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6 Prop Bets We’d Love to See for the Return of Dexter

| October 24, 2020 1:56 am PDT
Dexter Revival Betting

The world’s favorite serial killer is back. That didn’t sound quite right, but allow me to offer some context. After years away from the small screen, Dexter is returning to Showtime for a special 10-episode limited series.

Michael C. Hall is slated to pick back up where his titular character left off. Last we saw, he was donning his best lumberjack attire after seemingly faking his own death.

The final season – and for sure the last episode – of Dexter was a total abomination. The writers took a magnificent story and drove it into the ground.

And now they’re bringing it back from the dead.

I love this for one reason and one reason only; because this gives everyone affiliated with this show a chance at a rare do-over.

Of course, nothing will guarantee they get it right the second time around. With the reality of further disappointment just around the corner, I thought it’d be interesting to see how we could potentially profit from the return of Dexter.

Pretty much every good show worth watching has been featured at entertainment betting websites in the past. You’ve been able to bet on Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and the list goes on.

With no real reason for us not being able to bet on what happens next in Dexter, let’s talk about some wagers that need to exist. You will have your own ideas (pitch them in the comments below), but here are the 6 prop bets we’d love to see for the return of Dexter.

Will Dexter Morgan Die?

This is the big one; the proverbial elephant in the room. We might as well talk about it now and get it out of the way.

I remember broaching something similar when the Breaking Bad world returned in the form of El Camino, and one of the top prop bets asked whether or not Jesse Pinkman would be killed off.

The idea is the same here. Is Dexter coming back just to send this menacing (yet weirdly affable) murderer to his grave? No entertainment betting sites are offering Dexter prop bets just yet, but if/when they do, this is obviously one that they’ll have to feature.

The showrunners have already suggested that this limited series is in a sense serving as a “second finale”.

If I had to guess, yes, we’ll see Dexter die.

Unlike someone like Pinkman, Dexter isn’t quite as redeemable. We all enjoyed his ride with his dark passenger, but we also all assumed it was a ride that inevitably had to end in a fiery car crash.

This time, it probably will.

Will Debra Morgan Make an Appearance?

Dexter’s had a weird journey with his adopted sister, Debra. He was taken in by her father, who because of Dexter’s affinity for corpses, understandably paid a little more attention to him.

That always had a quiet rift between the two slowly breaking open, but there was still a tight bond between the two.

Said bond eventually tests its own limits when Deb walked in on Dexter during one of his kills, and it went to an even crazier place with her character somehow falling in love with her adopted brother.

Yeah, none of it made any sense, but that’s what happened. At the end of the final season, Dexter watched his sister die, and that was that.

Or is it?

Jennifer Carpenter replied to a post on Instagram, insinuating she may have something to do with the return of Dexter.

Even if she doesn’t, it’s pretty likely Carpenter (the actress who plays Dexter’s sister) will worm her way back onto the show in the form of a flashback or dream sequence.

Will Any of the Old Gang Come Back?

I could waste your time and stretch this thing out by talking about all of the original characters on Dexter that we grew to love. If this is a mild reboot to close out the series the right way, it’d only make sense that we’d get to see a lot of familiar faces.

Exactly who is featured or brought back (and how) could be open for debate – and worth betting on.

There are dead characters like Lt. LaGuerta and Sgt. Doakes that we’d all love to see again. Then there are “glue characters” like Sgt. Batista, or comic relief options, like Vince Masuka.

Anyone and everyone is in play here. Heck, a massive chunk of the portion is built on “Harry’s Code”, as Dexter balances life as a blood-spatter analyst and his lust for killing.

Through it all, Dexter recalls conversations with his father, and literally “sees” him, even though he’s been dead for years. If dead characters aren’t brought back in the traditional sense, there’s little reason to think the show can’t still bring them back in another capacity.

Where Will the Story Take Place?

When we last saw the grizzly bearded Dexter, he was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

It could pick back up there, but since the story was left in 2013 and it’ll be 2021 by the time it picks back up, it’d only be natural to have some type of a time jump.

Either way, telling Dexter’s story as one in seclusion in a setting we’re not familiar with doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Due to that, it would only be fitting that he returns back to South Beach. In what capacity and why, of course, remain to be seen.

I could be wrong, but the point is when it comes to betting on Dexter, this is a prop that needs to be out there.

How Many Seasons of Dexter Will We Get?

This is a long-term prop I’d like to see, if only because a successful return would make me want to see more of this story.

The problem with any show is that before long, it tends to paint itself into a corner. With every decision a character makes – and in this case, every death that occurs – the story shrinks more and more.

Dexter was running out of options as a show, and it got the point where he either needed to die, or he had to remove himself from the equation.

Whether the audience buys it or not, the draw of Dexter returning to protect and/or help raise his son actually is believable and makes for a great story.

There’s that, but Showtime also clearly wanted this to happen. That’s likely due to one of two reasons; Dexter fans just wouldn’t let the show die, or Showtime needs this to work.

Either way, it is worth wondering if this Dexter return as a limited series isn’t so limited, after all. What if – assuming the ratings and feedback is positive – the showrunners are very much open to a full-blown comeback?

Will We See Dexter’s Son?

In the name of time jumps, why the heck wouldn’t we? Dexter’s kid is now approaching his formative years, and it’s quite possible he has his dad’s blood.

As in, he may start to go down a dark path. Whether his own murderous mother tries to stop him or he goes up against the law, it’s possible that could be why Dexter is uprooted from his quiet life of isolation.

Will Dexter return to Miami to save his son and teach him Harry’s Code? That could be one narrative to drive this Dexter revival, but betting on whether or not Dexter’s child shows up is certainly in play.


I’m sure there are even more prop bets we’d love to see for the return of Dexter. If you have some in your back pocket you want to throw out there and discuss, by all means, drop them in the comments below.

Personally, I just am excited for this Dexter comeback. It was a brilliant show for probably the first four seasons, and it remained a very good show until (maybe) season eight.

From there, it admittedly went off the rails.

Dexter was still worth watching in that dreadful season nine, of course, just because Michael C. Hall is such a draw. The show was also still suspenseful, and you kept wondering when Dexter would finally get tripped up.

My main beef with Dexter is that the series destroyed amazing storylines way too early. The show killed off his brother in season one, and booted Doakes in season two. These were exceptional characters that created the two most engrossing seasons of the show.

I’d have done things a bit differently, but alas. The good news is that a terrific character is back on television, and if all goes well, we’ll be able to profit from the show’s return while enjoying it on our couches.

For more updates on the series, Dexter prop bets, odds, and so much more, bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

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