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6 Reasons Why The Rock Will Make the XFL a Success

| August 6, 2020 3:12 am PDT
Dwayne Johnson XFL

I have to be honest. Once the XFL folded (again), I thought it was finally the end to Vince McMahon’s professional football league.

In a very real way, it was and still is. McMahon is no longer a part of it, officially selling the league for $15 million to WWE superstar and actor Dwayne Johnson.

Better known as “The Rock,” Johnson has joined forces with Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital to purchase the league, promising to pick up where McMahon left off and see his own vision of the XFL through.

Will it be a success? Nobody can know, but just like I felt optimistic the last time the XFL tried to survive, I see plenty of reason to feel good about it.

With that, here are a few reasons why the XFL can thrive now that Dwayne Johnson is (somewhat) running the show.

RedBird Capital Is Familiar With Sports Investments

This has nothing to do with The Rock, but it’s worth pointing out. Johnson paired with his ex-wife when he signed on the dotted line with Garcia, but she runs a successful investment firm that knows sports.

RedBird Capital has already enjoyed strong partnerships with professional sports, investing in the YES Network, On Location Experience, and OneTeam Partners.

The firm’s connection with successful sports ventures suggests it’s prepared to take the XFL to the next level and make it a sustainable league.

The Rock Brings Passion and a Love for Football

Before he became a huge movie star and a wrestling icon, Dwayne Johnson was an NFL hopeful as a member of the Miami Hurricanes.

He never made it to the next level, but if you ask anyone covering college football at the time, they’d admit he was as talented as anyone. It was never going to be easy to stand out on the same defense that Warren Sapp came from, after all.

While Johnson couldn’t make it to the NFL, he was still a highly successful football player in his own right, playing a hand in Miami’s perfect championship season in 1991.

Johnson’s drive to this day is unparalleled, and he’ll put that to good use in trying to help other players live their dream of playing professional football.

The Rock Isn’t One to Fail

Perhaps the biggest reason to get excited about The Rock buying the XFL isn’t his partner or his football background, but rather, his desire to succeed.

Few can touch Johnson’s tireless work ethic. It starts with his brutal workout regimen, his personal approach to each day, his rise to the top of the wrestling and film industry, and his long string of successful endeavors.

It’s true that The Rock has had some movies that didn’t pan out as hoped, but he’s a huge action star, he’s one of the most recognizable professional wrestlers the world has ever known, and virtually everything he touches turns to gold.

If the new XFL has even an inkling of The Rock’s daily devotion to success, it should have a great shot at being profitable for years to come.

The XFL Was Already Succeeding

Blame a global pandemic for the demise of the XFL reboot. It’s obviously unknown how the rest of the 2020 XFL season would have played out, but through the first five weeks, people enjoyed it plenty.

Phillip Walker blossomed into a superstar and the league MVP favorite, and several of the XFL’s revolutionary rules and sideline antics caught the attention of the masses.

The XFL ratings were dropping as the weeks went on, of course, so while there is room for profitable spring football, The Rock may have to work hard in making sure they climb.

You Can Bet on the XFL

Another thing that could assist the XFL greatly is the fact that there isn’t a whole lot to get excited about during the springtime if you like to bet on sports or play DFS.

That changes with the presence of the XFL, which gives way to XFL daily fantasy contests at the top DFS sites, and you can, of course, bet on games and props at the top XFL betting websites.

It’s unclear what The Rock will think or say about that side of things, but it stands to reason that he’d make sure bettors and DFS players want to take part in his product more than ever.

If the XFL can drum up extra interest based on XFL DFS and XFL betting opportunities, it could go a long way in vaulting the league to the next level.

Star Power Breeds More Star Power

Lastly, the XFL has a real shot at succeeding just because of The Rock’s name being attached to it.

He is one of the biggest stars in the world, and his mere presence in the league could garner more eyes for games, as well as high-profile players.

There are obviously loads of talented players who can’t quite make it to the NFL, as well as veteran players hoping to turn failed careers around.

Big names like Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, and others could emerge as huge ticket-selling tools for the XFL, and Johnson’s affiliation with the league could help drum up player interest.

Will the XFL Succeed Under The Rock?

If anyone can make the XFL finally work out, it has to be Dwayne Johnson.

The work ethic, the drive, the love for football, and the dedication you need are all there, and it’s pretty unlikely The Rock and his business partners would take on such a risk if they didn’t feel strongly about it.

Not only that, but much like The Rock has shown throughout a career littered with good decisions, he probably has a plan to take a promising product and make it even better.

If football fans wanted to eat up a league conjured up by Vince McMahon, just imagine what this league will look like when The Rock is done with it.

It’s true that spring football has an uphill battle, but its driving force is now a guy who has literally built a career on expending energy until the job is done. Don’t be too shocked if he sets a high goal for the XFL and ends up delivering.

For the latest on the XFL, including betting odds and predictions, bookmark our XFL betting blog.

Noah Davis
Noah Davis

Noah Davis is one of the more diverse writers at GamblingSites.com. Like many of his colleagues, he's a huge fan of both football and basketball. But he also writes about box office records, TV show prop bets, DFS, and all kinds of other subjects.

When it comes to the NFL, Noah's favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. He enjoys cheering them on with his wife and daughter.

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