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Ranking the 6 Greatest Alliances in Big Brother History

| March 20, 2022 4:44 am PDT
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In Big Brother, it’s imperative to be in an alliance. You can be one of the best players in Big Brother history, but it’s nearly impossible to make it to the end by yourself. An alliance gives you people to work with who can keep you safe.

We’ve seen many alliances fall flat on their face, but a few perfected the strategy and made it far into the game. This list talks about the six greatest alliances in Big Brother history.

6. The Quack Pack – Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 originally consisted of 12 houseguests and four former players that would act as coaches. In Week 3, Big Brother allowed the coaches to vote if they wanted to participate as players.

They voted yes, with Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and Janelle Pierzina joining the game.

At this point, Dan and Britney had strong relationships with players on their team. They aligned with Danielle Murphree, Shane Meaney, and Ian Terry. They wanted to target Chilltown 2.0, consisting of Boogie and Frank Eudy, but Frank won the Head of Household in Week 5.

The Quack Pack successfully evicted Boogie in Week 6, but Frank went on a competition tear. He won three straight Power of Veto’s and the Week 7 Head of Household. He immediately went after Dan, putting him up next to Danielle.

It looked like Dan’s game was over after losing the Power of Veto. However, he saved himself with the most iconic moment in Big Brother history.

After that, Dan went to Frank and outed the alliance, saving himself and causing Britney’s eviction. They lost a member, but The Quack Pack stayed strong through the next few weeks. They knocked out the remaining three players outside of the alliance, including Frank, to make the final four.

Dan convinced Danielle to let him cast the sole vote for eviction in the final four. Danielle pulled him off the block, and Dan blindsided her by evicting Shane. Danielle and Shane were in a showmance, and she wanted Ian to go home.

Ian and Dan went to the final two, with Ian winning by 6-1 vote. You can argue that Dan played a better game, but the jury members were so unhappy with Dan that they gave Ian the win.

5. The Renegades – Big Brother 10

Before his time on Big Brother 14, Dan Gheesling was the star of Big Brother 10. Dan wasn’t in a great position early in the game, but America’s twist in Week 4 changed the game.

In Week 4, America voted for Dan to be America’s player. America wanted Jessie Godderz evicted over Memphis Garrett. Dan convinced a few of his affiliates to evict Jessie, and he went home with a 4-3 vote.

This led to Dan and Memphis teaming up to form The Renegades. They were the only players in the official alliance, but they had a few affiliates.

  • Keesha Smith
  • Libra Thompson
  • Renny Martyn

Libra went home in Week 5, but the alliance dominated the next few weeks. Dan and Memphis combined to win four of the next six competitions, with Renny and Keesha each winning one. This moved those players into the final five, with Jerry MacDonald.

However, Jerry won the Head of Household in Week 8. He nominated Dan and Keesha, but Memphis’ win in the Power of Veto saved Dan, with Renny going home.

In the final four, Dan and Memphis held all the power. They had a better relationship with Keesha and thought they had a better chance to beat Jerry in the final three. Memphis ultimately cast the sole vote to evict Keesha.

Dan won the final Head of Household, evicting Jerry and clinching the final two for The Renegades. That left the jury to vote for one of the two alliance members. The jury saw their alliance as one-sided, with Dan leading the way.

In the end, Dan became the first player in Big Brother history to win unanimously. This started the talk of him being among the greatest players in Big Brother history.

4. Chilltown – Big Brother 2 & 7

The Chilltown alliance has to be one of the most recognizable in Big Brother history. The alliance originated in Big Brother 2 as the first alliance in Big Brother history. It featured Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin. They also had Shannon Dragoo, but she wasn’t as big of a player.

It’s hard to judge Chilltown’s impact on Big Brother 2. Shannon and Boogie went home in Week 3 and 4, respectively. Will won the game, but I think that says more about him as a player than the alliance.

In Big Brother 7, we saw Chilltown dominate the game. It was an all-star season, so the houseguests were playing their second season. Everyone knew Will and Boogie came into the game as a duo, but they didn’t go after them.

What Chilltown did well in Big Brother 7 was form side alliances. They pulled in Janelle Pierzina for much of the game while aligning with Danielle Reyes and James Rhine.

The alliance with Danielle and James only lasted a few weeks, but in that time, Danielle and James won competitions to keep them safe.

Following Howie’s eviction in Week 7, Janelle and Boogie effectively dominated the competitions.

Head of Household Power of Veto
Week 7 (Day 47) Boogie Janelle
Week 8 (Day 54) Erika Janelle
Week 8 Day 60) Janelle Erika
Week 9 (Day 61) Boogie Janelle

Ultimately, Janelle made the surprising move to evict Will at the final four, ending Chilltown’s chances of making it to the final two. Boogie avenged Will’s eviction, winning the final Head of Household and sending Janelle home.

Boogie won Big Brother 7 by a 6-1 vote over Erika Landin. They might not have made it to the final two, but it’s hard to find an alliance that won two different seasons.

3. The Hitmen – Big Brother 16

The Hitmen alliance dominated Big Brother 16. Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore aligned early in the game and strengthened their position by making side alliances.

