6 Predictions for Stranger Things Season 4

| May 29, 2020 3:52 am PDT

Stranger Things season 4 is already on its way to us. We know this because we got the spoiler of a lifetime in a teaser trailer that dropped in February.

I won’t yet explore what that means. Just know that this post is about Stranger Things season 4 predictions. Suffice it to say, there will be some spoilers coming if you aren’t caught up with the first three seasons.

Of course, if you are still behind, you do have time, especially since a global pandemic has delayed shooting for the hit series. If that’s the case, stop reading this and go binge those first three seasons.

If you’re still here, it means you’re clamoring for season 4 of Stranger Things just like I am. You’re wondering who will die next, what other characters like Eleven might be introduced, and so much more.

Hence, my Stranger Things predictions for season 4.

You can’t yet wager on Stranger Things, but the best entertainment betting sites have offered Stranger Things props in the past. Before long, you’ll be able to bet on which Stranger Things characters die, where the story goes — you name it.

To aid in that process to a certain degree, here are a few Stranger Things 4 predictions to let marinate.

Dr. Brenner Isn’t Dead

I don’t even know if this is a shocking revelation anymore, but since we never saw him die in the first place, we can’t rule out a return for Matthew Modine.

One big reason to anticipate a comeback? A possible connection with the Russians, who have captured Hopper and in season 3 displayed their interest in the Upside Down.

No direct connection has been made known, but how else would they have found out about the entrance into the great unknown?

Maybe Brenner is working with them, perhaps he’s their prisoner; nobody knows. But Dr. Brenner returning — even for a temporary visit — makes a good deal of sense.

Hopper Isn’t Where You Think He Is

Speaking of dead guys that might not be dead, we actually know full well that our beloved Hopper is alive and well. The season 4 Stranger Things teaser trailer (I told you to look away!) suggested as much.

That probably means he survived the explosion at the end of season 3, but this is quite the anticlimactic reveal. We’re left wondering his fate, and then out of nowhere, the showrunners just tell us he’s okay?

Well, he’s held as a prisoner and forced to do labor for the Russians, but okay enough.

Is it really that simple? Maybe, or perhaps Hopper isn’t where we think he is. Maybe he isn’t even when we think he is.

It’s Stranger Things, folks. There are alternate dimensions, and there was a huge explosion. Yeah, it could be as obvious as him being snatched and being held prisoner, but what if he jumped through time and/or was relocated to another dimension altogether?

You’re forced to at least consider thinking outside the box when it comes to Stranger Things, so I’m going out on a limb and lobbing this one up.

Kali and Eleven’s Siblings Return

Remember when Eleven was unsure of herself and trying to discover how to harness her superpowers?

That storyline gave us a whole new wrinkle to navigate, as it also delved in Kali’s powers, as well as the unexplored likelihood (certainty) that there are other Dr. Brenner test subjects that are roaming the globe.

Most have shrugged Kali’s story off as nothing more than fodder, but it’d seem careless to never return to it. After all, the Shadow Monster is only growing angrier by the minute, so the next thing he conjures up will surely be his most devastating plan yet.

Eleven no longer has her powers at the end of season 3, which suggests two things; she may need to learn how to rediscover them and/or she could use some help when the big bad guy makes his return.

Bringing Kali back would be a start, but it won’t be enough. Don’t be shocked if Stranger Things season 4 explores the rest of the kids that were held against their will in that laboratory.

The Story Will No Longer Be Contained

For three seasons, the main characters have carried around this nasty little secret of the Upside Down but have managed to keep it out of the public eye.

Yes, even with half of Hawkins being turned into mush to form a giant Mindflayer monster.

I’m not exactly sure how we’ve gotten this far with everyone covering it up. However, one has to imagine when things get bigger and bolder, there comes a time where hiding the reality of the situation becomes impossible.

Several people attached to Stranger Things season 4 have suggested this season will be darker and scarier than anything we’ve seen yet.

Don’t be surprised when its outreach is part of that and Hawkins, Indiana, can no longer pretend it isn’t ground zero for some seriously insane happenings.

The Show Will Again Terrorize Will Byers

I have to thank the Duffer brothers. I begged and pleaded in past Stranger Things posts for this series to give Will Byers a break. For the most part, they obliged.

The innocent kid who did nothing wrong but ride his bike home late at night fell victim to the Shadow Monster and was straight-up terrorized for the first two seasons.

He still could literally feel the presence of the Mindflayer in season 3, while he was only just now coming to grips with his childhood evaporating before his very eyes.

He’s had his break, though. Byers moved away and has distanced himself from the Shadow Monster’s hold, but season 3 was an ugly reminder that in some regard, he’ll never totally be free.

Season 4 may reel him back in, much to our collective chagrin.

Steve Harrington Will Be the Next to Die

I see Stranger Things going one more season after this. The Duffer brothers haven’t quite decided if there will be a fifth season, but this show is immensely popular.

Netflix is losing the rights to some epic series — namely The Office — so keeping their prized possession rolling is very much in their best interest.

While that is possibly the case, this show still has to start getting realistic. Killing off B-list characters that weren’t part of the core group won’t be enough to satisfy die-hard fans.

It wasn’t easy to see Billy and others go in past seasons, and it surely would have been a gut punch if the show truly killed off Hopper. But assuming Hopper is in the land of the living, Stranger Things needs to go a bit bolder and shake this story up for good.

Eleven feels untouchable until the end, while the close-knit group of friends also seems unlikely to see their bond broken just yet. What could happen, however, is Steve Harrington finally gets the axe.

He’s been an unlikely hero and a confidant to this group, but he’s also slightly detached with his two love interests not reciprocating. He’d also be a heavy loss for our favorite characters and could officially launch this show in a totally different direction.

Betting on Stranger Things Season 4

Someone we cared about has died in every season of Stranger Things. Some more than others, but the show has yet to deliver a true blow to our TV-watching psyches, and it’d only make sense for that to come in season 4.

Who will die next in Stranger Things is a question we ponder each year, and thanks to some of the best novelty betting sites, it’s something we can potentially profit from.

There haven’t been a ton of things to bet on given our current global climate, either. That’s helped a lot of the top betting sites to realize entertainment betting is worth our while, and at some point, Stranger Things prop bets should be out there again for all to see.

When that happens, refer to this predictions post and also bookmark our entertainment betting blog so you can catch the latest odds and picks for the major markets.

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