnier class.
    Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth would fit the bill nicely, if they hadn’t already decided on –
    Alan Ritchson…..

    I’m not happy already ?



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