In the beginning, Derrick and Cody were in The Bomb Squad. The alliance didn’t last long, with Devin Shepherd blowing up in Week 2, leading to his Week 3 eviction. Derrick and Cody found themselves in power in Week 3 and Week 4.

The Hitmen teamed up with Frankie Grande, Christine Brecht, and Zach Rance to form The Detonators. Caleb Reynolds wasn’t technically in the alliance, but he also worked with them.

Aside from Nicole Franzel winning Head of Household in Week 6, this alliance effectively ran the table. Derrick and Cody failed to win a competition from Week 5 to Week 8, but their strong relationships kept The Hitmen alive.

In the next three weeks, Cody and Derrick each won the Head of Household, with Cody winning a Power of Veto. That clinched their spot in the final five with Frankie, Caleb, and Victoria Rafaeli.

Cody won the final two Power of Veto’s, with Derrick winning the final four Head of Household to clinch their spots in the final three. They opted to take Victoria to the final three because they knew they could beat her.

It was an interesting decision for Cody as he won the final Head of Household. He would’ve won if he took Victoria, but he stayed loyal to Derrick and took him to the final two.

Derrick went on to win the game by a 7-2 vote. Some people wondered if Cody made it to the end because of Derrick. However, that all went away when Cody won Big Brother 22 without Derrick.

Ultimately, they both walked away as winners.

2. The Brigade – Big Brother 12

In Big Brother 12, The Brigade wasted no time forming their dominant alliance. Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg, Enzo Palumbo, and Matt Hoffman came together to form the alliance on day two.

Hayden and Matt won three of the first five Head of Households. Hayden was in danger in Week 4, as he was on the block on eviction night. Ultimately, Kristen Bitting went home after her public fight with Rachel Reilly earlier in the week.

Everyone in the alliance formed a side alliance. Matt paired with Ragan Fox, and Lane had Britney Haynes. Hayden lost his side alliance when Kristen went home, and Enzo didn’t have one.

In Week 6, The Brigade was in a tough spot. Lane and Ragan were on the block, but Ragan’s Power of Veto win forced Brendan Villegas to nominate Matt. The Brigade told Matt they would be sending him home.

That’s when Matt shocked everyone by pulling out a Diamond Power of Veto. This special power meant he could take himself off the block and name a replacement nominee.

The Brigade stayed intact, but Matt went home the following week.

In the final five, Lane won the Head of Household. Ragan and Enzo were on the block, and the Power of Veto came down to them. Enzo ultimately won the Power of Veto, and Ragan went home.

Britney became the final casualtyof The Brigade, with Hayden, Lane, and Enzo making the final three.

Hayden won the final Head of Household, taking Lane to the final two over Enzo. It came down to the final vote, with Hayden winning 4-3 over Lane. Hayden stepped up when it mattered most, winning three of the last four Head of Households. He also won the final four Power of Veto.

1. The Cookout – Big Brother 23

In Big Brother 23, it didn’t take long to realize The Cookout would steamroll the competition. In Week 1, Tiffany Mitchell created The Cookout to crown the first black winner in Big Brother history.

The alliance consisted of Tiffany, Xavier Prather, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, and Derek Frazier. Hannah Chaddha wasn’t a part of the original alliance, but she joined a few weeks later.

There was very little adversity for The Cookout early in the game. Hannah was on the block in Week 4, but he had enough protection to stay alive. From there, Tiffany realized The Cookout could survive every eviction if they had a pawn.

Her masterplan was to get everyone in the alliance to align with one person. That way, if one member of The Cookout went on the block, their side alliance would be next to them.

  • Tiffany – Claire Rehfuss
  • Xavier – Alyssa Lopez
  • Hannah – Derek Xiao
  • Kyland – Sarah Beth Steagall
  • Azah & Derek – Britini D’Angelo

Tiffany’s plan worked to perfection. Britini D’Angelo and Sarah Beth Steagall went home next to their duo. Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss also went home in this stretch. Alyssa Lopez was the final player standing between The Cookout and the final six.

Xavier’s Power of Veto win in Week 9 clinched their spot in the final six. They accomplished their mission, but only one player could win.

The final four came down to Xavier, Kyland, Derek, and Azah. Xavier was in the best position to win, and he knew the only person that could beat him was Kyland. He evicted Kyland and eventually made the final two with Derek.

In the end, Xavier became the third player in Big Brother history to win unanimously. More importantly, he became the first black winner in Big Brother US history.

Other Great Big Brother Alliances

  • The Friendship – Big Brother 6
  • Secret Alliance – Big Brother 3

In Big Brother 6, the power shifted back and back between The Friendship and Sovereign Six. The Friendship made up three of the final four, including the final two. Maggie Ausburn beat Ivette Corredero by a 4-3 vote to win Big Brother 6.

Big Brother 3 saw a secret alliance between Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy. Their alliance was so good they didn’t have an official name. Danielle deserved to win the game, but the jury didn’t like her badmouthing them in the diary room. She finished second, while Jason finished third.

It doesn’t take long to see great alliances form in Big Brother. Loyalty is crucial to a great alliance because it’s tough to make it far if everyone isn’t loyal.

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