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6 Teams That Need to Consider Signing Colin Kaepernick in 2020

| June 23, 2020 5:07 am PDT
Teams That Need to Consider Signing Colin Kaepernick in 2020

My stance on Colin Kaepernick remains the same. He isn’t good enough right now to deserve a starting NFL job being handed to him. But he also was absolutely openly ignored by the league despite being better than most of the other backups in the league.

It’s impossible to ignore the negative distraction before being blackballed by the league, too. His stance against police brutality and kneeling during the National Anthem was controversial at best, while many saw it as disrespectful and divisive.

Initially, that was an understandable response. With the Black Lives Matter movement getting louder, however, the NFL and many other organizations have realized what Kaepernick was trying to say all along.

While it’s still a debate that ignites fire on either side, the point here is that should Kaepernick wish to resume his pro football career, he should be able to.

The NFL’s backing of BLM aids Kaepernick’s plight, in theory, and if he can show he still has what it takes (his workout last year received positive reviews), it wouldn’t be shocking to see one of 32 NFL teams take a shot.

Per Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, one team is already supposedly interested.

Heck, you can even bet on Kaepernick’s football future at BetOnline and other NFL betting sites. There aren’t fresh odds as to where Colin Kaepernick will play next at the moment, but they should emerge again.

Before they do, let’s take a look at the teams that make the most sense as we come to a Colin Kaepernick prediction for 2020.

Baltimore Ravens (+225)

The Ravens were the tentative favorite to sign Colin Kaepernick the last time BetOnline offered fresh Colin Kaepernick odds.

Lamar Jackson is one of the best players in the league and the reigning NFL MVP, while Robert Griffin III is his current backup. I’m not entirely sure there’s actually room for Kaepernick on this roster, but his skill-set absolutely fits what the Ravens are doing.

Seattle Seahawks (+275)

Seattle might make a bit more sense, as the Seahawks depend on Russell Wilson greatly and don’t have much behind him. If Wilson gets hurt, all they have to turn to is Geno Smith.

Smith is a solid backup, but Kaepernick is the superior talent. If Seattle were forced into a bad situation, they’d probably rather have Kaepernick on the roster.

Kaepernick has also met with the Seahawks in the past, and head coach Pete Carroll has been open about the team making a mistake by not signing him years ago.

Los Angeles Chargers (N/A)

There aren’t any recent Colin Kaepernick betting odds associated with the Bolts, but perhaps there should be.

The team currently has an athletic quarterback in Tyrod Taylor slated to start, while the franchise may want to take it slow with rookie passer Justin Herbert.

Kaepernick is reportedly on the team’s emergency list, so it may take a Taylor injury for Kaep to get a shot with the Chargers.

Houston Texans (+400)

The Texans have brought in David Johnson and Brandin Cooks this offseason — in a move that included trading away DeAndre Hopkins — so why stop now?

I actually see adding Kaepernick as a good idea here, though. Deshaun Watson is a one-man wrecking crew, and if he goes down, Houston’s playoff hopes go with him.

The Texans have a system built around Watson’s escapability, down-field passing, and rushing prowess. They’d get none of that if forced to current backup A.J. McCarron.

Buffalo Bills (N/A)

There are no odds for Colin Kaepernick going to the Bills, but perhaps there should be.

The team relies heavily on the athletic Josh Allen to create their offense, while their backups are immobile pocket passers in Matt Barkley and Jake Fromm.

Fromm is already on thin ice with the organization, too, as he had some insensitive text messages leaked recently.

Kansas City Chiefs (N/A)

Lastly, we have the Super Bowl champions. If Patrick Mahomes gets hurt, they go from one of the most unpredictable passing mavens to, um, Chad Henne.

At best, they’d have last year’s backup, Matt Moore. None of this sounds great, while Andy Reid has done well to salvage careers in the past (Michael Vick, for one).

Will Colin Kaepernick Play in the NFL in 2020?

I think it’s starting to trend that way. In the past, I wasn’t so sure Kaepernick truly wanted to get back to the football field, but getting back to that level of competition would again give him a huge stage to send his message.

With the NFL being much more accepting of Kaepernick’s political stance, it makes sense that someone would realize Kaepernick being a distraction is no longer as much of an issue.

If it comes down to pure talent, Kaepernick is still 32 years old and technically in his physical prime. He still has the arm strength and athleticism to potentially be an impact player, while his physical talent greatly exceeds the majority of backups currently in the league.

When you factor in the number of dual-threat passers and the systems they’re in, there is also a great need for this type of backup in the NFL.

All things considered, Kaepernick could return this year, and the top spot in my mind is Kansas City. They have nothing behind Mahomes, and for a team with title (repeat) aspirations, they should be a bit more protective of their future.

Kaepernick has options for the first time in years, though. You can bet on whether or not he gets a shot, and where he plays in 2020. Just make sure you’re using the best NFL betting sites out there before doing so.

For other NFL betting opportunities, head over to our NFL blog.

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  1. edward odonnell August 7, 2020 at 5:14 am

    leave him sit this year out he is a distraction to the game. i want to watch football not a Political Activist. Yes Black lives do matter we don’t need him to tell us.



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